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PR:BF2 v1.7.1.0 Please post Server Reports or issues here


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PR:BF2 v1.7.1.1 Changelog (2022/04/08)


Fixed UAV not working.


Fixed Spotter STD kit in some Russian subfactions having an incorrect melee weapon.


Updated bleed effect to start off less harsh.

Updated hit effect to show more red.

Added hit effect for vehicle taking damage.


Decreased rearm speed of supply-depots.

Fixed Starstreak HVM proximity trigger issues.


Updated Colt 1911 textures.

Updated TT33 textures.

Decreased rate of fire of mortars (down to 20RPM from 30RPM).

Fixed US WW2 stationary MG having invisible machine gunner.

Fixed some grenades and mines having incorrect reload time.



Removed visible flag pole.

AAS16: Removed heavy assets

Korbach Offensive:

Added helipads to main bases.


Removed BMP-2 from town.

Removed 2 Russian rally points from town.

Increased Russian tank delay to 10 minutes.

Fixed missing bleed on last flag.

AAS128: Increased brightness.

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