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  1. All Veterans a Call to Arms

    Nvram =VG= LAN_WROTE ... Now he wants to support Al Quadia in Syria against Assad well, the USA invested a lot of money and weapons into Al Quaida to have them fight off the russians, so why not use them again now - soudns logical, but also ridiculously funny and sad at the same time. i know someone who's father had a small business and was a lower rank member of the illuminati and she told me about soem of their methods and also that what she told me was only the point of the iceberg - also because her father couldnt know much because of his low rank. so if what he experienced there on local politics and local economy might aswell be going on in global politics and global economy: as a member you get supported and have huge benefits, but at the cost of others and you're selling your soul and if you cant bear to witness that any longer and quit or talk about what's going on, they crush your business, dishonour your name. so that's what happens whenever a politician talks the truth and makes decisions to help the people, he gets crushed by them (not neccesarily the illuminati, but there are even mightier groups). Ihope you're not too much afraid of the NSA t owrite any more comments on this hot topic. ;-)
  2. All Veterans a Call to Arms

    I'm shocked, but i saw things like that coming. It looks like ACTA etc were just the first strike of a worldwide conspiracy and this is the second action. I fear the worst and hope it can be turned down, but i know that most leaders of countries all around the world are just puppets played by a powerful group that hides in the background. I dont think its a fascist/racist plan or religiously motivated. its most likely much bigger than what we can already see. in any cause, we must stand up for our rights or they'll win. "When governments fear the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny. Thomas Jefferson" "The man who would choose security over freedom deserves neither. Thomas Jefferson" stay aware and inform as many as you can.
  3. Can someone in LA confirm this!

    great one, Blud! :-) i actually love futuristic visions that got proven wrong by our time. actually in games like "Fallout 3" i love the "retrofuturistic setting". i enjoy their enthusiasm and we already got some of their ideas today - we all have a personal computer, flatscreens, cellphones, engineers are working on prototypes of smart cars, most of the new cars today have a GPS unit, many industrial production lines have robots... still we dont have robots doing our housework and our cars dont drive all on their own and they're not hovering. but also we dont have the machines turning against us either or absolute observation by cyber implants or implanted GPS chips. i hope the majority of the people will keep up some healthy balance between technology and nature in their lifes. like if i could, i'd live somewhere on a farm, living selfsustaining and close to nature, but also would want my internet and play PC games and have a cellphone etc. but i wouldnt want to live in a huge city full of technology where i can only see some nature if i go for a camping trip out of town.
  4. After Day Z by Corridor Digital

    great thing :) there are many such videos out there. nice to see so many people expressing their love to dayz.
  5. Free & Cheap Games

    didnt know the ultima series isnt abandonware (yet).
  6. Free & Cheap Games

    Outlanders =VG= LAN_WROTE ... You can also get old games at gog http://www.gog.com/. Those games are pretty cheap and they have a lot of them. Dosbox is already there and it's set with settings for each game. There's also game manuals, soundtracks and some other nice stuff that comes in the package. i just saw ultimaVII there... wasnt that already relesased as abandonware? they're currently selling it.... sounds strange to me...
  7. Free & Cheap Games

    I downloaded a lot of games on abandonia - too bad you really need to fiddle a lot with dosbox to get some of them running in decent fps, with the right sound and everything. - it was worth the time though. also i think there are games with great story that just need to be redone in better graphic and they'll be kickass - even better than 99% of the bestsellers from 2000 until now.
  8. a few questions related to DayZ

    thanks for the info :) a friend already played on namalsk and he already told us about the rather high PvP factor and its something we dont want, so namalsk is out of question now. the new mod sounds cool so far. already heard about dayz2017 but its more like you get shot for some sodacan or something to eat, which is also more PvP - we want more player versus environment... so far "Celle" and "Taviana" seem to be more suitable for our style of playing.
  9. a few questions related to DayZ

    thanks for the replies. so we just have to stick to either chernarus or go to taviana... better get bad news than false news ;)
  10. a few questions related to DayZ

    hi, i played some DayZ for quite some time now - wouldnt consider myself a pro yet - but we (brothers, friends and me) found that its quite complicated to hide a camp in DayZ, so we are currently considering playing a different dayz world. main question is: which DayZ world is the biggest, the one with the most good hideout places for camps and the most cool one? i've watched some youtube videos about taviana so far and it looks cool, but it seems the landmass is even smaller than chernarus. i was also thinking about if its possible to combine chernarus worldspace with taviana, so that taviana is added at the southcoast or eastcoast of chernarus. if that were possible that'd be great. still starting in chernarus and having the possibility to get a boat and go to taviana islands. sure that would be a lot of work, but i can only imagine it as being an awesome addition. also it could be possible to make any custommade new worldspace into a DayZ mod. but so far its just an idea. tell me what you think. and also if you know a bigger(than chernarus) world for DayZ. thanks for your time reading this ;)
  11. lets review our introductions!

    Pvt. Pirate LAN_WROTE ... Hi, I'm a 24years old guy living in Germany. I have played "Vietcong - Fist Alpha" and "Hidden & Dangerous 2"for several years now with my community in a special way of teamplay on COOP. I'd love to share that spirit of teamplay with you on "Battlefield 2 - Project Reality". about my military carreer: I was invalided out in the medical examination for i was in therapy at that time for depression. I got a small amount of basic military education in a group of friends who (as a hobby) made up a paramilitary company called "666th airborne". this mostly included some drill, theory and some night strolls though the woods with BBguns and other equipment. I'll upload a few pictures later :) hmmm maybe i was a little bit naive back then :D but all of it is true. now i'm 27 and not much has changed, except that we now play ARMA2, DayZ and Minecraft :D
  12. we recently had some nice missions again, but the number of active players has decreased quite much. one reason is that there arent many servers up which are dedicated to (realistic) teamplay on hardest difficulty. most servers are either just funplay or are only up whenever some of the admins wants to play - so there's no place to call home - where you can join and everyone knows that this will be teamplay with nice people and maybe some roleplaying. i hope we can get a Veterans-Gaming-Vietcong-server.
  13. READ ASAP. gas prices are going to be HIGH tomorrow

    round about 1.5 EURO per liter = 7.0998 USD per gallon here in germany. biggest part of that is taxes. also i bet the gas companies are coordinating their prices to get even more money from the people. its illegal, but the rich never cared if something's illegal, if it brought money.
  14. Goatf***ers! :D

    this is both: amusing !sarc and angering !no
  15. so not true :D

    yes, that one about the french is true most times. but we also had some great french players in vietcong and PR and ARMA2. they were great players, because they didnt refuse to speak english ;-) and they were good teamplayers.