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[ArmA Event] Operation Internal Unrest

=VG= The_Polish_Guy

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Arma 3 Event

Player count: 8 sign-ups + 4 reserve

Operation Internal Unrest

SATURDAY 23rd SEPTEMBER 2023 - 1800hrs GMT (PRT)

Server name: VETERANS-GAMING | Operation Internal Unrest | TS3.VETERANS-GAMING.COM


Password: bus


Map: Zagorsk Big Lakes



A small town in central Russia has been taken over by an insurgent group. As a part of internal military forces you will drive to and clear the town. More details in the mission brief.


We'll be starting an hour early without the traditional training.


Transport vehicles



[Team 1]

Unit commander: =VG= The_Polish_Guy

Medic: =VG= X0R

Rifleman: =VG= Connor

Rifleman: =VG= Deathdealer

[Team 2]

Team Leader: 

Medic: Hoops0320

Rifleman: Sniper_Igor

Rifleman: System


[Team 3] (reserve)

Team Leader: 

Medic: chickenjason123

Rifleman: Enfield-101

Rifleman: Pew_Pew


Special Role (to be selected additionally to the primary role above)

Driver (will be responsible for the main transport asset): System


Eat a lot of carrots, I hear they help to see in the dark

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