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Suggestion about the game i guess


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Hey what's up y'all this is RonJeremm from VG COOP server. While i was just chilling out on Youtube i've just come across a video about Battlefeild 2 modding.


This is the video that i'm talking about and after i had watched the video i just thought about that whether anybody could integrate this mod into PR or not. I mean wouldn't that be very cool if it was in the game? So basically i'm just asking if it is possible to play Project Reality with this mod. Have a nice day y'all!

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Aside from the potential technical challenge (others are way more qualified than me to react on that), what exactly would you like to implement into PR? I'm seeing a very vanilla-y experience with nice graphics and sounds, but nowhere near the essence of what PR is supposed to be. This mod shows kill indicators, realtime stat displays, realtime maps etc. Sure this mod looks fun, but I wouldn't want to see those elements into PR, a game which has some form of 'realism' entwined in it's nature. A dropping body means the guy is dead, a tank going boom means the tank went boom, without pop-ups providing that info for us. This mod looks very well done, but I don't consider it compatible with PR spirit.

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4 hours ago, RonJeremmy said:

No i'm not saying that we should completly change the way that PR is right now. I'm just saying that is it possible to apply these weapons, animations to the PR to make a modern milsim for low-end pcs.

No, that is not possible.  Mod makers do share assets on request from time to time with each other, but I doubt that MVMOD would be okay with PR taking all their models & animations and just dropping them into PR.  Making games and mods is not a matter of mashing together existing games and mods, it's a matter of recreating them "as inspired by" them unless the teams merge or have agreements which is very rare... and since this is a matter of merely art (aside from the animations coding), that would be a bit of a faux pax to assume that all's needed to do is mash this one mod assets into the existing PR mod.  Not gonna happen.

You can take an apple pie to a cake baker and ask if they can make a cake like that ... but when they do, it won't have been a matter of taking the existing pie and baking a cake around it, it will have been through utilizing the same type of essential elements that make it up and recreating them in their own creation of a cake style dessert instead.

It's like saying, "Well done, PR team - but, I don't like your art.  Can you please change it completely?  It's easy - just use someone else's art - here's a mod link to MVMOD"

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