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why do I get this?

Message added by =VG= SemlerPDX,

Issue resolved - thanks for the report! :drinks: And thanks to SolarFlame, again, for keeping us secure!!

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I'm getting it too. The issue lies with the website itself, not your own computer.

Web service certificates allow websites to use the HTTPS protocol. It's that fancy padlock you see in your URL bar that shows you have a secure connection to the website. This means that the data you send (messages, passwords etc) are encrypted, so they can't easily be snooped by people trying to steal your data.

This certificate doesn't last forever, it requires renewal from time to time. When it expires or if your browser detects something else wrong with it, you'll get the warning that you screenshotted. This is because an invalid SSL certiticate could also indicate that the website has been hacked, and your data is being snooped.

In this case, I believe that this is just a little error somewhere and not a malicious attack BUT for optimal safety, you should still:

- not send any private or sensitive data on this website until the SSL certificate is restored

- If you entered your password after seeing this error, change your password


Likely excessive, but better safe than sorry ;)

@=VG= SemlerPDX has control of web-related shiz, he'll take a look when he notices this.

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4 hours ago, PRBF2TROJANEXE said:

some help pls? i get this when i come to vg site:( https://ibb.co/8xZN5m5

Got online late today (it's 20 to noon now) - but this issue has been resolved.

This happens every 3 months when we must renew our security certificate.  Rest assured, this is actually just a flag to let users know that the site they are visiting is secure, and when it expires (and gives warning messages like the picture link in the quote above) it does not mean that the VG City Walls are down and the bots have taken over!  Our site remains secure and safe during these short periods between renewals, and you definitely should let us know, but also should not worry.

The VG Website Security Certificate has been renewed, and this won't happen again until July.  When it does, don't fret - all is well. We just need to apply a new certificate every 3 months so that visitors web browser is informed that the site certificate is valid.  You can view this information at any time to see if this is the case, in the event that the website gives you that error, just check the icon to the left of the URL address in your web browser, it will show you information about the certificate (such as "Expired 4-1-2021" meaning it is a natural and expected thing, and to merely contact VG Administration to renew it).


SolarFlame has taken care of it, the certificate has been renewed.

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