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Arma 3 server possibilities?



Sup everyone,

So I've noticed our Arma servers don't get much use. I think the stuff we host just isn't interesting enough for people to want to play. i've been trying to figure out the best way for us to transform these servers into something people use, so I've checked out a few other popular servers and noticed a few things. 

There is a server running annex/invade but they have it set up so good that the people that play there are basically like the folks that play PR here. That server lets players know once they're in the game what to do by going to these different stations, which finally places you into a squad where you wait to be picked up. They have static pilots, everyone is geared properly, missions are executed with precision, I love it! You get shuttled into the fight join up with your squad and do the mission. After mission everyone extracts to the same bird, returns to base, debrief, etc... And then get ready to go again. it'really freaking cool! But it can be a little slow at times waiting on people to get ready.  

I'd love to get our own VG custom A3 server that is all our own development, gfx, in-game stuff, etc.. However, I do not know anything about making custom A3 maps, but I'd be willing to do whatever I could to help make it happen and contribute where I can. I'm fairly savvy, if someone taught me "imma fast learner".  

Is there anyone else that has thought about this other than me? Do we have anyone at VG with the skills and knowledge enough to make something like this happen? 

If you want to get together and think this through let's do it! Post up your thoughts and ideas, experience, etc.. let's see if we can do this for at least one of the servers. 

Think about it! 



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So, Ciro has been working hard for a long time on a custom VG Arma 3 Framework mission that is very, very cool.  Since he's gotten busy, it's been on the back burner, and I've been poking him with pointy things now and then to see if he could get it onto the server soon.

I'll drop some teasers here - in order to be able to run even without mods, he has scripted many things that would otherwise require mods directly into the mission itself.  The concept is that you are a solder at a base, you walk up to the commander to get missions, and these can be accomplished with varying numbers of players, making objectives clear as well as dynamic.  One final addition has held up finalization, including a monetary income system, but we discussed the bad idea of 'paying soldiers to kill' so ideas were thrown around to change the details of how that would work (like an interval instead of based on K/D or points), what money could be spent on, etc. etc.

Here's some details on the table -*subject to change*- this should be out very soon, I'll continue poking him with pointy things whenever I get a chance - I don't think he knows yet how many people will love his hard work:

On 6/9/2020 at 2:55 AM, =VG= ciro said:

Okay i'll start documenting the scripts used in the framework, will take me a couple of days then i'll pass it over.

For mods though ... concerns include...  Pilling mods upon mods taxes the server diskspace and deters players from joining, i tend to do a lot with scripts rather than mods and with that maintain a smaller footprint than mods also scripts should work with all mods / terrains well all i have tested

for instance:

i want Guerillawarefare-style mod features including :

  • ACRE   (Mod)
  • Inventory system like Exile  (Scripted in FW)
  • vehicle salvage system (remove parts to repair vehicles)
  • vehicle repair and fuelsystem (Scripted in FW)
  • crafting system (IED's, create bombcars) (Scripted in FW)
  • basebuildingsystem that is restricted to the Team/HQ or outpost/firebases (Scripted in FW)
  • coin-/moneysystem (Scripted in FW BUT with current iniDb2 issue)
  • blackmarket (like Trader- or smugglingsystem to get better equipment) (Scripted in FW)
  • COS system (prevent killing innocents/civilians or get punished) (Scripted in FW)
  • covert ops missions (Scripted in FW)
  • diving is a must. Best Arma 3 feature in my opinion . Like it much. (Vanilla)
  • medical aid system, revive system (Scripted in FW)
  • survival mechanics (hunting, cooking, food, drinks) (Scripted in FW not implimented in any senario i use)
  • crashsites to get adequate weapons or better loot (Scripted in FW)
  • looting bodys (because you need ammo, radiocomms or whatever equipment that is usefull) (Scripted in FW)

*(quote edited for context/relevance) -Sem

SO - rather than using a popular mission that other servers run, the idea is to have this unique gem of a mission framework by Ciro, it is even suitable for group events, with no further scripting even necessary.  Coming soon to VG!!

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I played this with ciro. The money thing he said he was removing but it looked really good. I think that would be perfect. I forgot about it lol. Thx sem. 

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If you want an honest opinion, Arma3 is too complicated for new players me included. I spend most of my time fighting with the controls, setting up kits, and needing to ask people how to do this and that. I've done tutorials and it doesn't help so I walk away from it to something a lot easier like PR. I already fly BMS and that is complicated enough so it puts me off playing ARMA when ever we have an event and a whole lot more shit gets added. Couldn't we have a basic vanilla set up that we can just fight missions without all the extra modding?

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