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  1. just a headsup dying light doesnt run really smoothly on my gtx 970 its a bad pc port by the looks of it.
  2. all the way from small to capital, but sadly you cant fly the capital ships :(
  3. il join on sunday
  4. atleats the names are creative
  5. servers up and running
  6. Would like to test this mission on friday or saturday with a few people to see how it runs and how everyone likes it mods needed All In Arma AGM CBA Alive Task force radio Optional Jsrs blastcore sthud
  7. Currently looking at a new gpu and a ssd gpu: this ssd: or this what do you guys think? suggestions are welcome :P
  8. ciro should have a working VG arma 3 squad xml, you should ask him.
  9. enough for me apparently they updated their fastest internet :D
  10. estonian stuff :D
  11. Firefall
  12. anyone tried it out yet?
  13. pvp is where the fun (frustration) is at. coop is just a turkey shoot :P
  14. have they edited the insurgency since last time?