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  1. No Problem @Schmidtrock Here to help. Stay frosty and see you on the virtual battlefield
  2. There is no Basic Training sesh's at the moment but feel free to come into the VG Server and the Senior Players can sometimes explain things that you dont understand. In the meantime you can have a look at the VG Forums plus the PR Manual to help you out, here are some examples: But eitherway, you only get better with hands on experience (Like Handjobs) XD
  3. I agree with you on that one, Spacings can not be too distant and cannot be too close. That is an Ideal distance that works on both COOP and Deployment servers, In reality the distances between the Squad members would be spread out, but not too regularly, for example: These spacings are too regular so it makes the section appear "Un-Natural", because nature obviously randomly has un-regular spacings between each tree. To use the full efficiency of your camoflauge the Squad spacings has to be Un-Regular in terms of spacings, making the squad look abit more "Natural" like this image below As you can see the spacings of the squad not only prevents the squad being wiped but it also employs some more efficient use of your surroundings and makes camoflauge more "Efficient". Of course In PR it doesn't really matter because you'll be seen anyway as movement will point you out like a sore thumb. Here are some more Tips that you might find useful in your squads (In Images) Speaking of Section formations, i've got an old guide to tactical formations when I got issued it from the reserves... Hopefully this can be used more often if the Squads has more experience to these types of formations The Squad Leader should decide what formation the Squad should be traveling with based on Ground Visibility Direction from which enemy fire is expected The need for control by the Squad Leader The need for producing the most effective and maximum fire towards the enemy position with minimum delay The Key to the images: Circle - A Member of the Squad 2 Chevrons - Section Commander (Squad Leader) 1 Chevron - 2nd Section Commander (Second in charge) Big Black Arrow - Direction of travel Arrow in circle - Machine Gunners Blue Colour - Charlie Fireteam (The Squad leaders fireteam) Green Colour - Delta Fireteam (The Second Commanders Fireteam) S symbol - The Scout or the "Leading Man" These are the "Assualting" Formations, Mainly used to assualt an objective or Enemy Position in an open territory (use of cover can still be employed in these formations) The first formation used is the "Extended Line" Formation: and I've got to admit, its actually a good formation, its simple to use, efficient in firepower but it has its disadvantages too. if you combine different fireteams you can actually have a good advantage over the enemy There is another Formation simular to the "Extended Line" its called the "Arrow Head": This is also a good formation when the section wants to attack an objective or wants to engage and destroy an enemy position, again, it has its advantages and disadvantages Now these following formations are considered as "Patroling" Formations, usually employed when using roads, headges or ditches as handrails to your objective. Hopefully this will help some of you guys understand what some of the tactical formations you can use on the battlefield. but the only way to fully understand it is to practise it at some point (Maybe there should be an event for training for these kind of things etc) The names for the formations can be a bit different to other countries for example the "Arrow head" would be called the "Wedge" formation by the yanks, but hey, they all do the same purpose dont they XD
  4. Might be a little late on this post but hey, might aswell get my say on this. I think that Section Formations in a COOP game is pretty much useable "sometimes" (Meaning it can be used in some situations such as a defensive position using arks of fire etc) but overall in every COOP game its kind of pointless as of all the reasons above this reply. What needs to be focused on more instead of formations is the Section Spacings. Think about it, If you was a bot or let alone an enemy player and you see an orgy of infantry in one cramed space. You would obviously pull out your trusty boom kit and throw it at them and watch all the kill counts rise... I have seen countless moments of our infantry sections getting wiped just because of this issue. If you're a section commander then I suggest you always watch where all your lads are, and If they are having some sort of orgy cramed together then give them a little bollocking and tell em to space out abit. I expect some people to say "Oh yeah I do that all the time" Yeah I do that all the time too, but sometimes It still happens anyway so personally we need to get our shit together especially as a squad leader. of course there are some brilliant squad leaders who know their shit. but obviously there are others who don't have as much self disipline as others. and anyways, of course, nobody is perfect Maybe we should introduce some sort of training sessions for squad leaders on the server (Maybe a special event on just that?) Its not the riflemen and the specialists issue, its in fact the squad leader, Because they are the ones who lead them to victory as they say, so they must instruct and organise his/her fellow comrades so that their infantry section can have the advantage in a firefight. and getting the spaces sorted out is one of the steps. Oh and P.S I might make a new post on the forums about something like this probably to do with "Squad Tactics and Formations to gain the advantage in the firefight"
  5. No, its the fact that some people has got Visual C++ already from playing other games (As some games install Visual C++ for you when installing a game) Some people don't have (The Correct) Visual C++ installed so therefore the Mumble Error occurs. I'm not sure why they ask for the X86 Version installed (Probablty because mumble works with 32 bit atm so they have to use 32 bit Visual C++?)
  6. I'm Planning to do some Graphics Design to help you guys out with Logos, Coat of Arms, Wallpapers, Signatures ETC. However to do that I require a motto to accomplish some of the tasks I will be doing. Is there a motto for VG anywhere? If not, Maybe we should provide some suggestions on this Topic. Hopefully I should get something done for you guys that will definatly catch your eyes. Also if there is any Graphic Suggestions or Requests then let me know. (Hopefully we can start some sort of Graphics Design Team in the future or something)
  7. Cheers!
  8. Thats fine mate... We got murged with kavs sqd so its all good anyway. tbh you miss alot
  9. Anyone can join this event as long as you download the Maps and install it when it's released. I think I remember you was playing on my squad the other day, you seem like an alright lad. Have fun and see you on the battlefield!
  10. Thats Right Ladies and Gentlemen! It has been forever since we have Won on Tad Sae and today marks the first time in ages since we first played and won this round... Well done guys! pictures are down below (Incase you dont belive us.) Suprisingly we managed to finish the round with only 20 people. Kavelenko's squad was the only squad actually doing something on the other half of the round. (Well done mate!) I volunteered to be the commander for the time being and that was what won us the round because Area Attacks can be called every 5 mins (We made use of this on the other half of the round) I think this was a really fun round and we can tell it was because there was lots on the team chat saying that its the best round they have ever been on. (Of course there are some that ultimately rage quitted mid-game *cough cough* squirel Either way. it was alot of fun, hopefully it can be done again at some point in time. - Sausag3 There was some bloopers too (When Kav flipped the jeep )
  11. Another Brit to join my squad! how wonderful! All brit sqd?? XD What Kit you want assigned?
  12. Come on in Midgee! Remeber to sing the national anthem on local when in-game XD
  13. Will do buddy! Don't forget the Tea! What kit do you want to be assigned to?
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    Aussie Power!
  15. Tad Sae Victory!!

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  21. I will take lead of Squad 3 as a Squad Leader. Name = "Crumpet" Anyone can join but I will take Reserve Slots in case they want a "Guaranteed Spot" on my squad. AND... AS ALWAYS! MAKE SURE YOU REMEMBER THE BRITISH NATIONAL ANTHEM AND BRING SOME ALL MIGHTY TEA! Crumpet Squad Structure: Squad Leader - Sausag3 (Me) Medic - Midgee Medic - ? AR (Automatic Rifeman) - Deathdealer Breacher - =VG= Blazer Grenadier - ? MG (Machine Gunner) - ? LAT (Light Anti Tank) - ? Key: RED = Not Currently Filled GREEN = Filled FIRST COME FIRST SERVE GUYS!
  22. This Post is Sponsored by Yorkshire Tea - The best tea the United Kingdom can offer Introduction Greating Ladies and Gents. Today I will be giving you in depth information regarding the Infantry of the British Armed Forces. So hold your mugs filled with the delicous tea up high and hold on to your butt cheeks. Its going to be a fun ride. So... Lets get started UNITED KINGDOM The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom (UK) or Britain, is a sovereign country in western Europe. Lying off the north-western coast of the European mainland, the United Kingdom includes the island of Great Britain, the north-eastern part of the island of Ireland and many smaller islands. Northern Ireland is the only part of the United Kingdom that shares a land border with another sovereign state‍—‌the Republic of Ireland. Apart from this land border, the United Kingdom is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, with the North Sea to its east, the English Channel to its south and the Celtic Sea to its south-south-west, giving it the 12th-longest coastline in the world. The Irish Sea lies between Great Britain and Ireland. With an area of 242,500 square kilometres (93,600 sq mi), the United Kingdom is the 78th-largest sovereign state in the world and the 11th-largest in Europe. It is also the 21st-most populous country, with an estimated 65.1 million inhabitants. Together, this makes it the fourth-most densely populated country in the European Union Cheers Wikipedia! THE BRITISH ARMED FORCES The British Armed Forces or Her Majesty's Armed Forces are the military services which are tasked with defence of the United Kingdom, its overseas territories, and the Crown Dependencies. They also promote Britain's wider interests, support international peacekeeping efforts, and provide humanitarian aid. The British Armed Forces consist of 3 Main Branches: The British Army - Meeeeee Naval Service (The Royal Navy and The Royal Marines) - Shoutout to Blazer! The Royal Airforce The Headquarters of The British Armed forces is The Ministry of Defence, In London. The Commander-in-Chief is Queen Elizabeth II (Our Queen As of 2017 - Expiry Date, Unknown) This means that the Queen is the only person in the United Kingdom to formally declare war against other nations The British Army: Founded in 1660 (Damn thats older than my Grandmothers Farts ) The Roles of the British Army is to Engage in Land Warfare (Duhhh!) Currently There are: 83,560 Active Regular Personel - As of 2017 29,940 Reserve Personel - As of 2017 (I'm one of them ) The British Army Rank Structure: Infantry Ranks: Dont Salute these ranks they work for a living Private - Nothing on Rank Slide Lance Corporal - A Chevron on Rank Slide - Currently Me! Corporal - Two Chevrons on Rank Slide Sergeant - Three Chevrons on Rank Slide - Dont Call them "Sarge" or they will come up with the famous quote "There are Two Types of Sergeants in the Army, Massage, and Sahsarge, If you Massage your Sahsarge, You are calling me a Wanker!" Colour/Staff Sergeant - A Crown and 3 Chevrons on Rank Slide Warrant Officer Class 2 / Company Sergeant Major - A Big ass Crown on Rank Slide - Address them as "Sir" Warrant Officer Class 1 / Regimental Sergeant Major - Some Unicorns and Shit strapped on to the crown - Address them as "Sir" Officer Ranks: Salute these Ranks, Or else they will slap the shit out of you. Address them as "Sir" Second Lieutenant - 1 Pip on Rank slide - Pronounced "Leftenant" not "Leutenant", Bloodly Yanks First Lieutenant - 2 Pips on Rank Slide Captain - 3 Pips on Rank Slide Lieutenant Colonel - A Pip and A Crown - Pronounced "Kur-Nell" Colonel - Two Pips and A Crown Brigadier - Three Pips and a Crown - Address them as "Brigadier" As they will have a hissy fit on you if you don't These are the Ranks that I have seen so far... There are more Officer ranks here but I aint seem them so far as they seem to always be hiding in thier "Man Caves" - The Headquarters Now Lets get to the Infantry Themselves.... The British Infantry: All Infantry Personel will always be Tested and Trained on the L85A2, Making it the Default Rife the Infantry can use The L85A2: The SA80 or L85A2 is an Assault Rife that has been in service since 1985 (With Upgrades of couse) Cartridge: 5.56x45mm NATO standard issue round Weight: 4.98 kg (11.0 lb) (L85A2 with SUSAT sight and loaded 30-round magazine) Gas Operated, Rotating Bolt Rate of Fire: 610-775 RPM Muzzle Velocity: 940 m/s (3,084 ft/s) (L85A2 & L98A2) 970 m/s (3,182.4 ft/s) (L86A2 LSW) Effective Range: 600 m effective range used by one soldier. Effective at 800 m as a section using the LDS (lightweight day sight) Maximum Firing Range: 1000 m (L86A2) Feed System: 30-round detachable STANAG magazine 30-round detachable polymer Magpul EMAG Sights: Telescopic SUSAT, ACOG and ELCAN LDS scopes, aperture iron sights Type of Assault Rifle: BULLPUP! FUCK YEAH! Description: H&K (A German Company Based in Germany) Has improved the Design and Functions of The Original SA80/L85A1 To make a sack full of shit become a Sparckling Paradise to shoot.. The Accuracy is Great (I've compared it to the M4). Hopefully some people accept the fact that the SA80 Is no longer a Shit Weapon. It got improved by H&K by a fuck ton... Thanks for Taking your Time to read this all and I hope you enjoyed.. Damn all of this writing really hurt my fingers RIP There Will be more parts to this Continuing this on Later on. See ya laters! - Sausag3
  23. Favourite Quote of the year for me... That special its on my signature XD