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Stationeers: First Year on Mars - Base Tour

=VG= SemlerPDX

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Check out how I survived a year on Mars in the Stationeers survival game! It's my first proper gaming video in almost ten years, and had a blast making it - hope you enjoy watching!  Special thanks to @=VG= Sausag3 for buying this game for me way back, I could never wrap my head around it and just kept glazing over or dying in-game when I tried, but a few weeks ago it all just seemed to click when I picked it up again. 

Cheers 🍻  ...hopefully this is me getting back into making gaming videos and playing instead of working on projects all the time...



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I started over on a new world (still Mars) back in July, took some time to rebuild my workshop, and the furnace facility, too.  My furnace facility has... evolved:


...will definitely be making another base tour video soon, now that I'm nearing 3 years on Mars!  Thanks all!! :drinks:

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