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  1. CO-OP Suggestion

    If this IS possible, it wouldn't be a good idea. If a single map has 4 versions of it, Std, Alt, Inf and Lrg, then it will be as if the whole server is playing that map for the entire day, which will make players bored overtime. I like the concept, but it needs to be thought very well through.
  2. CO-OP Suggestion

    Thank you for your replies, they give great details as to why this wouldn't work that well. I understand the issue here now, it would be a huge time waster after every PR update to redo all the changes made, which is very reasonable, OPFOR Fridays seems like a very interesting idea. with the right maps, I don't think it will require a lot of effort to revive it, perhaps have it as bi-weekly if players don't enjoy it every week, until then, thank you all very much, I appreciate your comments.
  3. CO-OP Suggestion

    Well the idea I'm proposing is much simpler, it only requires the bot ratio be set to 0 I believe for all bots to be on the US side, a new CO-OP server would be preferable so as to not interfere with the original CO-OP server
  4. CO-OP Suggestion

    Was it the same exact idea?
  5. CO-OP Suggestion

    My suggestion to you is making a new CO-OP server (or a weekly event, which ever you choose works) which switches the teams, so for example on Muttrah City, the US side will have bots, and the MEC side will have players, same rules apply, Thanks.