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  1. Today
  2. Operation Orthodox - Arma Event

    I'll fill Keed's slot since the last squad didn't fill up
  3. Operation Orthodox - Arma Event

    Sorry guys I have to surrender my spot. Can't make it tonight.
  4. Operation Orthodox - Arma Event

    Copy that.
  5. Omaha Beach

    I think it would be worse as Kav mentioned. Most of the time we don't see tanks roll onto beach flags from either side due to how long it takes assets to arrive. Infantry have usually capped both beach flags by the time they get to the beach and start attacking 71. This may change due to player base not having enough knowledge that tanks exist, as most just do infantry based attacks. We have had a few rounds where TANKS are pushed at the start and we have good results. Overall, I feel AT kits are struggling, myself including and just need some more time using the kits. That is more player side though. This is getting kits to soldiers, supplying ammo, and practice. We can work on this aspect and improve. Just a matter of time of players getting more comfortable.
  6. Operation Orthodox - Arma Event

    Urgent Update* Event is going to be delayed 1 hour, moving the event time to 2000HRS Zulu, due to "technical difficulties" Apologies for the inconvenience.
  7. A3 Liberation server

    Hi all, I've noticed a constant frame rate issue with the VG Liberation server. I'm not sure if this can be resolved, I know it is related to the server capping the client side fps. Wondering if this can be adjusted or if its something on my side, let me know. I greatly enjoy playing on VG servers and with its members
  8. Omaha Beach

    That can be done but as said earlier it opens up more problems than it solves.
  9. Omaha Beach

    Hmmm... Or wait for infantries to cap the beach & then tank will spawn over there. I wonder if it's a good or bad idea without tank support to cover the beach assault. hmm....
  10. Omaha Beach

    No there isnt. Its either keep the current system or the new way I just purposed.
  11. Omaha Beach

    Is it possible to shift the tank spawn to the beach instead after capping the WN flags? At least one tank at each sides (like when we cap WN 71, the tank spawn will be shifted north of the flag on the beach the same spot as the repair station spawn). It will only do it when the manned tank is dead. If not, tanks squad need to drive the tanks all the way from the sea.
  12. Omaha Beach

    I can delay the german tanks to 15 minutes. That would give you a 2 tank advantage for the first 15 minutes as long as they arnt killed. It would also mean if you lose a tank you dont have to drive it all the way from main base but rather just from the beach provided you took the trenches.
  13. Omaha Beach

    I think this would be worse because once that OPFOR armor turns up to WN72 and you have no tanks to combat them, you're screwed unless you have a full server. What would be an improvement would be Logi's spawning once we capped the beach not the bunkers especially once the server settings go back to the large crate deployment for building FOBs. At the moment we can spawn them without a crate which is handy but it would kill the server if we reverted to our normal settings.
  14. PR COOP thread 1.6

    PR has also the feature with random rally points. Mapper (guy who create the GPO) can place mutliple rally points and at roundstart, the gamemode logic would pick some of them randomly like ammocaches. I dont understand why this never got used in coop.
  15. Omaha Beach

    If I were to make the tanks that originally spawn way back at the boats non respawnable but add tanks that spawn on the boats after you take the trenches be a good change or worse change.
  16. Omaha Beach

    Hey that is me! Great work again everyone.
  17. Omaha Beach

  18. Yesterday
  19. Omaha Beach

  20. Dedicated DCS Open Beta Server

    We will definitely upgrade -- at this point, it's not so much a matter of costs, or even the downtime to transfer servers, but the fact that I will need the full support of other members of the VG Tech Team, including Ciro and SolarFlame, and possibly even SavageCDN. All three of those people have careers in IT, and I have had very few chats with them since this COVID shit got crazy. Most of the employees at their various companies are homebound, and it has added tons of work to those IT guys who support them. We gotta be patient with our brothers, trust that we will get this done ASAMFP. Also, as a bonus, by waiting just a month or few, with the new Intel 10 series processors that have released, we may have an opportunity to access the very latest CPU technology rather than settling again for a 'few generations old' CPU. Hetzner will likely build new servers for offer using these newest Intel CPU's, and timing it right, we may be able to see some serious tech upgrade with our next server migration. Thank you all for your patience and understanding! Gotta report that aside from the lack of SSD space, our server is extremely powerful, ridiculously stable, and fast as fuck. Even folks from Australia (those with fiber internet, that is) are able to connect with few lag issues or otherwise, all the way to our dedicated server located in Germany. While it may not seem like a 'central' location, it actually is perfect for our international crowd. Not many gaming communities do as well as we do server-side. It's enough to be proud of our choices. Tells me we are doing the right thing. And we'll do it again when we upgrade this summer.
  21. Omaha Beach

    Strange, try using 3 rounds HE from the sherman, just tested and that worked.
  22. Omaha Beach

    I had reports that players were not able to destroy them either by TNT or ramming a vehicle into them. As I said, I will confirm this offline and see what they mean. I will report back and try to get better reports from players using the assets about current events. I appreciate that, small fixes like that make the game more manageable for our player base. Granted, I did have @=VG= Kavelenko call in area attacks one round to fix the lack of kits accessed to kill the enemy apc's and tanks and we survived so we have found some work around. As always, thank you folks for the hard work you do to keep this amazing game alive after so many years.
  23. Omaha Beach

    The concrete gates by the bunker? Have someone destroy them. The belgium gates on the other hand are non destroyable; adding an importance to the D-1 draw. Repair station is pretty hard to get away with once the beach flags are capture. You cant really spawn stuff in on the beach till the trenches with the mortars are taken otherwise they will just mortar you while you are in it. Going to ask Arab if he could add a repair drop to the logi landing boat to act the same way the logi truck does. Its not a perfect fix but would be interested to see if it helps even a little.
  24. PR. Vg server down

    Restarted. Thanks.
  25. Omaha Beach

    Meh. We do manage to push away from beach but the CTD make it kinda unplayable. Only minority are not affected with the CTD & are the ones holding whatever remaining flag left until the rest rejoin & than CTD again. For the logi, they really need to use the map properly to navigate the obstacles. Some do manage to bring it forward as they know which route to use.
  26. PR. Vg server down

    PR. Vg server down
  27. Omaha Beach

    Most of the other players reported they struggled with getting it past the beach and couldn't get past the gates of 71 ( First flag past the beach flags and could be wrong on name). They tried to navigate the hills but IDK if it was lack of experience and causing logi to flip via multiple attempts with different players. I will take some time in offline and try to find some better routes for people. Tanks are advancing but if logistics can't follow up that slows the game down a lot. Some other struggles were reported a lack of repair station/support for tanks after advancement on beach flags. I can not vouch to confirm if this does exist or not since I don't normally play assets but will continue to validate. I personally would like to see a delayed repair station on beach if possible for tank support/logi rearm and some ability to get a more streamlined logistical approach from beach flags to front. I don't see a lot of players with advanced logi support so maybe they haven't found the correct route or there may be too many obstacles preventing it or we, the players haven't triggered events on the map to make certain things happen.
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