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  1. Vehicle Event Highlight video

    Nice vid , so fun playing the event, even tho i only played 1 round, but it wasnt nice of you to show how i died at 1:25,jk xD
  2. I got banned again

    So does this mean that ill never be unbanned?, I said and I repeat again now that ill NEVER do what I did again and its a promise,last chance please I beg you Promise will NEVER do what I did again
  3. I got banned again

    you are right,i really dont think about my actions,if i wont get unbanned my brother will come to play and see that im banned then he will be so mad at me , thats why i really want to be unbanned ,i dont mind to dont play in the server for a month but just my brother. and sorry for the spam
  4. I got banned again

    omg im always unlucky
  5. I got banned again

    month?,bbut my brother plays too,he will be so mad at me plss i promise ill NEVER do it again plss
  6. I got banned again

    omg plz no last chance plzz i wont do it again promise
  7. I got banned again

    i wont do it again
  8. I got banned again

    pls give me a chance please
  9. I got banned again

    ingame name is Golden-Eagle
  10. I got banned again

    it was only one smoke shell
  11. I got banned again

    hello,:( i got banned again,because i was just joking with double_13 by putting smoke mortars on him,pls unban me ill never do it again pls plsss
  12. Project Reality "V.W." Event

    gg so much fun spotting tanks as bmp2
  13. Missing Co-op maps

    so does that mean we will never play kashan desert of coop again?, i really wanted to play it again
  14. Project Reality "V.W." Event

    Golden-Eagle red team bmp2 ,but im not 100% sure about if ill be there though..
  15. Problem Signing Up

    thanks i found it on spam folder, and activated my account , thanks again and bye