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=VG= Melon Muncher

Ghost Recon; Breakpoint

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My old man and I play the hell out of it on PC, if your looking for a group to run with. We may have to figure something out about he time difference however lol.

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I heard its shite :lol:



I have to recall my statement after I played the open beta yesterday with meloni.

Initially I was pleasantly surprised that the game only required a singe 30GB download. My expectations where quite high, I am talking GTA V levels of needed storage space here.

After the mandatory installation of direct-X for the 32² time on my computer the game loaded directly into the first mission, aka the tutorial. Usually it only bothers me because I couldn't skip this tutorial becuase it's a mission and therefore triggers all subsequent tasks and features. But the issue I have was the game somehow thought it would put the graphical options on 4k ULTRA and the audio options on FULL VOLUME and resulting in the LOUDEST Power Point Presentation ever to be created by mankind. I dont know if there is a auto-detect funcion but if there is (and I hope so because it just throws you into the tutorial without the chance to change the options beforehand) it's high on drugs bought by Ubisofts microtransaction money. I am running a GTX970 with a 4k display and I had ~9 FPS until I reached the first objective.

I know the game is in open beta and this issue I had is very minor but this is my first impression.

Here's some more elaborative stuff:

  • Vics handle like you are driving on soap. Basic physics coupled with scripted minor destruction to the environment (rails, bushes and such)
  • Guns feel better than in Wildlands but still very airsofty.
  • The Hub Cave thing is in the worst location to reach but well made
  • Performance on LOW in BETA is worse than in Wildlands on LOW. (Unfair comparison and I need to upgrade lol)
  • No more charming Bolivian music and NPCs. You are fighting super soldiers guarding wierd futuristic buildings and comically big lego-trucks (don't ask...)
  • COOP Networkperformance was just like in wildlands with stuttering every few seconds (GER <-> AUS)


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