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Buraki Blitz

Battlefield Project Reality, game closing itself

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So far from the gameplay I've ran I'm having zero texture issues, audio or any sort of in game errors, including steady, smooth frames. I first noticed the issue when I went to run Al Basrah as I always use it as a testing map to see how my computer's handling things. It goes through the loading screen fine, but when it finishes and I click Squad Assignment it will show the loadout screen for a brief moment before closing itself, zero error messages just shows the cleaning up resources window as if I closed the game manually. Then as I was testing other maps, (Which loaded fine and I was able to spawn in choose my kit, etc.) I decided to get warmed up to the controls again and hopped in a chopper to fly around. I was only in the map for around ten minutes as it suddenly closed itself as it did with Al Basrah, zero error messages, just the cleanup notification you get when you close the game manually as previously mentioned. I've already went to the PR forums about this and they basically said "Too bad, play PVP" I enjoy PR strictly for the PVE aspect as I don't wish to end up with a hole in my Tv on PVP. I even went to play on your server and only lasted five minutes before closing itself (I'm not pointing fingers at your server) Something's clearly wrong with my files, the game or something along those lines. My rig's barely a month old and everything's updated correctly, running cool temp, etc. Any help would be extremely appreciated as my friend and I loved playing this game hours on end in a LAN match together years ago, but can't now because of this, it even is happening to him as well.

Game mode: Local with max number of Bots

Game settings: Max

Computer Specs:

AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core Processor
3.9 GHz
Number of Cores

16 GB

Video Card
GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER
Dedicated Memory
6.0 GB
Total Memory
14 GB
Pixel Shader Version
Vertex Shader Version
Hardware T & L
Vendor ID
Plug and Play ID
Driver Version

Operating System
Windows 10
Service Pack

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The last 2 days i was working on albasrah. I made a new gpo for the coop insurgency gamemode. 

I kept it simple but i got many crashs and i was forced to pinpoint the errors by deactivating every objectspawner from vehicles.

Here what i noticed after testing - crashing - making changes - testing - crashing - making changes … (at least 20 times). Pure frustration, i wished i spend my time on more important things.

  • I used the gb_trk_logistic_cage and hitting a yellow oil barrel at the vcp crashed my game.
  • AI was shooting at me as i drove another logi truck = game crashed. When AI shooting me in a landrover with 50cal, i die normally and can spawn normally.
  • I was bleeding and as i entered a landrover, it teleported me to desktop.
  • Putting the landrover gmg in the gpo. Crashed in loadingscreen. Same for the warrior with cage.
  • INSERT HERE RANDOM CRASHES without having a clue of WHY?

I need to know, if the people on our server (or other servers) having crashes related to factions. In the moment, it seems to me, that GB_sp faction has a issue or the meinsurgents_sp faction causing the problems.

I will check,  if i get  ame problems, when i use another Blufor faction on basrah. AFAIK, us faction dont have issues on Kokan.

I also checked, if one kit could cause problems by giving the kit a weapon that dont fit to the aiTemplate for the bot. Some weaponslot (itemindexes / IDX) are hardcodded for some bots in the bf2 ai.

Sidenote : @=VG= melonmuncher

I found out, that many spawnscreen kit setups are loading only 5 different aitemplates at all. 

  • officer kit ai      = specops
  • medic kit ai       = medic (must have : epipen on idx6 / medikit on idx5 / 
  • grenadier kit ai = assault
  • rifleman kit ai   = support
  • specialist kit ai  = assault (again???)
  • LAT kit ai            = AT
  • AR kit ai             = assault (again and again???)

The aiTemplate for sniper and engineer are only available for special kits and not selectable in the spawnscreen.

BF2 ai / bots only using kits from the spawn selection menu and the bf2 ai should have all 7 different ai kit templates in it or bots acting weird but doesn't mean to crash the game.


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On 5/14/2020 at 4:47 AM, Buraki Blitz said:

Driver Version

That's gotta be the BIOS version of your video card... Nvidia GFX Drivers are currently:

Version: 445.87  Release date:  04/15/2020

(problem isn't your hardware, tho - it's the game, so rest easy there - lotta people working to fix it)

If it helps you any, VG has disabled the following maps for the *(now depreciated) version as they have known crash issues or reported crashes upon loading:

mapList.append albasrah_2 gpm_coop 16
mapList.append albasrah_2 gpm_coop 32
mapList.append albasrah_2 gpm_coop 64
mapList.append asad_khal gpm_coop 32
mapList.append beirut gpm_coop 32
mapList.append beirut gpm_coop 64
mapList.append bijar_canyons gpm_coop 64
mapList.append burning_sands gpm_coop 32
mapList.append fallujah_west gpm_coop 64
mapList.append jabal gpm_coop 32
mapList.append karbala gpm_coop 64
mapList.append kashan_desert gpm_coop 32
mapList.append khamisiyah gpm_coop 32
mapList.append lashkar_valley gpm_coop 16
mapList.append lashkar_valley gpm_coop 32
mapList.append lashkar_valley gpm_coop 64
mapList.append muttrah_city_2 gpm_coop 32
mapList.append operation_marlin gpm_coop 32
mapList.append outpost gpm_coop 64
mapList.append ramiel gpm_coop 64


Edited by =VG= SemlerPDX
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To ad to this I did see this posted in pr bug forums, and was basically told to suck a nut.

I too had a crash on bamyan twice while flying the a10 both crashes happened immediately after firing the brt brt gun.

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15 hours ago, =VG= Vanillapop said:

and was basically told to suck a nut.

No, he was told that COOP is a buggy mess, and to play Online COOP servers as they will be slightly less so due to Melon and others instantly implementing the same changes they push to the next release version candidate (essentially pre-patching parts of the game for testing/etc. prior to mass update for all), or else avoid COOP until fixed.  It's a shitshow all around, and until it's fixed, there's no hope for trying to figure out anything past standard operations (and were these fixed, any solo/offline PvE COOP would likely be functional, too) - by which I mean there is nothing more to do except continue working to fix COOP, and when that is done, problems such as the OP reported will be a non-issue, and PvE offline COOP will work just fine.

All we can do is be patient.  The 1.6.1 and a patch for it just dropped -- they are actively working on issues.

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