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Support your Community! A current community support goal is active, and we are looking for extra help to raise $150 to keep the engines running through the first quarter of 2020 (Jan-Mar).  These funds will be used to renew our domain for another year, renew our annual TeamSpeak 3 license, and to help pay for the VG Dedicated Game Server.  Any little bit helps, so please toss in something if you can!  Thank you all for your continued support as VG celebrates it's 10 Year Anniversary!

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Yeah, idk why it happens, i need to clean up my CPU probably in next few days. Also the hard disk sometimes messing up the game (freezes) if played a long round

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It looks like a bad texture load. It probaly was read incorrectly from your hard drive. Is it overheating? Check it's SMART status. If there is evidince of failure the sooner you back it up the less data loss you will experience.

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