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  1. VG

  2. Operation "Red Tide" Part III

    make sure to bug test it for the new update <3
  3. PR update

  4. Operation "Red Tide" Part III

    whats the jamming tower do owo
  5. Operation "Red Tide" Part II

    pass is adminplz
  6. Stealing assets on Jabal while being in the wrong squad, map ended shortly Next map on ramiel tried to steal the blackhawk but i notified the squad leader and he was kicked leading to his death (due to co-op mechanics). I then got into the blackhawk and he attempted to teamkill me by shooting his pistol through the glass, then he got inside the blackhawk and attempted to use the minigun to destroy more friendly assets
  7. https://www.reddit.com/r/Steam/comments/61tl7o/chivalry_medieval_warfare_is_free_on_steam_for_24/
  8. Nice breakdancing dimitri

    davai davai davai
  9. Satires video thread (updated sporadically)

    Heres a video my friend took for me while we were out shooting
  10. Operation "Red Tide" Part I

    ill play as a civilian in sausages squad
  11. I nearly died of laughter this round, hopefully some of you guys remember this round <3 also erotic breathing from keed at 1:15 gross
  12. Operation "Red Tide" Part I

    i hope we get special custom kits with goodies
  13. Melon's Final Revent pw; event

    today and right now