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  1. Hey all, I'm making this topic because normally on the server when people realize that i'm a pilot they inquire about the career and how to get started. The following information that ill be sharing with you is my personal journey in becoming an airline pilot and there's also making videos on youtube about other pilots sharing their journey. So let's get into it..... Intro about myself: My name is Darion, Im 30 years old and i am currently enrolled in the John F. Kennedy Domicile for American Airlines. Step 1: I wasn't born in the US meaning that i was an international student. Back in my home town i already had my Student Pilot license and about 36 hours under my belt. I applied to PEA (Phoenix East Aviation) based in Daytona Beach, FL and after being accepted, that's where it all started. So for all the International students who want to train in the US, you will need to apply to a flight school that is authorized by the US Department of Homeland Security to give out M1 and F1 visas. Here's a link to the flight school: https://www.pea.com DON'T FALL FOR THE TRAP: I recommend not applying to an Aviation University such as Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. The trap is that universities have tuition fees that can be between 20,000-30,000 USD that is separate from flight training fees. Applying to a flight school will be the best bet as they focus on flying and ground school and not on getting you a degree. But if you want to go via the University route, be my guest. FOR THE US CITIZENS: The process is quite simple for you as you don't need visas and once all your bank statements and paper-work etc is in order, your good to go. Ok you have started Flight School: At flight school with no form of training or ground school your will have to go through the following courses: -Private Pilot License - Instrument Rating -Commercial License Multi-Engine Rating Now after this you will need to build hours as in the US the FAA requires pilots to have a minimum of 1500 Hours to be hired by a Commercial Airline. I highly recommend getting these ratings which will allow you to become an instructor which basically allows you to build flight hours while being paid by students. -Certified Flight Instructor -Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Rating. -Certified Flight Instructor Multi-Engine Rating. (This isn't necessary but airline companies like to see when a pilot has this.) Ok so you finally hit that 1500 Hours mark: You can FINALLY apply to the regional and start flying the big jets with some more training of course :). This depends on who you choose: American (Envoy,PSA)- Dallas Forth Worth, TX Delta (Endeavor)- Harts-field-Jackson, Atlanta United- United Training Center in Denver Colorado These are some of the main airlines pilot normally join after flight school. (KEEP IN MIND: YOU HAVE TO APPLY TO A REGIONAL CARRIER TO BE HIRED BY A LARGER COMPANY) Most likely you would be at the regional airline for anywhere between 2-8 years. Its all up to how fast you progress at this point. You will need to get approx. 1000 hours as a First Officer and another 1000 as a captain and then apply for a bigger airline. I started off in the E145 for Envoy and about 2200 hours after becoming a captain, I applied to American and got accepted. Got onto the B738 Type rating became a captain on the jet and moved up to the B757 as a first Officer and then Captain. I was fortunately lucky as pilots with more seniority was moving up and retiring so i was placed in the recent years on the B777 as a first officer and thats where i am now. I will truly say that Aviation is an amazing field and whether flying a bunch of sweaty passengers around the world or defending your country in the air force, I hope you are enjoying what your doing. Feel free to reply to this post as questions or if you see me in TS, or in game. FOR RETIRING MILITARY AIR FORCE PILOTS: I'm not to sure about this one, but i believe that since you already have flight hours under your belt, you can apply to the big leagues example: AA,DL,UA. P.S. For those pilots looking to come to the best airline in the world a.k.a (American Airlines) the company will be looking to hire at least 900 in 2019 and so goes on into the years. Check out this page: https://www.airlinepilotcentral.com/airlines/legacy/american_airlines HAVE A GREAT YEAR. -CNJ
  2. So you want to become an airline pilot?

    @Xenalite Yup Mentor is definitely great for giving advice. But i would more look at his "become a pilot videos" if you are planning to work in Europe as he is a Ryanair Pilot. Regulations between the US and Europe are a bit different. Ok the hardest airport and why: Definitely Toncontin International Airport in Honduras. When i was on the 757, I had flights into there. The airports elevation and terrain mixed in with a turn just before final with a short runway makes it quite challenging. I found a video on youtube of how the approach looks:
  3. So you want to become an airline pilot?

    @ranger_12 LOL. I think the TRANS squad is hiring xd. @STRONTIUM_DOG To answer the first question: No we do not eat the same things as the passengers and the pilots all eat different meals. Example: Captain has beans and rice and I have Fries and Chicken. We do this in the case of the food being bad and causing possible food poisoning so say if it is bad and the captain gets food poisoning, I won't and would still be able to file for an emergency landing. If both pilots eat the same meal and we both get food poisoning, No one is there to fly the aircraft because we're both sick. 2nd Question: Umm.... lmfaoooo.... I do not sleep with the flight attendants because i have a girlfriend at home lol. But there are pilots and flight attendants who do hit it off in the hotels while on a 3 day lay over in Brazil
  4. So you want to become an airline pilot?

    @InchPincherToo Yeah Inch. They aviation industry is drastically changing and airlines need pilots. Now is the best time to start training.
  5. So you want to become an airline pilot?

    @=VG= Rotblut Although i've never flown an Ultralight, i've seen videos on youtube with people flying to Mc Donald's. They look really fun and one day i hope to fly one!!
  6. So you want to become an airline pilot?

    @Vanillapop Here's a little secret, if you pick the right cargo airline i heard that they make more money than commercial pilots
  7. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas brothers!!
  8. AFK for extended period

    That sucks bro. But enjoy your Christmas from CNJ and my family!!
  9. Hello, Everyone!

    Hello man. Welcome to VG. See you on the battlefield!!
  10. Hello

    Hey, Welcome to VG. If you ever need help in game, feel free to ask one of your squad mates. Hope you enjoy it. See ya around!!
  11. Away time

    Take it easy man. Good Luck on the new rig!!
  12. I think we need to buy one of those for Volod...

    If we buy VOLOD this, no one would get a kill in PR. End Screen: Volod: 412 Rest of Server: 2
  13. Has anyone seen Hater

    I have also been busy myself so I have not been playing PR as often. I trust that hater is fine and is still getting over vince. Give him some more time. I'm still getting over it. If we don't see him for the next month and someone has his someone contact info. we can see if we can reach him.
  14. Happy Birthday to me

    Hope you enjoyed every minute of it.
  15. H8CrazyVet67

    I'm totally for this idea on July 4th. Long live the CrumpetMan!!!!
  16. H8CrazyVet67

    I don't even know where to begin. Speechless at this point. The right thing to do is too look back and try to remember all the amazing times we had but that seems to be among the impossible as its too difficult to bear the pain. Whether talking about food or staying up all night parting on the server, this had to be one of my best friends on this server. He was there for me all the time through thick and thin, whenever i needed help with something. I'm not gonna say goodbye because you cannot put a jolly enthusiastic soul to rest. You will forever be etched in my memory brother. Now that your playing PR with the Gods above, I know that you will look after each and every of your comrades. May your soul rest in peace.
  17. Random PR screenshots

    LOLL. Lets keep it on the battlefield
  18. Random PR screenshots

    Amazing pictures X. I wonder who was driving that tank at wanda shan.
  19. Introducing My home Country.

    So as all of you who know me should know, I was born in the beautiful twin tropical island of Trinidad and Tobago. So me being the nice person that i am, below you will find a few videos that i find entertaining of people arguing in front and inside of KFC. (THATS RIGHT KFC) I hope yourll can understand the accent because its very strong and somewhat difficult to comprehend because we speak sooo fast. P.S i can talk like them too but i had to change my accent and try to talk like an American because no one understood me at University. So if you want to hear me speak like this (when i get my mic back) just ask!! *DON'T GET ME WRONG THO I LOVE MY PEOPLE, THEY JUST DO STUPID SHIT* Disclaimer: *The Following contains STRONG grammar from people with a limited vocabulary, Parent Supervision is Required* So Enjoy....... This one is my personal favorite BTW. So enjoy and leave your comments!!!
  20. What happens when night falls in PR.

    This is what happens when darkness fall upon Project reality when the clock strikes 3:00 A.M and all the children are asleep, it comes out to play. We dont know what causes this phenomenon but scientist believe it has something to do with the test happening on the =VG= Test Server that recently went up. How do we beat this! What is going on! Is it happening!!!! WHO CAN EXPLAIN THIS
  21. Map causes crashes to Desktop

    I have been having issues with joining PR as every time i hit 62 Percent on the loading screen my game crashes. It seems to be happening on all the Server maps but 2 days ago it was working fine before i went to work. I am puzzled by this. Have anyone else have these issues and if yes, Can you please advise me to solve it. Thanks.
  22. Map causes crashes to Desktop

    A hard reinstall. It never fails you.
  23. Map causes crashes to Desktop

    Thanks 1001 but i already fixed the problem. Thanks tho!!!
  24. Map causes crashes to Desktop

  25. Map causes crashes to Desktop

    Ok ill run it and get back to you.