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  1. Flashbacks pt.2

    I can totally relate to what Skitalez says. Nowadays, you can finish Muttrah Standard with 8 players. Korengal Valley with about 15 players (back in the day, that map was a nightmare). Almost beat Jabal with three people (ran out of time and tickets; ask X0R and/or Alucard). Knowing that we share the same play style, I feel like I'm lost as well.
  2. !unflip [revised]

    I believe this could possibly work with a logistics truck and a repair station next to you, with at least 60 seconds of cooldown (meaning if the help arrives, you still have to wait inside the vehicle for !unflip to work). The problem is that there's only a few people that run dedicated logi squads, mainly because of blueberries that keep on stealing these vehicles, therefore 90% of the time you would probably die inside waiting or just decided to abandon the vehicle to save yourself (especially on a map like Bijar).

    PR:BF2 v1.6.3.4 Changelog (2020/11/06) ----------------------- General: Fixed roads drawing in front of other objects. Fixed terrain drawing repeating patterns in distance. Vehicles: Fixed Z-9WA rockets losing damage over distance. Levels: Ras el Masri AAS64: Removed IDF Vulcan AAV. Replaced one Chinese ZSL-92 APC with a ZSL-92B IFV. Fixed several clipping and floating objects reported.
  4. Desert Storm


    The issue with BMP-2M appears to be fixed, meaning we can return to playing the following maps: Bijar Canyons ALT Bijar Canyons STD Burning Sands STD Khamisiyah ALT Khamisiyah LRG Shahadah STD (although this map has other issues)

    PR:BF2 v1.6.3.3 Changelog (2020/10/30) At the moment (09:00 ZULU) there are issues with this update (awaiting hotfix). Edit: fixed. ----------------------- General: Added option to adjust the weapon selection menu hide delay. Default is set to 1 second. (Video -> Weapon menu hide delay). Added option to disable LOD switching for vegetation. (Graphics -> Advanced -> Increase vegetation LOD) Added option to disable LOD switching for terrain. (Graphics -> Advanced -> Increase terrain LOD) Updated terrain to switch LOD later on all settings. Updated thermals Fixed water being too hot. Fixed sand terrain being too cold. Fixed static terrain shadows showing in thermals. Updated vehicle wrecks to be colder. Updated soldiers to be slightly colder. Updated kit geometries to be colder. Updated network action buffer to reduce input delay by up to two ticks. Updated networking to send more updates per packet. Updated audio settings Improved quality on Medium setting. Increased maximum amount of sounds that can play at once in High and Ultra. Players previously using High will now use quality Medium. Updated commander to require officer kit to place markers. Weapons: Fixed animation issue with Mini Beryl. Updated weapon switch deviation to apply jump deviation instead of movement deviation. This settles faster. Updated M1 Garand, Gewehr 43, MG42, MG34, M1919, BAR and FG42 to require two hits to kill. Vehicles: Added one more passenger seat to Warrior. Fixed Spandrel turret getting de-synced from camera. Fixed Stormer flipping too easily. Fixed ZSL-92 coax and smokelauncher getting disabled when damaged. Levels: Operation Barracuda Added PLA Marines. Ras el Masri Added AAS64: PLA vs IDF. Fixed some wall gaps and floaters. Added ladders to seawall stairs near TV station. Kafr Halab Fixed MEC not having UAV. AAS/INS64: Added Shilka to Militia. Replaced one support technical with logistics technical. AAS32: Replaced T-72S1 with T-72. Replaced Boragh with BTR-60.

    PR:BF2 v1.6.3.2 Changelog (2020/10/03) ----------------------- General: Fixed spotting aircraft not working. Fixed Discord Rich Presence not showing map and gamemode correctly. Updated weapon selection to hide faster after using scroll wheel. Updated commander marker delay to 2 seconds (down from 5 seconds). Weapons: Added deviation for switching weapons. Deviation from moving around carries over to the new weapon. A small flat penalty is added to some weapons. Levels: Brecourt Assault AAS32: Updated US Army main base spawn points to become active once vehicles spawn. Musa Qala - BETA Fixed map Gallery issues. Complete overhaul of AAS and INS layers. Operation Barracuda Fixed NVA speaking Chinese. Ras el Masri Fixed 2 floating buildings. Fixed spawning inside the carrier. Updated carrier to rearm helicopters on entire flight deck. INS64: Fixed supply crates on the PLA ship being IDF crates. Fixed floating caches at the fortress.

    Project Reality Log File PRLauncher.exe started at: 2020-09-28T08:36:42 Warning: Error reading PR game memory Warning: Unable to find localized text for id: HUD_LEVELNAME_