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Thank/BLAME @Connorsponner01 for this post:b0209:,jk aside if you play PR a lot there's something in here you'll find useful.


*Low FPS will result in inconsistent input, as it will also induce input lag, so if you encounter inconsistent input, it's because of low FPS.

-Quality of Life Keybinds


Let me preface this by saying i detest any mechanical difficulty in video games where the sole mechanic is that you must HOLD DOWN A KEY instead of PRESSING said key,these are mostly emergent of such frustration. NONE OF THESE ARE NECESSARY, but make doing other shit while playing PR a more compelling proposition.

    'E', double tap entry/exit, because we've all been the victims of accidental ejection, eh?,
    'F1', OneButton mediakey, PausePlay(1 tap), Next(2 taps), Previous(3 taps) because i like to play music in the background when i fly/oneMan
        *you need to have a media player that supports  keyboard mediakeys running in the background to use this, obvious, but just....ya.
    AutoFlare, FastFlare to prevent from getting locked @4flares/sec & SlowFlare to allow lock but prevent getting hit as long as ur still moving @2flare/sec
    *(default 'ctrl+x' for slow flare & 'alt+x' for fast flare)
    Toggle Walk/Run/MaxThrottle, tap to walk - quick tap to run - either will hold max throttle
    *(default Shift+w)
    Toggle Crouch/Freelook
    *(default Ctrl+Shift)
    Toggle Click, also known as 'shoveling'
    *(default NumpadEnter)
    TogglePitch, up or down, rather handy if you fly KB+M & can be overriden by mouse movement, resuming on mouse release.
        -especially handy in jets when taxiing, as it uses pitch input as well & pitching down on runway is also a quick way to brake.
    *(default SPACE) to toggle pitch up while 'scrolllock on'
    *(default Shift+SPACE) to toggle pitch down while 'scrolllock on'
    TogglePitchAutoTrim, helicopters tend to pitch down & sometimes up when you fly, it inputs pitch adjustements every Nms.
        -added this one exclusively for the vietnam ah-9 whose default state is pitch down,practically...
    *(default Ctrl+Shift+MouseWheel(Up/Down)) to adjust trim increment
    *(default Ctrl+Alt+MouseWheel(Up/Down)) to adjust trim
    MouseAxisViewModes, 16789 view modes bound to mouse movement when 'C' is pressed, reducing the camera view mode control keys to just one.
    *gimicky 'ROTOR' handsfree rotation & 'RADAR' timed handsfree scan pattern rotation keybinds because why not. The 'rotor' keybind is a gimick, but the handsfree radar scan pattern is quiet handy,lets you see quiet a large area without the tedium of panning left & right manually.
    *(default 'ctrl+s+c' to scan horizon left & right until you move mouse up or down)
    *(default 'ctrl+s+r' to spin uncontrollably until you move mouse up or down), why, WHY THE HELL NOT!

    enumerates all available maps & layers from your PR install, and uses internal classifiers to generate a list of space delimited maps that contain layer, gamemode & matches topography(desert,city,forest) filter of your specification, used internally for map selection.
    *REQUIRES 7zip be installed for best compatibility with any windows version & Project Reality path defined if it couldn't be found
    *Yeah, i could've just parsed 'settings\maplist.con', but i wanted a solution that works with unofficial maps as well such as the coopmappacks...

-PRSendChat(), PRSendConsole() 
    to create hotkeys & hotstrings/abbreviations for either.

-debug command Abbreviations for,(to be input in any chat)
    console, rconcmds, spawners(ex. 'rushu' instead of 'rcon spawner us_ahe_uh1nrockets' - 'r' for rcon - 'us' for Murica - 'hu' for huey) 

-admin command Abbreviations for,(to be input in any chat)
    PseudoRandom !mapvote,i.e invoker doesn't know the choices beyond type specifiers(desert,city,lrg,std,...maps) using map parser that evaluates all available layers and all available maps prior to selection, compatible with coop & deployment.
    -ex.syntax- 'ad' for admin, 'mv' for map vote or 'sn' for set next AND 'c' for coop,ex.'adsnalt' sets random alt map,
                     'adsncalt' sets random coop alt map, 'adsncdes' sets random coop desert map, 'admvdes' triggers vote for 3 random desert maps,...
    PseudoRandom !setnext, similar to above, but you get to be as surprised as everyone else.
        *maps where specified, as in random setnext for coop, will never be repeated regardless of layer until map list is exhausted &/or never within 24hrs.
  And a couple other command accronyms & lazy keybinds that require user input,i.e 'Ctrl+Shift+w' will activate chat & input '!warn ', you'll only
     have to input playerNameSubstr & reason, and 'adrnnn' sends a 'running next' message & does !runnext after 10sec & so on...see script for details...
    And Hotkeys for most frequently used commands 'shownext,runnext,tickets,history,...'

    Not all abbreviations are intended to reduce input length, some are intended to reduce character scope so as to allow quick one handed input, such as 'adsnnn' to '!shownext' or 'adrnnn' to '!runnext', though both also have hotkeys 'RCtrl+RShift+n' for prior & 'RCtrl+RShift+r' for later, where 'RightCtrl+RightShift' hotkey prefix signifies an admin command, why? because i'm lazy & i fly a lot, a bad combination;)

-Quick Chat hotkeys,
    For those occasions one isn't using a mic or need to tell your noMic/noEnglish driver TO FUCKIN STOP, with the press of a hotkey. 'RightShift' hotkey prefix, because only brutes use right shift when actually typing.

-Quick Chat contact report,
    Again, for those 'rare' noMic occasions or can't scream contact loud enough because 2 guys are somehow talking about something to do with no one else in the squad in squad chat, ehh. Prefixed with 'RightCtrl' & using logical NumpadKey pairs to convey direction, ex. RCtrl+Numpad7 for 'NW' in squad chat, Rctrl+Numpad6 for 'E' in squad chat & so on, you get the drift, your numpad corresponds to NSEW directional bearings.

 Yes my laziness knows no bounds, when i loose an asset i tend to tab out & do other shit, so,..., basically an eggtimer for spawn, for 5,10 & 20 minute spawns, alarm terminated when 'CtrlShiftAlt' is held down for about a second.
 Also use it to get an alert for when enemy assets spawn after destroying them,so quiet handy.
    *(default 'ctrl+shift+5/0/2' for 5,10 & 20 minute spawn alerts respectively)
    *only one timer may be active at a time, easy to add more, but i never had the need, so...

Download & Install AutoHotKey to run script & 7z Archive Manager for map gamemode enumeration, in the official links provided below.

Download & Run script, i won't insult your intelligence by proceeding to expand on this...

*Before you run script, open script in text editor to, SET PR GAME DIRECTORY in the script to match your own, if not default,default;

Global PRDir := "C:\Program Files (x86)\Project Reality\Project Reality BF2"		;project reality game directory

*Feel free to use text editor of your choice to modify the contents in accordance to the existing contents,should you choose to not bother with reading the AHK manual.

*Reboot if you encounter script errors related to 7z at runtime, it's caused by environment variables not being updated after 7z installation.


This has already turned into quiet a wall of text, so i'll leave the details for you to explore,and please extend & modify it to your hearts content but don't use it unmodified or untested, there might just be a keybind that fucks with your personal PR experience, so check it out & have fun with it.

Cheers & Good Day.






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On 3.10.2020 at 8:35 AM, X0R said:


Is this consistent between all helis?

Nice stuff. Sounds geeky I like it 👍

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44 minutes ago, =VG= keed said:

Is this consistent between all helis?

Nice stuff. Sounds geeky I like it 👍

Not quite, which is why you can adjust trim, but also trim increment, though default value is optimal for most helis.

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On 10/4/2020 at 1:31 AM, Connorsponner01 said:

I expected a small post, not the bible

sushhh! with this bible we can make new religion, with blackjack and hookers and CAS assets, and early christmas, in October...

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