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  1. Skype

    the_dday, got time for skype, sometimes ;)
  2. You know it's cold when...

    got same crap over here :D your ass can freez to the bus seat in the morning^^
  3. [poll] VG Team Building

    i've voted for BF3 , but i still think that some of us aren't able to play it , so it's better to stay with something everyone got used to and PR is the best choise , bcuz it lets us to have some great teamplay gaming nights ^^
  4. Battlefield 3 Beta stats

    and now i think bf3 will beat mw3 ^^
  5. It all started with.....

    ...then we've called a nuclear strike...
  6. VG FTW

    sir, yes, sir , reged and voted VG's THE BEST OF THE BEST OF THE BEST ^^
  7. Battlefield 3 beta 9.29.11

    i'll probably have a spare early beta acess code or two of them , if someone wants i'll give you them :)
  8. [poll] Server Banner Contest Vote

    my vote goes to #2 , i also like #4 but it don't have enough in it so , #2 seems to be brighter ^^
  9. Tank driving. Swedish style!

    omg, i've found BMP-3 drifting xD (with music) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuEutc50aOc
  10. Tank driving. Swedish style!

    lol , nice vid Lopanski :D , i have to find some russians doing that too xD
  11. [poll] New Site

    awesome new design , great job (Blud) not laggy and dark blue calms me down ^^
  12. [poll] Project Reality

    even if i haven't played PR for a while , i'd better switch to deployment , COOP is getting boring + crap support . and i think with our rules we'll get deployment server populated pretty fast. Also we can make and advertisement on website that we've switched to deployment and all the regulars will come with us ^^
  13. 3 day canoe trek

    nice pics man , Canada is so beautiful ^^
  14. Contest

    awesome ! Congratz Blud