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  1. It's worth thinking about. We could easily run a test game with the flags set for a standard neutral very slow capture (5-10 min) which would strongly encourage defence.
    Biggest issue is everyone knows where the bots are coming from and what they are going to do.

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  2. So making a map with bots has a size limit to the amount of ground the AI can cover before the game crashes. the size varies map to map with things like whether it is a forest, urban or desert map. making bots move on water counts for nothing because there's nothing for them to avoid.

    As a general rule of thumb, a 1km can have bots on 100% of it, 2km is 40-60% and a 4km is 15-20%. This is why maps have a lot of areas that you don't play coop on especially 4km maps like shijia, Vadso or saaremaa always focus on the same areas.


  3. Poll time,

    Choose the map that you enjoy but hate the coop

    Example, you love Operation Marlin as a map but you hate playing coop because it's pretty boring for most of the game. Not, You hate tad sae because it's dark. There's too many trees on Ia Drang etc.

    I've made the poll multiple choice, but try and limit it to a few choices to make it obvious which map is shit.

    If you aren't even sure what maps are what gallery is here https://www.realitymod.com/mapgallery/#!/

    Maps that aren't included are maps that either
    A ) I can't do anything more than what is already there. (Tad Sae, Burning Sands, Muttrah etc)
    B ) I don't have the motivation to fix (Vietnam, Saarema etc)

    The poll is not for things like swap APC for a tank, this is more for a complete scrapping and start over. If you have suggestions like an asset swap, post it in this thread cause I'll consider everything, but the poll is not for that.

    Assume they are all the STD Layers

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  4. Great turnout guys had a blast! Thanks for putting up with the minor hiccup on Beirut.

    I'll make the next one harder.

    3 hours ago, .SUGAR. said:

    I can suggest on weekend two on Bamyan Map make a RU vs Taliban and make it like the Afghani War from 1979-1989.

    Yeah this sounds good

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  5. So after a long absence I've decided to make an event. This will include some of the old event missions that I ran as well as new ones. Each week on the day of the event you guys will have 4 missions and a seed game to complete. There's no story involved but these missions are designed to encourage teamwork and failure will most likely happen without

    Standard =VG= rules will apply, don't stir shit and don't ruin the game for everyone else.

    There's no signups, just join and have a good time.

    Squad leader spawn point will be removed for the event.

    Everything is subject to change.

    Download: HERE

    Default install to C;/Program Files (x86)/Project Reality/Project Reality BF2/Mods/PR/Levels


    For each event the game will start at approx;
    3pm EST
    7pm GMT
    9pm CEST
    5am AEST (+1 day)

    The seed maps are not intended to be anything more than a bunch of chaos to amuse everyone while people join.

    Sorry about my paint skills. Don't expect these maps to be too accurate in relation to where flags are actually positioned or their cap radius.

    Weekend one; 10/8/2019

    Asad Khal (Seed)

    Asad Khal will feature pistols and knives only. Main bases are marked, objectives can be taken in any order. Bleed the enemy tickets to win.


    Barracuda (AAS) USMC vs CH

    Standard AAS applies
    4 AAVP7a1s are supplied at the start to launch the assault. Boats are on a 5 min spawn delay. Repair point for the APCs is back in the carrier dock. An Osprey will spawn once Center Beach is capped.


    Xiangshan (AAS) USA vs Vietnam

    AAS but a bit of a strange capture order. A flags are the enemy supply routes and need to be secured first.  Capture B flags next, then C. To cap out the city all three flags inside must be held to move the final flag. Three Trans Hueys, 2 M113s, some logis and a delayed CAS huey will help capture.


    Ramiel (Black Hawk Down) USA vs ARF

    A UH-60 has gone down and the US army needs to rescue the survivors. The weather and hostilities have grounded the air units, thankfully there is a task force nearby to respond. Move from the forward Ops base, secure the crash site and follow the marked path to evacuate.

    There are no fixed repair stations, spawn points, rally points or FOBs available. A mobile command M113 will act as the one and only spawn point, it must be kept alive at all costs. 2 support hmmwvs can transport troops and drop repair stations. The two Bradley IFVs are to provide fire support but cannot rearm so conserve ammo. Vehicles do not respawn

    The infantry can rearm from the limited dropped ammo crates and riflemen

    Only vehicle can capture the points along the exfil route


    Beirut (Bridge) IDF vs MEC

    Build a bridge and force your way through the city. A classic from a previous event with a bit of an update.

    The bridge has been blown up and the IDF need to get it's tanks across and through the city. Capture the  western side of the bridge and use CSBs from the logis to repair the damage while infantry holds bridge point A and B. An instant loss will occur if either one of these points is captured by the enemy.

    To secure the bridge points and proceed the IDF must get one of their tanks across the bridge to secure the highway (Green X). Afterwards it's typical AAS to secure the city and the highway out of Beirut.

    IDF will have boats to launch from it's ship, two logi trucks to build the bridge and two Merkava Battle Tanks.




    For the next two weekends the maps have been decided. But the factions to play are up for grabs throw your suggestions out for who you want to play as and against.

    Weekend two; September

    Khamisiyah USA vs MEC




    Kozlesk GB vs Militia


    Weekend three;  October

    Tad Sae US vs Vietnam

    Dragon Fly


    Shijia Valley

    Sahel FR vs ARF



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  6. I do beleive the TK was not intentional.

    You will be unbanned and placed on the watchlist indefinitely.

    My suggestions to you, play as infantry, this is the best way to learn assets, tactics and maps before moving onto vehicles.

    And just a friendly reminder, this is not a training server that we run, asset waste will get you removed from the server.

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