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Training Grounds ARMA III

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I know event was a while back, but a few thoughts for future events, maybe...


Xeno9, the guy behind the original Arma 2 domination is keeping the Arma 3 version up-to-date & it's now feature rich so, instead of reinventing the wheel, may be VG should consider a persistent Arma 3 domination server, just in time for the milestone Arma 3 2.0.0 update... https://github.com/Xeno69/Domination , https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/216121-mp-co40-domination/ , because as good as events might be, most people play coop on VG's PR server for instance mostly for JIP, the freedom to hop in & out at their leisure & the freedom to play as you like so long as that freedom doesn't infringe on the freedom of others to do the same,i.e (don't be a dick).


And if you are going to host an Arma 3 server, might I implore you, to embrace Arma 3's strengths instead of attempting to recreate the necessarily over structured (because of bf2 limitations), hierarchical play style & limited scope of PR. i.e explore, Full Map Procedurally Generated Persistent Campaigns(restricting AO in Arma 3 is a crime), Accelerated Day Night Cycles & Dynamic Weather(nothing more beautiful than an in-game time-lapse), Recruitable AI For the inevitably low average player count because unlike PR for instance - having a bot driver/gunner virtually makes any asset a one man asset, Instead of  'KiT' type class restriction impose only asset based class restriction (pilots,crewmen & such),beyond that embrace Virtual Arsenal ,Virtual Garage Spawner & Dynamic Vehicle Loadouts instead of restricting scenarios to preplaced assets, preselected kits & so on, Arma 3 can do so many things other games simply can not, embrace that... But above all, please don't use Zeus as a crutch, because more often than not, Zeus in Arma 3 is used less to tell a narrative & more to place props to ingratiate players instead of attempting to challenge them, so if you must use Zeus,do so in a PvZeus setting, Zeus can easily be restricted to map view & be made to work with pre-placed units to command & remote control, having the freedom only to spawn static objects, I'd rather Zeus try to kill me than help me, that's just me, but those are the only fun interactions with Zeus. And yes most if not all things I specified are also featured in the A3 domination update I linked, with which I'm not affiliated, but merely a fan of, since the original.


And yes, don't, please don't lobotomise the AI, I've played a few times on VG A3 under a different nom de guerre & the AI are incomprehensibly dumb which rarely they are, AI like players have their strengths & weaknesses, dumbing them down to ease new players into the game is at best shortsighted & at worst cruel, because no one & I mean no Arma Veteran plays or started playing Arma because it's easy, but because it provides challenges unique to itself. So don't tone things down because there's few players, just scale it up & plug the holes with AI because Dynamic Simulation is your bff.


I've held off posting anything related to Arma 3 because it's sort of not my place, given I play it elsewhere, but the new scenarios & systems being proposed & showcased are exactly what anyone who plays Arma regularly detests(i.e rally system for example, instead you could designate a bot aircraft with a respawn time as a support transport vehicle using the vanilla support module forcing players to create an MSR clear of AA as they move across the map, otherwise If you insist on teleportation, which is what a rally is, take your cue from the 'Warlords' official scenario, give AI a means to use it as well...), I just figured, I'd give you my thoughts as someone whose being playing the series regularly since I was 12.


Basically if you're going to host an Arma 3 server, there needs to be a far more compelling reason other than to muck about with your buddies in A3, which is always fun though not compelling, because, I can only speak for myself but, I only seek out multiplayer experiences that are otherwise unattainable in single player or in other similar games(hence PR), but that's just me, because thus far every single time I've played A3 on VG, I might as well have been playing PR just at lower frames, worse AI, higher visual quality & fewer/different people.


Apologies if anyone took offence, just my thoughts & see you around, maybe even in VG A3.


@=VG= Kavelenko  , everything you need to know is in the in-game field manual of course, but completing all showcase missions will pretty much cover everything you need to know, the fighter jets showcase for instance covers how you interact with & perceive a laze by someone else...



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I sometimes need to check the game out, it has been few years and i absolutely forgot how it's played. 

But i just hate the amount of dlcs you need for finished game.

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Sure thing. Antistasi with all of us? I mean we already have it there, we need help caping and working. More ppl= more fun

Or if you guys have anything in mind shoot me and we ll try and make it happen.

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