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Application to be =VG=

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I am definitely not sure if this thread is still active, and i am very surprised there isn't way more created topics about application for VG.

Anyways i did not really made much of a contribution to Veterans Gaming yet, but i have spent alot of time in the VG's PR server (and i still do to this day), i know you guys are playing bunch of other realistic sims, i just tend to like this one alot for whatever reason.

I never was a big fan of having clans or neither joining any, but i think have spent enough time to get to know few people and i am sure alot of people know me as well from this community.
I love to talk with people and a game without voice chat isn't a game for me, and i found out there is alot of people i do really enjoy playing with, not mentioning the soothing voices of some VG members.

I remember i did joined few PR events but it wasn't much, i know you guys are definitely not focused only around the PR and it is just a tip of the glacier but i still would love to try apply to VG :)

Graphics, that is the way i could possibly contribute to help this community grow, i am doing alot of dumb stuff from pixel arts to some random banners.. 
and i need to get into the map editor for PR one time...

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Hey @LangMaster! Thanks for your enthusiasm, we love to hear whenever people are eager to join our ranks :D !


We don't do sign-ups at =VG= currently. Rather, players who behave well consistently and who are active within our community may eventually be nominated for membership (usually after they become admins in one of our servers). As for 'how to become a member' I can give you the short up-to-date version here:

  • Play with us in your favourite games and get to know the players, admins etc.
  • Visit our website and hop on our TeamSpeak / Discord. We love talkers! Tell us your stories, report offenders in-game, or just hang out and chill.
  • If you feel like there's something you could and would want to contribute to =VG=, don't hesitate! You can submit fan-art, invite your friends to play on our servers (make sure they will comply with our rules though ;) ) or just liven up the chat on one of our comms channels. 

These kinds of actions get you noticed, and eventually this could lead to a nomination and a membership vote. I'll be realistic though: This process can take many months before a nomination is made. Don't let that discourage you though! Our clan is full of members who have shown months and years of dedication. From personal experience, I can tell you that getting =VG= tags after a long time of dedicating myself to a clean, safe-to-all PR server has been one of the best experiences I've had. 


Now, the first step to any meeting is introducing yourself ;) . Come say a proper hello in our Introductions section, so that more people can get to know you!

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Thank you so much for your interest!  We got a good bunch of guys (and gals) around here, always great to get to know another good person!  Stroll around the grounds, get to know the games and the community, and give them a chance to know you.  All good things happen in time.  Cheers!

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