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  1. 16/02/2013 - Community event AAR

    I believe that anyone stuck in a Driver/Gunner role should of had a 148 or 117 tuned into the command channel. When I was driving I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing until Gaz ran up to me saying that I needed to move my MRAP to the other side with everyone else. Also from what I saw especially my fireteam Demon 2, orders weren't being issued on Fireteam radios (343) so once again I was left in a dark spot most of the time. This is partly the reason why I left half way through, my TS crashed but recovered however due to me operating my MRAP alone and the fact I was kept in the dark with orders I completely lost the urge to play and left. If the comms structure can be worked on then these events will become alot more enjoyable. I don't mind sitting in a vehicle for most/all of the game aslong I actually know whats going on. -Harry
  2. Community Event Saturday 16th February

    I'll be there
  3. Maybe I should introduce myself (again)

    BozZz i tried to but you most of been AFK :(
  4. Wadda ya think

    Oh my, You guys are getting nicer :D Wish I was VG again, your all a great bunch to be with.
  5. Hey guys Its me Harry, you may remember be from the time I wore my VG tags. Those of you that have joined VG since I left, I hope your enjoying it as much as I did. Lets talk about where I've been, I left due to hitting exam year at school, I didnt have time to support the VG servers, well I've now left school and have around 6months till i will hopefully be leaving for the Army, untill that time hits im going to be active on the forums and teamspeak, maybe ingame. I know I promised this before but this time I mean it, I have the time to spare. I've been on teamspeak a few times and I'm glad that most of you remember me and that I havent just turnt into a stranger. Like I end most posts like this, I wish everyone a happy future and a great life, Sadly life isnt perfect, but as with mine, If you live it to the full, you get most of it back. With that said I better get some shut eye, I will talk to some of you when I wake up, Good Night and Good Day, Harry.
  6. My friend died today.

    My condolences, He will be rememembered by many.
  7. How to use BF2CC in-game admin commands

    May i ask why this is in Off Topic? Wouldnt it be better suited in the admin section.
  8. Happy New year, to my old friends at =VG=, i remember my time in this great clan, I wish you all the best in this new year!
  9. Christmas cheer

    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, be safe and dont get hurt :D
  10. ignorance kills.

    =VG= Fastjack LAN_WROTE ... I learned the "heimlich man?ver" in my company. That is the first u learning, if u make the job of an BHV'ler = BedrifsHulpVerlener "Netherlands FirstAid Training". Additionally, i have an certificate for an AED too. Good to know such things about FirstAid, if something happens to an loved one (child etc.) We germans, must have at least a FirstAid Training, if u want a driver license. Its an requirement. First Aid Training for a drivers license? Thats pretty cool. I have a AED certificate aswell, always good to have something even if you may never use it
  11. ignorance kills.

    Wow i wonder what was going through peoples minds to not help a 9 year old whos choking. Stuff like that aint taught in schools anymore, you have to take part in something like Cadets or First Aid classes. Luckily im first aid trained.
  12. I would try and get my =VG= tags back ;)
  13. Hey Semler, is the Clafghan mission going to be using ACE or ACRE, just checking before making my loadout.
  14. Thanks =VG=

    Well Done Speirs, i remember when i was in your spot. Enjoy!
  15. Stoopid Hillbilly Inginuity

    RAM your lying, we all know thats your house :P