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  1. Project Reality Update: Mumble and C++ Issues

    @DarkCottonTail Thanks for your assistance earlier. Ill definitely be using TeamViewer next time another user has technical issues.
  2. My pride and joy...

    @=VG= kiwirambob One of the best space sims out there: Elite Dangerous ---------> http://store.steampowered.com/app/359320/Elite_Dangerous/
  3. JUICE!

    As promised @=VG= SemlerPDX and @Carkidd
  4. What to buy on Steam Summer Sale? Hmm...

    Sure, if anyone wants to wing up, ping me on steam! Currently learning the ropes. Special thanks to @=VG= SemlerPDX for showing us the awesome passenger loop the other night. Money is now rolling in!

    Hit me up and I can show you the ropes. Its pretty much PR with a few changes. As of right now, its mainly infantry based as many of the heavy assets haven't been released yet.
  6. Hello VG

  7. Neutronstar

    Tried to boost from one - I ended up getting sucked in and dying a long, agonising death. Never again...
  8. Game suggestions

    Foxhole. Wait its free.
  9. Operation "Red Tide" VI

    Might as well join the Brits, Sign me up Sausage! I've got the scones, butter and a picture of the queen.
  10. Operation "Red Tide" Part V

    Favourite quote of the day: "Commando I'm hungry..." *pew* *pew* *dead*
  11. Operation "Red Tide" Part V

    My squad is currently full. I have deathdealer203 on my reserve list. Ill be sure to remind him to poke you if one of my original squad members drop out.
  12. VG Project Reality COOP - Public Poll - Proposed Map Changes

    I wasn't trying to come across as hostile in anyway. I will write it again, I voted NO and that was my final choice - If this isn't a messy election, could we stop calling out people who voted differently? This system really needs to be anonymous so that people vote on how they feel and not by who voted what. This poll was made to make changes on the server. I support that and its good however, this shouldn't cause a friction within the community.
  13. VG Project Reality COOP - Public Poll - Proposed Map Changes

    I also voted No for my own reasons. If the community votes otherwise, I respect their choices and will go along with it.
  14. 20-30 sec lag spikes every few minutes

    Hi Chicken, Gone and done a reset on TCAdmin. Not in game right now, could someone tell me if its still lagging. Cheers, Blazer
  15. Cancer Sucks

    I'm sure many of us here will miss your cheerful attitude, stay strong and we will be with you every step of the way. One of the best things about this community is that we never hesitate help one another, don't be afraid to share any problems with us. Why not try a crumpet while getting some rest, it will surely bring a smile on your face.
  16. Operation "Red Tide" Part V

    If nobody wants it, I don't mind taking up the last SL position
  17. Boat Skills 101

  18. America's new hover jet

  19. Operation "Red Tide" Part IV

    Indeed. Thanks Hater for stepping up, looking forward to your future plans. Game on!
  20. Comms Protocol

    Thanks for this post @HaterOneActual. Really good read and I've definitely taken away some pointers! Also, correct me if I'm wrong here, BREAK (along with a pause) can also be used to "Break-up" a sentence. This helps in bringing critical information forward in long transmissions. For example, you are transmitting an enemy location to friendlies: "BE ADVISED, I have six contacts, bearing 1-2-4 Degrees, from my position -BREAK- One contact armed with an RPG, Advise our APCs to remain clear -BREAK- We are pinned down and require assistance. How copy? Over" Also, this video could be useful:
  21. Operation "Red Tide" Part III

    ENGINEERS UNITE! I am forming a small 4/5 Man squad that will dedicate themselves to placing mines and traps. We will try prevent and slow the advance of Russian Forces. Currently have 2 volunteers, 2 more spaces available. SIGN UP NOW - JOIN THE NATO ENGINEERS TODAY!
  22. Operation "Red Tide" Part III

    @Kavelenko If case need be, I may drop out of Kavelenko's squad and create an additional 4 to 6 Man squad to help bolster the lines. I will take on any "randoms" on the day if this is required. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @HaterOneActual Any further news regarding your plans mate or are you revealing those on the day? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also, for people joining an event for the first time and haven't downloaded any PR maps before, simply copy and paste the files into the following directory: Program Files (Wherever you installed PR) / Project Reality / Project Reality BF2 / mods / pr / levels
  23. Hey, cause why not :):)