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    Does anybody understand this ? I sure do not. So can you or can you not ? The router displays only a single ip to the net/world and falcon online multiplayer needs a unique ip per connection (I thought all game servers did) so how can 2 or more players using the same router join the server ? My world is turned upside down. Anyone confirmed 2 or more players on bms server through 1 router ? Would be useful to view 2D map on my 2nd pc whilst in 3D on 1st. Qualified IT guys please explain. I think maybe I misread original question. Never was intention to meet together online at vg server ?

    Never heard of That Kav but if you say so. Not in this country.

    You can`t both connect to the VG bms server or any other server on the net when using the same external ip which is what you seem to be saying. In previous falcon it was a simple matter to play together on a LAN connection offline. Not sure bms is quite as friendly with that option. Maybe I misunderstand. Anyway there is no benefit to you connecting online for a 1 v 1 game.
  4. BMS Re Start Notification

    Game corrupted so re started to day 1
  5. Newbie

    Good variety :-) I used to have a passion for prop sims but everyone ran rings round me :-D
  6. Newbie

    Someone ( =VG= Kavalenko ) finally mentioned flight sims which was referred to in the OP. I would be interested Vertigo to hear a little detail of the flight sim center you run. What sim/sims are they ?
  7. BMS Re Start Notification

    Air bases down and a mass of red forces in Seoul so restart day 1.
  8. BMS Re Start Notification

    By request...... Day 1 :-)
  9. BMS Re Start Notification

    No sign of any issues. Working fine.
  10. BMS Re Start Notification

    Day 1. Lets try harder
  11. Milky Way

    Well as long as you dont feel you have to be a `pro` to use it and the learning process might be faster if you can ask/get answers whilst in the sim. Cya when we cya
  12. Milky Way

    Have not seen you on the server yet Milky Way, or at least not under that name. Let us know what your pilot name is if different and will look out for you
  13. BMS Re Start Notification

    Took a vote with regulars and now Day 1 (was very quiet at day 16)
  14. Need help, PC died.

    All what Semler said. Something as simple as a connected usb device can stop normal boot with (in my own experience) no visual errors.
  15. BMS Re Start Notification

    Seoul captured. Re started