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  1. Server connections to Australia do seem to suffer. More new faces on server tonight
  2. Yeah i think they busted it earlier somehow But just restarted to last save.
  3. Problem is now sorted thanks all.
  4. I am on falcon lounge (and others) same as you
  5. This port testing tool is suggested by the 185th VFS Simple Port Tester V3.0
  6. There is a simple tool to test for bms port issues but regret I not have the url. Shout me on discord for some testing if you like.
  7. Yes thats the ip. Standard KTO theatre, BW setting must be 2048 its working fine and was at the time stamp you had issue. Try again ? Possible firewall issue ? Port forwarding ?
  8. Time zones can be an issue but the benefit of the VG 24/7 server is it gives more opportunity to meet other players. Especially if you spread the word
  9. Jive Turkey streamed his bms flight on 27th Dec and its had over 3000 views. Certainly no stranger to bms :-D
  10. Hello and welcome. I saw a pilot `Turkey` briefly on the server this morning but he/you did not fly a mission. Any problems just shout.
  11. Day 1 again after 26 days of reasonably trouble free running.
  12. Just curious but how does being on carrier improve missions ? Its just further to fly. Originally the harrier was about being able to operate from improvised bases if you can call a farm yard or clearing in a wood a base.
  13. OK Fixed !! and last save loaded up. Come get it whilst its hot
  14. Welcome . Its unfortunate that a rare problem has made the bms server unavailable at this time but yes online is a good way to speed up learning the sim as long as you also do the reading. Plenty of people available to get you `online` through the initial hurdles.
  15. Server may be down until sometime on the 6th due to an issue with the host computer. If it can be fixed sooner it will be of course.