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Desktop Issues

CNJ Jonathan

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Hey guys I need some help with my Desktop computer. When I turn the tower on about 1 or 2 seconds after it shuts off then comes back on and so on. Basically it never turns on unless I leave it for 1 hr and then when it gets on after 10 minutes of PR or anything it shuts off displaying a bright blue screen with the error: CACHE DATA error.

i am terrible at handling computer so some advice would be great. 

Thnaks in advanced 

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lol I'm not a computer person bro so all what u said to me is confusing. I'm also a bit scared of opening up the tower as I'm afraid of damaging something,


The desktop specs are: ASUS Intel Core i5-4460s

DDR3 12GB RAM, Nvedia GTX1070 Graphics card,HDD1TB,DVD RW,

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The only thing to watch out for is that you unload yourself before you touch the memory. The easiest way to do this is if you touch a heater on the unpainted part.

your memory will look something like this. Each bank has two ticks on the sides to open and close. Take all the bars except one out of your computer. start it and see if the error is gone. if yes, insert the second one and turn it on again. until the error occurs again. I think you have three memory bar installed at 12gb ... if so, you could test the same whether it is faster with only two (dual channel). if you have a 8 and a 4gb bar you should possibly swap the 4gb for an 8gb. Dualchannel only works with the same values...

this is easier than doing a memtest.
Alternatively, you could also look in the eventviewer if there are errors but it is difficult to find out there if it really is the memory.
if you are too unsure ask a friend. if your computer is open, the removal and installation is a matter of seconds ... booting takes longer.

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