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  1. CO-OP Suggestion

    Hi, Another suggestion is to make the bots operate as a squad and not doing lone wolf. There was a bot mod in the BF2 days that accomplished this, I can't remember the mod. Another suggestion, is if it's possible for the bots to have various skills, one bot is what we currently have, stupid but sharp shooters and another skill is more human like behavior, like the bots using cover to their advantage (not running around) and yet still aggressive. This somehow simulate deployment but with more fun. The problem in deployment servers is the waiting, humans tend to stay and hide, their leaders do not initiate a full force attack or counter-attack, human players in deployment though tactical, tend to be more on protecting themselves rather than a full scale/all out approach towards the enemy. Deployment simulates real life modern combat however is not fast pace and not as fun as in coop. If we can have the above bot behaviors, it will be more interesting right? If you've played before the half life counter strike coop, their bots have the behaviors that I suggested. Cheers.
  2. CO-OP Suggestion

    My opinion guys, I'm not sure if it's possible. A coop server which can randomize sides. For instance Mutrah, we're US side then in the map cycle, Mutrah repeats where we will be MEC, in another cycle as insurgents etc. I think admins to do a proof of concept (POC) for the gamers to experience it and there will be a poll if they like it or not. Though it may entail a lot of admin intervention or server restarts and may not be possible to automate. It's like randomizing a playlist, you can't predict the next song. If the randomize side is feasible to be coded by the devs, with a config which the admin can switch on or off, or a script to execute by the server admin to enable or disable the mod. Cheers.
  3. Squad VG server

    Thank you. Either than graphics or it's unreal engine, compared to PR, can you please comment on which provides a better experience, PR or squad?
  4. Favorite Car you would want / Currently own?

    This is my current ride, a Ford escape 2011. Hope to have a Toyota Rav4 in the future, last Pic.
  5. Squad VG server

    Is there a trial account to test out squad, before purchase of license? Currently satisfied with PR. Tbh I'm not a hardcore gamer, I just play PR as a hobby. It explains, why despite the years of playing PR I never really achieve a high stat in kills or score. I just play out of fun.
  6. New update

    VG server for PR is up. thanks.
  7. New update

    Yes same here ranger 12. I've been waiting as well. I wanted to play because it's my day off today.