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=VG= Outlanders

Abondoned USSR command center

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Might be interesting. Some cold war leftovers. Many of those still scattered
all over the former Union territory.
And check out this site, guys. It's pretty good.

"Perimeter System is an automatic control system of massive nuclear attack constructed in the USSR. It is designed to be used in case of emergency when communication lines are damaged.
It guarantees that combat orders reach separate command posts and aircraft rocket launchers."

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Withstand nuclear attack, sure. That's easy.

Withstand the most abundant corrosive substance on the planet? I think not.

Remember, few places on earth, even our own homes, are safe from this crap that can disolve any material on earth. And it looks like it has reached the aging missile launch facilities in Russia as well.

Think twice next time you go to get a glass of deadly, deadly H2O. And don't spill it on anything, especially metal!!!

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