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  1. Harrier NATOPS

    In the 80 and 90's: U.S. Marine AV-8B's from Cherry Point NC flew tactical demos during the MAGTAF combat demonstrations at El Toro MCAS in Irvine California. It was bad to the foxtrot bone to watch an element NOE inbound then, at 1 mile (give or take) pop up and 45 degrees L/R of the enemy ground target, all the way up to (about) 1000 feet then underhand roll 225 degrees back lowering the nose onto the target to pickle off a world of hurt on the bad guys - then high rate jink up/off/away Chaff/flares in trail. The solo Harrier would fly a full flight envelope demo including a vertical takeoff and landing. The entire spectator flight line would cover their ears, stand in awe, then clap and cheer like hell - because nobody could match that level of pilot skill. USMC Harriers are no more. USMC El Toro MCAS is no more.
  2. Created a Pre Plan CAS. Approximate time 20:36 on 10/12/2017: enroute to the target the server display froze. Text pop up displays: Paused. The display remained froze > 5 minutes, though I could still pan my view with TrackIR. I exited. Some days I'm reminded: Live to fight another day. Check 6 n Rock Solid VG Asp
  3. I'd join weekend missions. Just started playing 64 bit 4.33 on the VG server after a long time away from the sim. Thanks all at VG for this. Way good stuff. I can still A2A ok but have lost/unlearned how to deploy A2G/procedures. Some training & some mission would be good. Right On VG! Don (Asp)
  4. Day 3

    Day 3: 4 Ship Sweep. Me and 3 AI. The Mig-21 gun kill was a hoot.. Asp
  5. Current campaign

    Just set up a 4 ship sweep: me and 3 AI out of Kunsan. Committed to the countdown screen. At 20 minutes the load flight screen showed. Then the mission screen displayed "mission in progress" Closed the mission report screen and was back in the mission planning map screen. Checked the ATO and my flight was not listed. I attempted to setup another sweep but the result was the same. Check Six Asp
  6. Current campaign

    Just set up a 2 ship sweep (me and 1 AI) out of the Kun. We taxied together to RW 36, on time. I took off. 2 was cleared to take off. When I use the "W" key to direct 2 that menu is populated but 2 does not respond or show up on my datalink. If I turn back and use radar there is no paint for 2. The DPRK is swarming A/A deep into the south also Ground forces somewhat shifted away from the West then translating the Z south along a line roughly direct east of Seoul all the way to the east coast. 1 Mig-29 damaged and 1 destroyed then a 29 killed me. No POC but makes some good fights/flights.
  7. Asp here, I was flying a Sweep mission, on the BMS server today. At random intervals (< 10 minutes apart), once I was in the cockpit/in-game I observed the following: Blue text flashed (for a matter of seconds) at the top center of my display with multiple lines of text. The 2 text I had time to see clearly was "Paused" (during which the game paused) and "x2" (meaning the game play speed accelerated by 2.) These interrupt the game play, but, it is my opinion (based on the above observation) that the server is being hacked. Hope this is of value/use to the VG server admin. break: Both my AI wingman and I got 3 gomers though...then the Dirty Rat Bravo shoot me down. Check Six, Asp
  8. Falcon BMS 4.33 u3 for Xmas

    Day 6: 10 AM Observation/opinion: DPRK is driving south onto and consolidating across the DMZ. I've been flying SEAD\Sweep last 3 days in the west and it seems to make them back off and stay north of the western DMZ. Lots of A/A to fight with. None of the AI wingman and support flights I create show up so my missions have all been a flight of 1. Looks like I'm flying between 2100 to 2300 GMT daily now during the week. Check Six Asp
  9. Falcon BMS 4.33 u3 for Xmas

    Houn Dang!!!! I got me some West most SA-2 Fan Song, 2 Mig 29 and 1 Sukhoi. My AI wingman and the 2 ship escort never showed. I don't care. I got me some!!! I made it back to Kunsan. The debrief said I failed. I don't care. I got me some!!! Asp .... Almost forgot: Go Army!!!
  10. Falcon BMS 4.33 u3 for Xmas

    Sweep: Downed two Mig-19, two Mig-23 + one 23 damaged: but got my AI wingman shot down. I punched out after losing a duel with two SA-2 The DPRK has the upperhand atm. Lots of enemy air streaming south across the DMZ. Lots of ADA/AAA. Some escorted SEAD would be helpful now.
  11. Falcon BMS 4.33 u3 for Xmas

    Serria! Just got my clock cleaned by 4 Mig-29's and 1 AI wingman killed on a day 5 sweep. Some other players came on during my fight/flight. They tried to comm with me via text but I did not know how to in game text. Another thing to learn. I attempted to talk via IVC on Victor 15 and Uniform 6 but no joy. I was on TS but had audio off. From now on I'll leave TS3 On. Mike 29's are no piece of cake when 4 v 1. Lesson here: do not 1 v 4 Mig-29's...Doh! Till next furball, Asp
  12. Falcon BMS 4.33 u3 for Xmas

    Just flew a Sweep. The weather was hazy with thunder clouds forming along the route. Made for lots of eye squinting into the rising sun and flight instrument cross checks in the soup. Made for a busy flight between fighting and aviating in moderate imc. I like the Wx. Hope we can keep it.. QRA! Asp
  13. [poll] Survey: DCS: A-10c training sessions

    If DCS A-10 training comes back around I'd like to join in.