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  1. I've seen you in PR many times. Nice to see you in the forums. Catch yuh later!!!
  2. Great pics guys. Damn @=VG= Melon Muncher your a wild one.
  3. Who does that refer to @Xenalite
  4. Lol yes double im the one on the right.
  5. Here's my crazy mug shot with my no.1 cellmate always on my side
  6. Nice pictures man. I've always wondered about the harrier. Keep it up my friend, Jon
  7. Why am i always away when during the best funny times of PR. Keep up the funny post, i like to share it with my colleagues for a laugh and show them what im up to while im home. Nice one 8-bits Jon.
  8. introduction

    Welcome Daniel, see ya on the field soldier!!
  9. This is evidence that even though we dont know each other face to face we are just like 1 big PR VG family :))
  10. Welcome Mel. Don't worry about the ban. All wounds heal!! Saw you a few times in PR and hope you can get unbanned. Remember practise don't make perfect. Perfect practise makes perfect, so you keep trying out there and ill soon see you on the battlefield my friend CodeName
  11. Thanks Brother !!!
  12. Hello, my name is Darion although i'm known on the VG server and teamspeak as CodeNameJonathan. I've been playing with VG for about 10 months now and really enjoy the game play. Some background information: I was born in Trinidad and Tobago which is an island in the Caribbean and 19 Years later i came to the United States to further my studies and to look for new opportunities which my country could not offer. Currently i'm enrolled as a pilot for a major airline based in the United States (Texas) and with working in very crammed close spaces every other day on 8-10 hour flights i would say i'm a Veteran in handling people and stress in the best way possible. Normally i'm home most times a week because i am on Long Haul Flights so i get more time home with family but it means that i also walk in the house at any time of the day or night. I'm normally online on PR in the afternoons into the next morning to stay awake when i'm working because most of my flights are in the night. So i'm up to see all the (noobs) online trying to have their fun in the best way possible and i'm normally in TS trying to get admins (sometimes to know avail). So in conclusion i'm just a guy trying to meet new friends, help new people to the game and just make this community better. Regards, CodeNameJonathan.
  13. Hey !! Welcome and ill see you on the Battlefield!!
  14. Got it !! @ragnarok. Flying is a beautiful thing and i wish you all the best in your future pilot carrer!! Thank you @Schmidtrock
  15. Np Blazer anytime and if you have anymore questions about flying, you know you can always contact me in Teamspeak or PR and that goes for any one who wants to inquire about aviation stuff. I actually have FSX on my desktop and a flight sounds great one day. But just for me (I'M A BOEING KINDA GUY) AIRBUS SUCKSS @WCCBadPloy I think it was Jobs who said it and i fully agree to it.
  16. Thanks Ragnarok!!!! I fly because the sky is my home not the money lol. Good luck with your Private Pilot license!!
  17. know me better

    Hey nice to see you here!! Hope you enjoy and ill see on the Battlefield
  18. Thanks brother @WCCBadploy Jonathan
  19. Hello Melwin, Im not gonna touch on the Identifying of enemies because i think that what was said above is pretty spot on but i am gonna talk about the Flying. Im gonna be pretty straight forward with you, Flying is one of the most glorified things not only in PR but around the world. Most new people to PR move directly into flying without understanding how to operate the equipment to get maximum effectiveness. But thankfully "THERE IS A WAY" I recommend starting off on a practise server (one with 0 admins). To defeat your sharp turn problem, Start off with going pretty high in a chopper and take a sharp turn as if you are simulating (dodging a missile) and as you succeed descend in height and continue. (BUT KEEP IN MIND NOT ALL CHOPPER ARE THE SAME). Try them all out and get a feel for it. It wouldn't be quick and easier because then where's the challenge. (CONCERNS TO MANEUVERING THE CHOPPER) The best map (once again my opinion) to help/train you to maneuver a chopper is Muttrah City. Take a Huey or Little Bird (your preference) and fly from docks into north city flying low and slow moving in between the buildings and right above the street. (IT WILL TAKE TIME BUT BE PATIENT). If you want to really challenge yourself after learning to maneuver you muttrah city but instead fly fast between buildings and do drastic turns to simulate evading an AAV or SAM. (TAKING OFF AND ISSUES WITH MOUSE) When taking off im thinking your pulling back hard on your mouse. Take your time and ease it back to avoid a tail strike and causing your engines to flame out. And when flying in PR and also since your new to it only focus on one thing at a time. Deal with flying first then learn to fly and operate the map. Never multitask with something your new too. So i hope i answered all your flying questions and also that you gained a lot of knowledge from this reply and other admins reply. If any questions you can find me online and never be afraid of asking me something. My name in PR is CNJ CodeNameJonathan ( its tooooo long to not spot lol) Remember you will crash and fail and have squads on board yelling to you but stay focus and you will surprise yourself with your ability. Have fun flying and goodluck!!!! Jonathan
  20. Hey kav!! Everything is good chilling and killing (PR ofccc) And thanks for all the great comments guys and im happy you enjoyed the Intro Inch!!!