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  1. 58ff82763e618-Day22.JPG

    The final push ?
  2. This I think is the 3rd time recently that they have pushed hard and far into the south. I think the only common factor beyond the campaign settings is the unusual lack of pilots this year on average. Personally I vote for restart but not essential.
  3. Are you sure the runways were undamaged ? That's all I can think of.
  4. This is far from unusual. I don't know if all frequents players have seen it but I do know that many have. For the longest time. Personally I just live with it
  5. Sorry I missed your comms on server, had stepped out for a moment. Have had a few lockups today. Server or me I don't know. Probably just as well to restart since ive not see much human activity recently. Surprised defeat not been announced with situation so bad.
  6. I was just about to report that now (a day later than you) the server time out had come up after a bms crash. However just tried again and connected for the moment.
  7. Situation critical.
  8. Hi Asp, as no doubt you know by now, the default keys for chat in game is shift T. Get yourself killed easy using in flight though Not sure but if you select UHF 13 you may be heard by others in game. Might be more to it than that. Never seen so much enemy activity south of Flot by day 5. probably caused by not much human input this campaign.
  9. Gut feeling is that custom anything on a P2P public server might be a bad idea. Based on no facts though. Weather seems ok. In such a small theatre as Korea I would prefer 10 min changes so that weather is changing during mission dependant on location as per RL. Its fine as is but would like to try. Ran a 10 min change offline when the feature of real weather maps 1st became available. Recently I have forced a CS connection on myself with no apparent downside. Its been suggested that is better for players with sub 5 Mbit upload.
  10. I changed those three squadrons in the running campaign to non HQ just prior to posting request (couple of minutes after it was re started). Probably I should have made that clear. Its the master file that isn't or wasn't set to non HQ.
  11. Can the master saved VG be edited some time so that the 36th 120th and 80th are not set HQ unless the previous info on which are and which are not HQ has changed. Thanks. Changing weather is `realistic` but ground missions being scrubbed and that awful almost painful sky above blanket clouds is a big negative. A smattering of rainy days is bearable. But all that was a previous setup so this might be way better. Thanks Sinu anticipation
  12. You have mistakenly ?? run 64bit version.
  13. There is no reason not to do some of your practice on the server. Even if you do not team up with another human each time you will be contributing to the war effort as the campaign apparently benefits from human players beyond just their mission success and the opportunity is there sometimes to get knowledge and explanations from other players.
  14. Excellent, thanks for your labours. (Disclaimer, I have not tried it yet lol )
  15. As things stand after post U2 upgrade the weather has gone from dependable good to 50% chance of bad. (25% + 25%) and I think that's excessive. Might be RL for korea ? but gets in the way of FUN. I`m all for using instruments to get back to base now and again so bring on the occasional `pea souper` but generally the combination of poor weather and night flights is not a great draw and possibly off-putting for newcomers. So can we bring back the other option or modify current setting to 5 + 5 ? (90% chance of reasonable weather. Can there be a list of `official` non HQ bases. Those of us who are interested can copy/paste on our systems and make the changes that sometimes seem to get missed after server disruptions, rather than guessing wrongly. Thanks.