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  1. 16/02/2013 - Community event AAR

    I believe that anyone stuck in a Driver/Gunner role should of had a 148 or 117 tuned into the command channel. When I was driving I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing until Gaz ran up to me saying that I needed to move my MRAP to the other side with everyone else. Also from what I saw especially my fireteam Demon 2, orders weren't being issued on Fireteam radios (343) so once again I was left in a dark spot most of the time. This is partly the reason why I left half way through, my TS crashed but recovered however due to me operating my MRAP alone and the fact I was kept in the dark with orders I completely lost the urge to play and left. If the comms structure can be worked on then these events will become alot more enjoyable. I don't mind sitting in a vehicle for most/all of the game aslong I actually know whats going on. -Harry
  2. Community Event Saturday 16th February

    I'll be there
  3. Maybe I should introduce myself (again)

    BozZz i tried to but you most of been AFK :(
  4. Wadda ya think

    Oh my, You guys are getting nicer :D Wish I was VG again, your all a great bunch to be with.
  5. Hey guys Its me Harry, you may remember be from the time I wore my VG tags. Those of you that have joined VG since I left, I hope your enjoying it as much as I did. Lets talk about where I've been, I left due to hitting exam year at school, I didnt have time to support the VG servers, well I've now left school and have around 6months till i will hopefully be leaving for the Army, untill that time hits im going to be active on the forums and teamspeak, maybe ingame. I know I promised this before but this time I mean it, I have the time to spare. I've been on teamspeak a few times and I'm glad that most of you remember me and that I havent just turnt into a stranger. Like I end most posts like this, I wish everyone a happy future and a great life, Sadly life isnt perfect, but as with mine, If you live it to the full, you get most of it back. With that said I better get some shut eye, I will talk to some of you when I wake up, Good Night and Good Day, Harry.
  6. My friend died today.

    My condolences, He will be rememembered by many.
  7. Happy New year, to my old friends at =VG=, i remember my time in this great clan, I wish you all the best in this new year!
  8. Christmas cheer

    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, be safe and dont get hurt :D
  9. Hey Semler, is the Clafghan mission going to be using ACE or ACRE, just checking before making my loadout.
  10. Thanks =VG=

    Well Done Speirs, i remember when i was in your spot. Enjoy!
  11. Lest We Forget

    Someone in my school started shouting "Fuck the War" during our 2 minutes silence, So inconsiderate. On a good note, I'm getting ready for Remembrance Parade in my town tomorrow, Lots of Marching for me.
  12. Steam Hacked

    No problems with this at all, suppose i was a lucky one
  13. Lest We Forget

    R.I.P "For our tomorrow they gave their today. We will remember them."
  14. MW3

    I have it, Campaign took me 3 hours to complete same old, run and gun, snipe some people then breach a door and go all slo-mo.
  15. A Sad Message From Me

    Yes RAM, I will miss you ahha Thanks guys, will miss you all. Oh and RAM, i never lose !wiz