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  1. Community Growth and Development

    As someone who frequents anything that flies,I agree with everything you said, well put @Sciddles, as always. As for myself, I'll switch it up more. @=VG= keed, I agree, but don't you dare #leaveHarriersAlone
  2. Flashbacks pt.2

    I meant the later, scripted solutionsl use logically enumerated spawn points using bot movement data to ensure spawn remains in navmesh & in range of a relevant (cappable) cp, for instance. Mapper placed spawn pool for 'randomised' spawn selection is simply too small in scope & doesn't apply to static objects or vehicles...so mehhh It does make sense too conceal spawn points from LOS when there's a limited number of them, but less so when it's Randomised every few minutes.. *And what Johnny said... Edit: ftr,I submitted code for this 3years ago, it was rejected because #reasons
  3. Flashbacks pt.2

    Yes. Without modifying maps? Also Yes. Why then isn't it a thing? IDFK, Code exists
  4. Flashbacks pt.2

  5. Operation Slayer |Day175|

    I might not make it due to prior commitments with the Arma 3 community I play with every Wednesday+Weekends, but sign me up as Alpha Medic pls, looking good
  6. Flashbacks pt.2

    Yeah,a certain someone nerfed bots trying out a new config & weapon temperatures, only way to even get close to how they were with out changing configs is to Max out bot difficulty, reduce bot respawn time by 1/2 to balance their frailty & bias flag polarity on start (bots own all neutral cp's on round start) , especially on muttrah, it truly is boring now. Cos unsurprisingly, maps are only truly fun nowadays with very few people, 3 man jabal with euro & aluc was epic though surprisingly easy, almost ran their tickets dry, mostly having had less than 10 tickets #funTimes @=VG= Vanillapop bot numbers are unchanged afaik, though logical bot count or avg number of bots alive through a round is lower, by virtue of being less formidable to kill, hence your impression perhaps
  7. Need your help guys!!

    I'm in 'Systems Automation' (CompSci major), so I've got a bit of a bias but here goes. 1. Is easy, pays well, requires little time, hardly any math if ever but is mindlessly boring & in the age of squarespace,wix,wordPress,... can be done with no effort by #2 & #3 or anyone with some common sense ftm. 2. Similar in ease & time taken, but no less boring, if as you say you're looking for something interesting, scratch this one off too, it's as interesting as watching paint dry. And you can do it any way as #3. 3. Pays most, boring - what's that even mean - certainly not this , Sure it needs some math, but unless you're going into data science or algorithm design(actually fun for us sociopaths who like math), 99% of programming is operational logic(if,else,while,for,and,or,blah blah blah), basic arithmetic & GOOGLING SHIT, sprinkled with some high school level linear algebra & geometry at most in that order,hate calculus not to worry, 'every one' does & you don't need it, though you'll certainly have to take classes on it regardless, in a traditional college course at least. And yeah you can do #1,#2 & ofc #3 having learned this as a matter of course. So if your motivation is looking for something more interesting which by definition translates to challenging & fun, you certainly won't find that with those two, but if you want to unleash your creativity, question reality, and learn how to think instead of what to think, programming is the way, because it's a mindset that pays well instead of just a job that does, while the other two are just that, jobs & little else. It's also one of the few skills in life that can earn you a living with out you having to seek out employment or even formal education from the comfort of wherever whenever, take a week & teach yourself, see how that goes, Derek Banas 'Learn In One Video' series gives you a pretty good idea what programming actually is , If you enjoy it take it up, If not take-up YouTube I asked my 7 year old niece, in her blog on dogs & cats powered by wix, SHE CONFIRMS, no math. Cheers.
  8. Reputation

    what they said. The cool cats we meet in-game, like yourself, are one of the many reasons most of us keep coming back, so stay safe & stay cool bud. Can I get a logi though, I'm in a swamp with a spotty internet connection , Sa muli nating pagkikita
  9. Hi


    Woaa ,I still think you're a GTA IV character , though add riding shirtless on horseback & you might as well be Putin himself. Stay Cool товарищ
  11. Arma III- mission features you like the most!

    https://github.com/Xeno69/Domination , for Arma 3 by the same guy who made the original for OA. @=VG= .Blizzard. I know you're going for 'milsim'-esque gameplay, but i find it's useful to let your imagination run wild beyond what's reasonable at times, like my <functional> adaptation of SUPERHOT for Arma 3 attached, because that was a fly ass game, and sometimes you just wanna chill. And How about this for an awesome bit of little known functionality, map chaining, where you can have different objectives take place on different maps seamlessly, by transferring clients between multiple dedicated server instances, we do it in the A3 community I play with and there's nothing like having people playing together and coordinating objectives on different maps entirely, to achieve a common goal, think PR capture points for instance, but where each CP is an entire island or map, now that's how wars are fought. It was the mighty killzonekid's final parting gift, http://killzonekid.com/farewell-my-arma-friends/ ,the technique is actually explained in depth in the link, don't mind the page title. *He still works at BI, he just doesn't share his toys with us anymore* The simplest use case for this would be to signify the passage of time, on completion of all objectives on winter Chernarus for instance, you could do 'A Few Months Later...' summer Chernarus.. EDIT: I got a pm that Linked Url Went Down,so linked below is a mod based off KK's linked post above. Server Transfer System ,steamworkshop link to mod is down,but if you scroll down in the page, you'll find the armaholic link. I'll leave the original link intact, in case it goes backup again, however unlikely that may be. #SUPERHOT.VR.zip
  12. CO-OP Suggestion

    @KilRoy- as far fetched as perhaps even you might think some of your suggestions are, it's all actually in some shape or form possible server side, but just takes a lot of testing at most, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY is a breach of server license, so you're unlikely to ever see any of that happen. https://www.realitymod.com/forum/licenseapp.php
  13. G'Day

  14. !unflip [revised]

    Updated thoughts & code in OP with feedback in mind before I distract myself with yet other shenanigans @=VG= Acro1 @=VG= Skitalez , let me know if I've swayed your positions, should you remain unmoved, we shall agree to disagree on this one, all said though thanks for the feedback, it was most welcome & appreciated. Have a good one.
  15. Some good countries to visit & explore?

    Your damn queen owns my country, you might as well come visit, we've got lots & lots of that white stuff Brits moon over every winter.