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  1. great thing :) there are many such videos out there. nice to see so many people expressing their love to dayz.
  2. didnt know the ultima series isnt abandonware (yet).
  3. Outlanders =VG= LAN_WROTE ... You can also get old games at gog http://www.gog.com/. Those games are pretty cheap and they have a lot of them. Dosbox is already there and it's set with settings for each game. There's also game manuals, soundtracks and some other nice stuff that comes in the package. i just saw ultimaVII there... wasnt that already relesased as abandonware? they're currently selling it.... sounds strange to me...
  4. I downloaded a lot of games on abandonia - too bad you really need to fiddle a lot with dosbox to get some of them running in decent fps, with the right sound and everything. - it was worth the time though. also i think there are games with great story that just need to be redone in better graphic and they'll be kickass - even better than 99% of the bestsellers from 2000 until now.
  5. thanks for the info :) a friend already played on namalsk and he already told us about the rather high PvP factor and its something we dont want, so namalsk is out of question now. the new mod sounds cool so far. already heard about dayz2017 but its more like you get shot for some sodacan or something to eat, which is also more PvP - we want more player versus environment... so far "Celle" and "Taviana" seem to be more suitable for our style of playing.
  6. thanks for the replies. so we just have to stick to either chernarus or go to taviana... better get bad news than false news ;)
  7. hi, i played some DayZ for quite some time now - wouldnt consider myself a pro yet - but we (brothers, friends and me) found that its quite complicated to hide a camp in DayZ, so we are currently considering playing a different dayz world. main question is: which DayZ world is the biggest, the one with the most good hideout places for camps and the most cool one? i've watched some youtube videos about taviana so far and it looks cool, but it seems the landmass is even smaller than chernarus. i was also thinking about if its possible to combine chernarus worldspace with taviana, so that taviana is added at the southcoast or eastcoast of chernarus. if that were possible that'd be great. still starting in chernarus and having the possibility to get a boat and go to taviana islands. sure that would be a lot of work, but i can only imagine it as being an awesome addition. also it could be possible to make any custommade new worldspace into a DayZ mod. but so far its just an idea. tell me what you think. and also if you know a bigger(than chernarus) world for DayZ. thanks for your time reading this ;)
  8. we recently had some nice missions again, but the number of active players has decreased quite much. one reason is that there arent many servers up which are dedicated to (realistic) teamplay on hardest difficulty. most servers are either just funplay or are only up whenever some of the admins wants to play - so there's no place to call home - where you can join and everyone knows that this will be teamplay with nice people and maybe some roleplaying. i hope we can get a Veterans-Gaming-Vietcong-server.
  9. this is both: amusing !sarc and angering !no
  10. Fastjack =VG= LAN_WROTE ... I changed to deployment because the coopmode lost his charme. The lack of new coopmaps, personally the missed chance to make the PR Veterans-Gaming server more popularity/unique and the long waiting time of an official new pr coop/version release makes the bf2pr coopmode totally uninterresting for me. Sorry to say it but our pr server is the most time dead. Peoples playing on there favorite server and that's currently not our one. We never made some events, promotion for our server or something like that. Another reason is maybe the summer season and people enjoy the weather. I lost my hope in bf2pr coop and i'm concentarting on ArmA III New game, new server, new fun, new chances. !coop Greetz i'm not going to buy arma 3 too soon, but at the moment i dont have much time to play and playing the same maps over and over again is boring after some time. same for BF1942, which i still play at times... so i will definitely return to PR... but only for short.
  11. for me, PR-coop is great, but with the arma2 events and the way my reallife is at the moment, i cant find the time to play PR that much.
  12. stay true to yourself and stay out of the way of the enemie's bullet(s) ;) come back in one piece with hopefully good experiences. we'll wait for you coming back to join us in the virtual "field" and kick some enemy ass.
  13. isnt it 24/7 special event? i even asked my teachers if i can take part and they said its well if i stay at home that week... ;) joke
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