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Community Event - Saturday October 20th

=VG= SavageCDN

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^ for sure...added to roster.

Mod update - please remove @tpwc_ai_supp from your mod preset for this event. I am testing the dedicated server version of this mod (for COOP only) which should improve performance.. and doesn't require the clients to have the mod.

Also added a link to find out GMT time (that countdown timer thing seems to break posts)
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Yes it does break forums - the embeded timer. We totally need a Zulu clock of our own here at the website. Solar is the only one I know who could write one for us in any short period of time. Very simple to him I bet, but would take one of us awhile just to learn the language.

Server side you say? I look forward to testing this! Already sold on DAC hook, line, and sinker - suppression would be the icing on the cake.

Also, found tip - set all non-combatants to this setSkill 0 for huge perfomance increase on server. Set your playable units to skill 0, too. Just remove all skill settings for anything that won't be firing at the players.

Oh, and you don't need to leave editor to change Mission.sqm or description.ext if you simply save changes, load blank mission, then re-load your mission. I was getting annoyed with having to reload arma ace with each edit - and didn't know one could do this.
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So does MCC use UPSMON and/or DAC to generate AI or just UPSMON? I printed out the manual at work in colour but haven't had the time to look at it.

Yeah the suppression stuff is a beta version that runs ONLY on the server in COOP missions (has to be integrated into the mission unfortunately but that is OK).. no clients should be running TPWCAS AI supp or the AI LOS mods.

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If we have events to share, facebook page admins please start adding those events to the Page as well. I can't stay on top of all this. I need someone to manage our FB Page, post content, etc. Share, same shit. I'm overwhelmed with so much other stuff I'm slacking and need your help guys.
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For "After Party", please see first page of this thread - we will be using standard ACE/ACRE, but with @mcc_sandbox mod as well.

You won't have to "turn off" MGB killhouses or MGB cinder city because I've allowed them, but won't be using them, in the after party (I just want to avoid confusion, so I've added them keys to the party, which is actually on a separate server than the one we will use for Savage's Event Mission)

Not trying to complicate things, and I'm on my first cup of coffee, so I hope this is all very simple and clear.
See you all at the event! !coffee

(@Savage - both; UPSMON AI in DAC Zones (point and click, up to 40!) - and btw, that guy who spawned things in wrong zone - common mistake, cuz have to "update" the menu GUI after choosing different faction to work with, if current selected zone is #18, after update, it will be 1 again. So, what I do, is I never place a Zone #1! Start at 2, then, worst case scenario, NOTHING spawns.)
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It was a good event Savage... i just have to get use to Arma/Ace ... and i should go with a SL who i can understand, im sorry Ciro but i dont understand a single word you say.... i have bad time problems with britsh accents, when y?all talking.... but it was nice to play with you guys, like all the time !
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Thanks Morrison we will have to setup an all-German squad :)

Any other (critical) comments re: the mission? Too hard? Too soft? Hate the forced 1st person? Don't like the lack of weapon selection?

Also thanks to dman for some suggestions!


Liquid Tracer

Honorable mention to Outlanders who was the first to die !hang
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