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  1. Hello everyone! This is just a notification about my disappearence. I've been active on Veterans Gaming server and Teamspeak for a good year and a half now, and i've gotten in good contact with a whole lot of awesome people during this period. I became active on both the Insurgency server and teamspeak to just be a somewhat active social guy, but i felt more and more a part of the community and ended up going more hardcore. Some of you may already know this,but i have been waiting for a long time know for one special thing that really keeps me going, and it's time is here. As the previous s
  2. Acer


    Hello Jager! Gaz and Savage notified me about this post. First - Nice to see you! Second - Yes i think we were the only active norwegian players on the ARMA2 VG server Third - You can contact me on my steam "Mountnblade" or Teamspeak. I just recently got the new IP-adress for the teamspeak server + lacking activity on VG-forums made it difficult to stay updated. Hope to speak to you soon! Acer
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