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Question about Squad Leaders kicking privileges

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I guess this is a post focused towards the administrators. On what grounds can Squad Leaders kick players from their squad? I have recently run into scenarios where I have been unable to decide whether or not I "could" kick someone from my squad. For instance, a common theme that I have encountered (coming from an asset squad leader perspective) is that lower-skilled players will join the asset squad before higher-skilled players. As a squad leader, I prefer to play with higher-skilled players, but can I kick the lower-skilled players just on that preference, despite the fact that they joined earlier? Furthermore, I would rather play with higher-skilled players that I know than higher-skilled players that I don't know. Would a squad leader have the right to kick players based on whether or not the squad leader likes them?

I have seen admins kick players and "reserve" spots for their friends, but I do not know if this privilege extends to normal squad leaders. 

Regards - bravozulu9

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Kicking members from squad should be limited to few simple key points :

1. Squad member is not following orders

2. is being disruptive / annoying to other squad / team members. (Trolling, mic spam, disruptive comments, shooting randomly etc.)

3. Is a total scrub when it comes to manning and running the big assets.

4. Has a sniper kit for longer than 10 seconds :hunter:

5. Something that I cant remember atm :-S


It is not allowed to kick someone just because they do not have a mic. If the person is able to hear others and is responding on chat then he has every right to remain in the squad.

Also it is not allowed to kick a person just because you don't like them. 

The same goes with the skill / experience level. I know that there are a lot of *word that shall not be named* around lately, but how are they ever going to learn when they get kicked the moment they join the squad? I know that those guys can be pain in the arse, but they do have to learn from somewhere. Just take your time and explain the basic stuff on the run when possible, point them towards the PR's holy Bible aka "The Manual".


It is allowed to lock the squad at the beginning of the round to reserve slots for certain people. If someone else joins before hand it is preferred that the squad lead would explain the situation and ask for the person to leave instead of faster than light kick.


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TEDF is on the money.

VG servers expect the best from any one looking to lead a squad.

It is imperative that they take the welfare of the whole squad into consideration when making decisions of who stays and who goes.

In direct combat there is sometimes no time to be "nice". It can be a split second between losing the advantage and achieving ones objective.

A judgment call is needed in most cases . After all it may sometimes need a kick for some folks to get the message.

Regarding Mic or comms use, I am with TEDF on this 100%.

I hark back to the heyday of the WCC in the early "00s", when we had a great player called "Asabit"

We never heard him/her on TS or in game but we always saw his/her team supporting action and text in the thick of the fight on BF 1942 Desert Combat Mod. I have since seen many others with similar attributes in my gaming adventure.

I never usually reserve slots. I think it is best to let every player get a chance to be part of what I do. It is not for everyone and as folks drop out others make it in.

If the motivation of the player is to support the squad/team then they usually do not need any prompting or micromanagement.

Asabit, where ever you are, Rock On Mate!!


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for assets the main rule applies you not allowed to kick if the person doesn't have a mic. 

You are allowed to kick people out the squad if you are sure if one can't operate the asset correctly (especially applies for trans/cas) 

I find that at the beginning for inf squads the SL is allowed to kick people out to let others in. This as you can't invite 7 people to your squad but only 5 (game limitations) 

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