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  1. PR:BF2 VIP Rescue info + signup

    PBAsydney LAN_WROTE ... GG with blowing up our chopper on Kokan. Just as I was landing I saw an enemy go into cover prone, and I thought "hang on, bots don't dive for cover" and then the chopper blows up :D That was pretty lucky to be honest! I just finished placing and IED and here comes a blackhawk. It was too good to not kill myself over!
  2. PR:BF2 VIP Rescue info + signup

    GG boys. I had lots of fun and i hope everyone else did as well!
  3. Veterans Gaming 24/hr Live Stream

    I demand that DOTA be removed from the list..
  4. Arma 2 Insurgency "Gucci List"

    here's sparky: 76561197996548820
  5. PR screenshots

    You may notice how my mic was active while i was on the dirt bike. Just to clarify i was making dirt bike noises while riding said dirt bike.
  6. Mini event, Russians, TOMORROW

  7. Starchyduke

    If you have played a game with sir duke, or even sat in a channel with him, you know what this post is about (if you haven't do it). Its about how we the people of the veterans gaming teamspeak server get an insight into a young man's life. We hear all that goes on in the dukes life some of it we laugh at some we cry at but most of it we just get plain annoyed at. From his yelling at his girlfriend Tiffany to him walking about his house bitching and complaining about how he has to do something or even to the clacking of bottles together and he downs another beer on the weekend its all a problem. This problem can be solved by a simple solution...a push to talk. Yes folks a push to talk...just a single button that is set up to queue up his mic so that he may speak his mind. I'm hoping that sometime in the near future there will be a petition that many will sign to get him a push to talk...but until that day ill just have to plot ways to sneak into his house and set one up for him.
  8. Community Event - **Postponed until Saturday March 23rd**

    i will be there
  9. Community Event Saturday 16th February

    im in
  10. Community Event Saturday 26th January

    i will be present... prepare my hat!
  11. Aloha from sunny Britain!

    welcome, welcome enjoy your stay! my xbox only turns on to play SKATE 3...
  12. Community Event - Saturday October 5th

  13. vanilla insurgency locked?

    anybody know why the insurgency server is locked?
  14. im back!

    after 4 months of ait training in Fort Gordon Georgia...i have become mos qualified and i am now home till i deploy. cant wait to get on the servers and start kickin in doors again!
  15. im back!

    no im actually ordnance and im reserves. and i know ingo it is huh?
  16. PR YouTube flicks.

    Pas-n-Gas has some great videos of us his YouTube channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/Joefish1970#p/a/u/0/0uTdT3nB0hg
  17. NEW BF3 Video!

    i must have watched this 20 times already...each time it just gets better
  18. HOLA!

  19. FH2 teams

    me and a couple of others were wonder if we could switch the teams from the allied side to the german side.
  20. FH2 teams

    did not know this my bad guys
  21. Making a Video

    yeah sure ill defiantly help you with sounds like alot of fun
  22. [poll] locked squads

    i have these same moments yet at the same time i feel that people would lock squads when its not needed. im gunna have to say no even though at times i hate the rule.
  23. fh2 team change?

    hey blud was just wondering if we could hav the fh2 sides switched from allied to Germans?
  24. 2000lb JDAM.

    the narrating makes this clip so much better than it already is