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New here, is this squad still active?

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I was an active IL-2 1946 player in the past, and I'm currently part of a DCS squad; the DCS F-15 is an excellent plane, but I cannot justify buying the DCS F-16 for $40 when I already have Falcon 4 BMS. It looks like most of the posts here are from 2018 or older; does anyone in the squad still fly? Also, do we have a schedule for mission events? Also, does anybody know what the most realistic BMS planes are besides the F-16 (the BMS F-15's roll rate is obscenely high compared to the DCS F-15, but at least it has a clickable cockpit)?

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There aren't as many pilots here as there have been in the past, but several of us fly BMS.  Chaz just popped by again - would be great to get a regular crew going again. We're a casual group, come as you are.  But if you want to toss up something on the schedule and see if we can fill the seats, I'm sure it would work out great.  I'll even put an event on the calendar - can announce it on the VG BMS Discord Channel, the Falcon BMS Ready Room Discord, Falcon BMS Forums, here, etc.

Otherwise, we have the VG Discord and even at the Falcon BMS Ready Room Discord, pilots can meet up and plan a flight on any server they have access to.  VG is a PvE (COOP) Public server open to anyone, just don't run any concurrent campaigns on accident - the CPU can only take one Campaign at at time.  Dogfights are cool, tho.

My problem is my aging PC is on it's last legs, already got new parts ordered, so it will be a few weeks before I got the engines rolling again.... Just working hard on my Voice Control Radio Menus profile for VoiceAttack - AVCS4 1.4 is gonna be very awesome.

See you around, man!

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4 hours ago, Frank_The_Tank said:

How often do you guys fly and how big is the squad?

There is no squad and there is no schedule.  We're casual like - come as you are.  We don't have a Virtual Fighter Squadron, and we don't enforce any full-mil-sim rules regarding SOP's, Comms, or the like, just as best as people can muster is good enough or as real as they wanna go, and of course we have rules in place against disturbing others though that's never been a problem in the ten years we've been doing this.

People come and go over time, like I said, would be nice to have some more regular casual pilots around, but for example, I play a number of games and sims, and most of the guys in VG are the same - those few who fly Falcon also fly other sims and play other games here at VG.  Always looking to build up the numbers for the VG BMS Server - more regulars means more fun for everyone.


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