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  1. I've got one too that expires tomorrow. Anyone who wants it is welcome to it. Send me a PM. :)
  2. Stumbled on this post and happened to see my nick on a short list. Just wanted to note that I've never logged on to any of your arma servers, so someone else is using the same nick as me. That's my only defense! :)
  3. Tenore, You should get yourself aquainted with the BMS manual so you already have a "gist" of how MP works (re: connections and bandwidth settings) so when you get on teamspeak, you're really looking for guys to get in the air with rather than learn how to connect. Things to look into: - make sure your game is installed and working properly in single player; - make sure you have your router ports forwarded and exceptions made in any firewalls you have; - learn how to set your datacartridge (check the BMS site); - check out the "Training" channel in teamspeak. RAM is busy putting together a
  4. Welcome Inquisitor! Hopefully we'll see you around for some flights! +1 for a hanna montana server. My kids would be applying for VG membership! :)
  5. Beetle, There are known (at least to others) issues with AI fuel consumption. There are a couple of forum posts about it over at the BMS site. Can't say as i've had problems on a BARCAP specifically though. I haven't had any issues when i check-out with the AWACS, so i can't help there. RAM can probably expand on the AI fuel crap.
  6. LOL!! Love the recon shot. Mission accomplished. (i know about the different hosts... just having some fun). :)
  7. The havoc of Blud, Dante and Harley. That's what 6 JSOWs will get you. Kabloowie!! Oddly enough, that same nuke plant also saw a visit from Mr. RAM and me earlier in the evening. Man, those koreans sure can build fast, as i'm pretty sure we got 'er good the first go around. Thanks for the flights tonight boys! Good fun...
  8. Here's RAM (in the background on the left) going in for a closer look at the water tiles (i.e.: lagging like nuts). Mmmmm... pretty. Harley and RAM 60mi to target and into a SA-10 nightmare that neither of us recognized before we jumped into the 'pit. Here's a pic from a little earlier in the evening. That's me in the foreground with Tunechi immediately on my ass and BeetleBailey leading the 2nd element just behind. Tunechi, disgusting skills man. That's some tight flying! He'll maintain that distance while you're turning, bombin, landing... whatever. Thanks to all!!
  9. RAM you sonofabitch!! LOL!! That loadout was for your eyes only!! DEE-JAY!!! COME GET THIS BASTARD FOR ME... DEE-JAY!!! Yeah guys, hop aboard! Always up for a fun flight. Never too serious. Look at RAM! Even after i planted a heater up his tail pipe a few weeks ago, he's still willing to fly with me. What a hero! Thanks buddy! LOL
  10. Harlequin


    Yeah man, put me down for some flights too! Welcome!
  11. Looking forward to getting some flights in!
  12. I just downloaded and installed the above mod for BMS last night and i have to say that it looks great. I highly recommend it. Included with the mod is some legs with kneeboards (showing airbase and strip info currently) for the pilot! Looks great and helps with the immersion. Not sure if Blud is going to host it hear or not, but here's the original thread from the BMS Forum: http://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/showthread.php?8226-RELEASE-Blk40-42-HUD-Mod Similarily, you can give your pilot legs in the Blk-50 & 52 with this mod: http://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/showthread.php?
  13. Harlequin

    Falcon 4 AF

    Bah to the manual! If you've flown any of ther other falcons, just jump in the pit and run some missions with us. It isn't that different in the air once you figure out the whole data cartridge thing.
  14. Harlequin

    Falcon 4 AF

    Sweetness!! Glad to hear it's working out. Enjoy!
  15. Harlequin

    Falcon 4 AF

    Try disabling the intro movie. There's a switch in the configuration menu before loading the sim.
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