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  1. some PR screenshots!

    heres some old PR screenshots, ENJOY!
  2. =VG= Arma3 Alpha Server

    Use task force arrowhead radio: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?169029-Task-Force-Arrowhead-Radio
  3. Recon/SF training mission WIP

    I just put a TON of work behind this, please take a look and give me some feedback! MODS: ACE and ACRE stuff... https://www.dropbox.com/s/pig6tt4zkg446ho/CO18_Recon_training_ENG_v01.Chernarus.pbo
  4. Recon/SF training mission WIP

    Thanks! will put it in :) Gotta look into it, does it cause any FPS problems if AI count goes over 100, or when player count goes over the magical number of 50?
  5. Recon/SF training mission WIP

    just wondering.. enableRadio false; - is done in the kits.sqf with ''removeallweapons _unit;'' player switchmove ""; - sure, what is this again? player setskill 0; - sure, does it really matter? {player disableAI _x} foreach ["move","anim","target","autotarget"]; - yeap! but what does this do? player setVariable ["BIS_noCoreConversations", true]; - Is done with a module, but i can add it, sure as for DAC - I have recently started making all my missions HC, so the enemy is spawned and is under HC all the time.
  6. Recon/SF training mission WIP

    It is an artificial way of telling you that all the enemies are dead or that you've done something even when you are not sure, This is the way mission making has been taught to me and which has been a lot more fun. It's a shame that completing an objective is all that matters to you, but I suppose that level of realism doesnt appeal to everyone!
  7. Recon/SF training mission WIP

    I'll consider adding the full instruction list onto the vectors and equipment, I'd like to note that this training is made for those who know the ACE system, General ACE training is a different matter. Yeap, tasks will come to the training but not into proper missions, for reason I already stated. Yeah, i know, those parts are pretty messy at the time, ill try to work on it. Some of those lines are there to add the possibility of changing your view distance so people with less powerful computers can play it with ease. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wooz =VG= LAN_WROTE ... The funny thing about bots is that when they come into contact they wont so much as budge, working on away to fix it, although if i were to fix it, Bohemia interactive would probably hire me, lol. Don?t get on a high horse, if i recall correctly, AI using UPSMON or DAC will flank you and suppress you ... True, but they wont reorganize and keep going, they will just keep looking for you until the world ends, or just end up standing about. And in any event, I can only use the basic ACE/ACRE mods in this one.
  8. Recon/SF training mission WIP

    IRL you can't always be sure if you got the job done, being unsure is part of the mission itself! That is the reason also behind not telling everything here: it's Recon training +SF, you are meant to learn how to find, recognize and eliminate the target. In the solid snake campaign + hide'n'seek the situation is different, true, and it will be fixed
  9. Recon/SF training mission WIP

    Wooz =VG= LAN_WROTE ... ... The lack of proper briefing material, task or notes means, that when the mission designer is not there to explain it, we don?t understand what the actual objective is. ... That is true for the solid snake and Hide'n'seek missions, the others have been tested and fixed already, Tasks should not be used in missions due to their immersion breaking effect, notes don't always need to tell everything. But as I said: the solid snake and Hide'n'seek missions are at the moment almost broken and in need of updating. SemlerPDX =VG= LAN_WROTE ... ... The briefing specifically can have certain words as links that when clicked move the map to a pre-placed marker for better understanding. Also, the section on equipment should move out of the WIP stage asap and include the step by step procedure involved in linking the DAGR to the Vector 21B, and then the operation of the Vector itelf, to bring up the end data on the DAGR (the stuff you would transmit to, say, a Paladin Commander, or other arty with such precision ammo) - basically a run down of the operation of those two units and their usage in the field. ... Here's a part of the briefing, I think it pretty much covers it: 4: Forward observer/FAC/JTAC - Radio procedure Radio procedure will NOT be taught during this course. - Equipments and their use DAGR; is a device that you can use to get information about your targets location, including: Location, elevation, distance, etc. You can also get all that information about your location. Bring up: HOME Modifying its use: Shift+HOME DAGR-SOFLAM/Vector connection: Connect to, HELP/SEL, Choose, HELP/SEL Disconnect DAGR-S/V: Data view, HELP/SEL SOFLAM; A laser marker and a rangefinder, indisposable tool when working with aircraft. Laser code change: Shift+Arrow left/right Vector 21B; same as SOFLAM but not as usable as SOFLAM.
  10. Recon/SF training mission WIP

    Alright. Equipment: - Considering the addition of 7.62mm caliber weapon. Most weapons in ARMA work pretty much the same, it would not matter if I brought mk16s in the mission since they work pretty much the same as M4, actually even better. - Considering too, this mission is meant to be played in an orderly fashion where Trainers dictate trainees gear just so no one is too heavy and has everything needed, and discipline is kept for optimal efficiency = shorter training time. (note that by discipline I mean that you wont shoot each other and listen and train as the trainers say, nothing more) - Considering, I've done a general ACE-training which has all gear available (only Finnish, might translate if I have time) this training is mainly concentrated on general recon/SF action = small unit tactics/drilling - Laser batteries are in the ammunition box, I will check and update if needed to the newer version. - Will do, moar vehicles in the next version Base: - Yeap, I'm working on making the base more "base" like with VSPs and all. Objectives: None of my missions so far have had any kind of objective tasks since they are unrealistic and silly (how the hell do you know the town is empty?!) But on this one I agree and will update tasking to the newer version. - The funny thing about bots is that when they come into contact they wont so much as budge, working on away to fix it, although if i were to fix it, Bohemia interactive would probably hire me, lol. - There is a convoy start and end marker? I will check and update if needed to the newer version. - Yeap, explosives it is, though CAS can be used on the crates too. - The objectives are one of the topics in notes, check it out! I will check and update if needed to the newer version. - Tasks will be added, anymore briefing is unnecessary since all that is needed is already in the notes and this is merely a training mission. - If you have ideas for Recon/SF objectives to be added in this mission, please do tell! A thousand thanks for the feedback! this really helps, were the notes themselves helpful or did you just run it as a mission?
  11. Recon/SF training mission WIP

    Yeah, I suppose this is a silly place to post this since when dont go that "in depth" with arma gameplay :)
  12. Recon/SF training mission WIP

    About to be tested in AFI, dunno if people care or not but I will upload the updated version none the less!
  13. WIP: An Arma 2 Vietnam Event Mission by Charry

    So in short you need 1 trigger to: - Make Civs hostile and - Spawn one OPFOR soldier? My questions are: - Are you using BLU/OP/IND as player side in the mission, - can the trigger be triggered once or multiple times?
  14. WIP: An Arma 2 Vietnam Event Mission by Charry

    Sorry! I just thought that it could reduce the amount of addons and work... Will remove our comments in 12h.
  15. WIP: An Arma 2 Vietnam Event Mission by Charry

    You can easily spawn a carrier with game logic and a simple script, will post a guide later on. PS: Note on the script spawned carrier: Any vehicle that has automatic landing gear system (automaticly hides and shows it), Will bounce around on the carrier, since you have to spawn it 16.5 high (it thinks its in the air, not on a carrier)
  16. Community Event: Op Sparrowhawk CO60 - DAY 01

    2 more from AFI: Korpr. M?kel? Isaiah Cortez
  17. Community Event: Op Sparrowhawk CO60 - DAY 01

    Got 3 guys from AFI with me: Keneraali Aspirant Nouty Hope you note that I have them with me, we could do with a FT of our own :P Preferably normal infantry. PS. I already took the liberty of translating this thing to Finnish, hope you don't mind :)
  18. Community Event: Op Sparrowhawk CO60 - DAY 01

    Any except rotary wings, Ive played ARMA in Finnish for 6 months now, so you might want to mind it while shoosing my slot, Ive only played PL, SL and TL during that time.
  19. [poll] Arma 2 Event Voting

    how about eighties man? weapon systems are modern without the silly thermals and optics :) PS: I went with Vietnam, haven't had those for ages!
  20. Upgrading, need advice

    Depends. My air cooling system is really loud, but it matters little because I use only headphones.
  21. Arma 2 ACE Multi-Session Operations thread

    RHS doesnt have javelins :P
  22. Arma 2 ACE Multi-Session Operations thread

    I think we are good enough without thermals, after all we are russians, not Navy seals or delta force :) Would be awesome to play as RUS MOT INF. 2 BTRs full of soldiers patrolling through a few towns, IED explodes, dust and smoke everywhere, Infantry dismounts, HMG fire from left side, people take cover on the right side of the BTRs, situation seems grim, Sun rises from the east, ingo comes up with 2 AKs moving down countless enemies while we are trying to regroup. right? I miss playing with us all in :/
  23. Arma 2 ACE Multi-Session Operations thread

    RHS sounds awesome! thanks sav!
  24. Camping mains in PR CO-OP.

    True but the part that leaves some room in applying the rule is ''raping'', meaning that if all the enemies are not killed there, leaving proper amounts of the into the field, it is not raping. Unfortunately we do not have video of the incident.
  25. Camping mains in PR CO-OP.

    Camping main is not so much a black and white issue, you have to take it into count that there were 10 people playing and mostly uncoordinated? right? This makes the game into a meatgrinder where the BLUFOR gets their asses kicked again and again and again until the map is changed. In my opinion camping should be allowed IF the S-bunker is captured and player count is below 15-20, otherwise only intel should be given from that camp. In future this problem should be avoided entirely by voting/setting a new mission, no one likes meatgrinders, being dead is not fun m'kay. Not going to go more into tactics in this one, as you have done so already.