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  1. Server down.

    Server is back online. Thank you!
  2. Have you tried Speccy Setup to find the bluetooth card name? If it's integrated with your wifi card, you will for sure find the name with Speccy tool!
  3. In your case I don't know what feedback you could have with your hardware. Yes, Win10 is not a bad OS and it's constantly updated (keep the stable untill there is newer one), but there is a lot of stuff that makes Win7 much better. You've got less privacy and a lot of "apps" that you cannot uninstall, no matter if you don't need or want them. But anyway, I'm forced to use it because of UEFI and i got used to all this stuff... It takes a while to configure the OS ( i also used - maybe SemlerPDX? - guide) but you will make it similar to what was windows7. After that, it is quite enjoyable and rarely crashes or anything else... A good thing is windows defender, i never had trouble with it and it is quite cool but keep an eye on the update timing. If you don't pay attention to it, it will start updating with the worst timing possible. Like traffic when you're in a hurry. Looking at your laptop specs... You should think about a little upgrade on it before win10. It still can do many things, but with only 2gb of ram and presumably a 5400rpm hdd it won't be a happy time using it. Most of the browser now use lot of ram, and windows10 is a bit hungry too. So maybe 2 extra gbs of ram and an ssd + dvd/hdd bay will do a lot for you with win10. It is cheap, i think it mounts DDR3 ram and in that case, internet is plenty of those sticks! You could find in pcs similar to yours, maybe with dead motherboards or broken screen... Consider checking for them, somebody could give you the full laptop and you can take the ram or even the screen and sell it. I hope my statements won't be a total failure, but in case... Sorry IT guys!
  4. Project Reality VIP Rescue Event

    Sounds great! I won't miss this event for sure, see you soon. Ciao!
  5. Hey there

    Better late than never! Hey guys, after some months playing PR i want now become part of this community that made me love the game. Some of you already know me as StevieKobe. I study at university and i'm from Italy; my few interests are mostly about women, cars, motorbikes, their history and books ( love war books ). See you all on the server, have a nice day!