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  2. nuts?

    Eventually we all quit smoking one day.
  3. Veterans gaming server not showing up

    There was a typo in one of the config files, causing the server to not start up. All fixed now. Thanks for the report. /Locked
  4. Veterans gaming server not showing up

    Hey Pira! When the map is changing, the server wont show up in the lisy. Sometimes it might be frozen, in which case you wont be able to join thriugh IP either. If you join our TeamSpeak you'll usually get a faster reply or an admin who can reboot :). If the server is down for longer periods, it will always be announced visibly on this website Thanks for asking, and II hope this helps!
  5. Veterans gaming server not showing up

    Alright it just poped up i dont know what happend but it works now xD
  6. I am Back!

    Welcome back Muni! Go mess em up
  7. Well its just i cant see the server even if i join with ip i dont know if theres an update or smth going on please tell me thx!
  8. I am Back!

    Heal you later
  9. See TEDF in action

    I Watched this videos before and its amazing. i would say: the perfect communication make this happen.
  10. nuts?

    Don’t download it? Or just go on huge TK spree and get banned, meaning you can’t play anymore and probably quit the game. You won’t come back unless you change your hash and GG like true addict. xD
  11. nuts?

    But PR is free!
  12. I am Back!

    Welcome back!
  13. Yesterday
  14. I am Back!

    Hello enjoy your time on the server and feel free to join TS
  15. nuts?

    Simple just don’t buy them
  16. nuts?

    You gave up smoking?! How? Teach me!
  17. I am Back!

    Wow, a real ghost. Spooky... welcome back
  18. I am Back!

    I everyone is been a long time since i played PR with you. But now i am back and looking foward to play with you again!
  19. nuts?

    Every addict speaks the same I spoke like that by smoking cigarettes. It was only after 30 years that we managed to get out of the addiction.
  20. nuts?

    Part of me is laughing about it but it is a thing. As many of you know my wife is a psychologist and thus quite a few of our friends are also psychologists and well one specializes in 'addictions' so the usual stuff; drugs, alcohol, gambling and yes gaming. Made me think for a little bit. But I don't have a problem, I can quit any time.
  21. show off

  22. fob truck

  23. not meny bot waiting for me

  24. no repiars

  25. missd a bit

  26. floaty rockes

  27. close call.jpg

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