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About this blog

Battlefield 2: Project Reality
*Suggested from @=VG= Fastjack*


This is a military blog that can give you some informations about models and variations of armored vehicles, aircrafts, watercrafts, armaments, weapons and firearms around the world (including my country too, i had more stuff to post it here). I'm also including these not just in real-life only, but also the same stuff in PR:BF2 as well, hope you can get some knowledge here.


Enjoy reading,



Entries in this blog

PR Vehicles - KTO Rosomak (The "Polish Wolverine", from Finnish Patria family of armored vehicles)

Hey guys, it's been a long time no see around. Finally i had encourage myself to write down some military things again, quite a challenge to be honest. I've been busy most of my time, but now i have time and hopefully this not going to be the last.   Today we'll be talking about the KTO Rosomak, the Polish 8x8 wheeled armored personnel carrier for Polish Land Forces that also appear in Project Reality for Polish faction. Let's get into it!      - What is KTO Ro

=VG= Inch

=VG= Inch in Project Reality: BF2 Vehicles

PR Vehicles - LGS Fennek armored scout car (German/Dutch Army armored scout car today)

Hello guys, it's been a while. I haven't posted something new on the forums (usually at Militaria forum section), i had been busy with some campus works/assignments, and it goes from there. But, if i'm having a free time, will be updating and continously posting while i still can. This is some of the knowledge, to you all the readers.. enjoy-! Today, i'll be talking about LGS Fennek, requested by @=Wolf= Jersans from previous posts (so, this is likely a late post, and sorry for being late-)

=VG= Inch

=VG= Inch in Project Reality: BF2 Vehicles

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