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=VG= poffadder

Community Event - Saturday October 5th

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Please post if you are going to be around.

Mission: Operation Devil's Highway

Patrolling the Afghan highway is your top priority. This road is 5km long and is the boundary between Taliban territory and the safezones. On your patrol you may encounter other objectives. These are secondary and are not required to finish your mission. Along the highway you will encounter VP's. A VP is a vulnerable point. Or an area that is highly likely to have IED's placed by the Taliban. Approach these areas with extreme caution.

Mission time ~ 1900H Zulu (possibly some warm up first)

@sthud; (optional - highly recommended)
@st_interact; (optional - highly recommended)

Please download the mods before we get started!

Murderface (maybe)
Lupago (maybe)
TortiaBoy (depends on map?)


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Yea, I'll be there - hopefully feeling better than I have today so far. Thanks for throwing this together - I need my weekend ACRE fix!
(btw - love the sig, poff!)

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In todays Event at one point, Poffadder had manned a Stryker, with Iffn on the gun, and 2 Fire Teams in the back. Kinda cool to look down the rows and see everyone with their personal rifle - very Spec Ops!

We investigated a reported IED outside the Green Zone, and met some contacts there. We then proceeded to the site of an ambushed friendly convoy, and were attacked by guerillas who had stolen 2 Strykers - a M2 and a Mk19 variant. Needless to say, chaos ensued when we came under fire from what sounded like BLUFOR weaponry. If those ex-farmers had any idea how to use them with any effectiveness, we might not have survived such a 'surprise'.

My AT4 made short work of the Mk19 Stryker, once we had shaken off the fog of war, and Poff finished off the M2 one with an RPG he stole off a dead OPFOR - Now that's poetic justice!

Views from inside the Stryker:

The Team on the perimeter before we came under 'friendly' fire from the stolen Strykers:
(check the wheels on the Stryker - apparently they came from "South Park's Canadian Wheels Mod" or something! haha)

Poffadder lead us through hell, and came out looking like it:
(dare I say, 'slashed up like medical malpractice')

You know how when you're taking pictures, and there's always that one guy who pops into the photo yelling "WOOOOO!" ?
Gotta love that lean in, and what looks like a smirk on the dudes face, as I photograph Poffadder's lacerated mug...

Good games today! Can't wait till the next ACRE Event!
Thanks to all who participated!



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It was a cool event.

I liked the part with the civilians. Everytime, we was forced to identify our targets and the call outs (he have weapon!)
It was hard to see the enemies, if they walked or runned between the vegetation.

It was an scary part with the captured Stryker. I didn't checked the (bloody) situation first, runned for my life to get cover and i got knockout of the blasts.
I'm not sure, who carried me out of the impact zone (Wooz or Gaz) but it was tough because the Stryker wasn't down and Savage did a good job as medic again.

Looking forward to see more events with mixed missions.
I'd like to see next time some rescue missions too.

Great thanks to Poffadder for that event. Thumbs up, bro !good

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Yeah mate saw you just laying there so thought i'd better Get you out of there... did the same to random aswell patched yah both ;-)

I was quite tight on medical supplies at the end of that mision achually had very little left on me..

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I am..uh.. securing the area

You mean you secured the 1.5 m " !pleasantry babyplants !pleasantry "

I was fixing my pain because we was out of morphine

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