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=VG= SemlerPDX

VG TS3 Down - Know Issues

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I just found out that it's our TS3 annual license that needs to be renewed. Us "Administrators" in VG have access to a page with the login info for all our services, but TS3 VG login info is missing. I've contacted the other VG Heads and we'll get it sorted asap - BUT the TS3 could be down for a day (at least).


Feel free to use the VG Refugee Lounge Channel in the TS3 Server run by our Brother Clan, L.A.M.B.s (nopryl). TS3 login info and password can be requested at their site for anyone who is a not currently know to LAMBS.

TEMP TS3 VG Refugee Lounge: http://www.nopryl.no/smfprod/index.php  

(Follow all VG Rules in LAMBS TS3, violations or disruptions to our friends will be dealt with harshly)

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Okay - I've gotten to the bottom of this all.  Seems that asshole SemlerPDX made the original account, and paid the original $55 annual license fee (if I am reading this correctly).  Sorry, I don't remember such things after a year, and I have no one to blame but myself for not getting the correct login info onto the login sheet we use.  Simple solution:  pay the fee and reinstate the TS3 server. Eazy peazy.

Only problem is I cannot afford this today, or tomorrow, or next week.  My daughter turned 18 last weekend, and her Mom and I got her a new laptop and split the cost - on top of that, she graduates High School in a few months, and I've just booked a flight/hotel/car so I can get out there for the weekend and attend the ceremony.  Basically, I'm over a thousand dollars in debt in less than a week here, and I can't pull the $55 out even though I very much want to pay my share for VG.


UPDATE:  Thanks to Double_13 for taking care of this!  I've paid the bill and will apply the license now.  VG TS3 will be up shortly.

Anyone who appreciates the VG TS3 and can afford to chip in a little bit, please use this paypal link to my account and I will use the funds to pay the license fee as soon as it is enough.
The total cost for one year is $55.  There is no discussion here, we cannot use a non-profit license, and we need at least 64 slots.  This is what we need, it's what we've had for years.  Paypal funds on the front page have already been spent on the website costs.  As we all know the list has not been cleared since the new website went live, possibly an oversight, or possibly to track the generous folks who have helped to pay for this awesome new website, so I must take up a special donation for this fee.  Do not donate to the PayPal link on the front page for this TS3 License collections attempt - use the link below, or I will not receive the funds I need to pay it.


IF you donate to this link, please also post up below with your name and the amount paid so I we can track the progress in THIS thread.

DONATE - (Special - goes directly to TS3 license fee through SemlerPDX)

GOAL:        $55 (US)
Received:  $55

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Hot Damn Double. Well done mate and thanks Semler for sorting it out.

Hope your daughter has a great day and enjoy her graduation!

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