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  1. until
    VETERANS-GAMING FALCON 4.0 BMS EVENT TIME: 26th March 2022, 20:00:00 ZULU. Event details to be updated. Please register your interest by clicking on the RSVP button. Mission Objective Locate and destroy the Kuznetsov Carrier Task Force. Intel reports suggest that the Carrier is somewhere off the coast of North Korea, escorting 2-3 Oil tankers to the Port of Wonsan. Seoul Air base has been attacked by North Korean and Russian bombers, multiple North Korean Tank battalions have been spotted massing for an attack close to the South Korean border. The USS Carl Vinson Carrier Fleet and the USS Wasp are off the coast of the South Korean Air base near Kangnung. Your mission is to fly a coordinated multi-role operation to complete the following objectives: Suppress and destroy the SA-2 AA Battalions protecting Wonsan Port Locate and destroy the Kuznetsov Carrier fleet before it docks at Wonsan Port, destroy the 3 oil tankers if possible. Locate and destroy North Korean Tank Battalions approaching the South Korean Border. Squadrons: SEAD - Suppression of Enemy Air Defence Objective: Destroy enemy SA-2 Radar controlled vehicles, Fan Songs and Spoon Rests Air Base: Seosan - Squadron: 2109th 4 x F-16CM 52 - T/O: 07:20. TOT 07:53, PKG 2108 - Mudhen 6 Air Base: Kunsan - Squadron: 2160th 3 x F-16CM 40 - T/O: 07:20. TOT 07:44, PKG 2161 - Beast 7 (Escort) DEAD - Destruction of Enemy Air Defence Objective: Destroy enemy SA-2 missiles, and support vehicles Air Base: Seosan - Squadron: 2111st 4 x F-16CM 52 - T/O: 07:29. TOT 08:03, PKG 2108 - Hawkeye 5 Air Base: Kunsan - Squadron: 2160th 3 x F-16CM 40 - T/O: 07:25. TOT 07:55, PKG 2163 - Gamble 2 (Escort) TASMO - Tactical Air Support Maritime Operations Objective: Locate and destroy the Kuznetsov Carrier Task Force before it reaches Wonsan Port. Carrier: USS Carl Vinson CVN-70 CSG - Squadron: 2083rd 4 x F/A-18C Hornet RAAF - T/O 07:20, TOT 07:33, PKG 1980 - Diamond 4 Carrier: USS Wasp LDH-1 ARG - Squadron: 2082nd 4 x AV-8B+ Harrier RAF - T/O: 07:20. TOT 07:32, PKG 2090 - Jump 7 Air Base: Sokcho - Squadron: 2099th 4 x F-16D-52+ RSAF - T/O 07:20, TOT 07:35, PKG 2092 - Jackal 3 Air Base: Kangnung - Squadron: 2097th 4 x F-16D-52+ RSAF - T/O 07:20, TOT 07:35, PKG 2092 - Falcon 4 Air Base: Kangnung - Squadron: 2127th 4 x AV-8B+ Harrier RAF - T/O 07:29, TOT 07:47, PKG 2126 - Jump 6 PRE-PLAN CAS - Locate and Destroy North Korean Tank Battalions Objective: Destroy Enemy Tank Battalions heading towards the South Korean Border. Air Base: Sokcho - Squadron: 2104th 4 x F-16CM 52 - T/O 08:30, TOT 08:38, PKG 2103, Viper 4 Air Base: Kangnung - Squadron: 2106th 4 x F-16CM 52 - T/O 08:30, TOT 08:47, PKG 2103, Jaguar 3 AEW/ABCC - Command Control Communications Intelligence Objective: Provide Intelligence Reports over the combat zone. Air Base: Osan - Squadron: 2086th 1 x E-3 Sentry AWAC - T/O 06:56, TOT 07:32, PKG 2101, Chalice 1 (AI Controlled) Briefing We'll most likely use our Team Speak Channels for pre-flight & post-flight so we can coordinate who will be doing what. Feel free to stream this event on Twitch or other platforms. There are currently a total of 43 Jets available in this Operation but we can add more flights if necessary.
  2. Good day to all, I understand the question is off topic, but I need help, I can’t find Falcon 4 in the files of the game, the libraries that show the orientation of the aircraft on the map and in the game in real time, I want to know whether you can change them or load them in them data from outside Roll Euler AngelPitch Euler Angel Heading AngleGeometric Altitude
  3. VG Falcon BMS Public Server It's time for a new beginning... VETERANS-GAMING is proud to announce that our new upgraded server is now live! The VG BMS Multiplayer Campaign will now run on a dedicated server box powered by a Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor, 12GB of ECC (Error Correcting Code) 1333MHz RAM, a Samsung EVO SSD, and an ATI R7-240 with 2GB of DDR3 VRAM, all on a dedicated 1Gbps network. The server will remain in Kansas, USA and is open to the public! We will be launching this server in the 64-bit version on the default Korean Theater of Operations. All players will need to launch BMS in the 64-bit mode in order to connect to the new VG BMS Server. Helpful instructions here: How to Connect We will be hosting a public 24/7 Korean War Campaign that will span for several weeks until the DPRK is so overrun by BLUFOR that missions are all extremely far flights or no worthwhile targets remain. The old VG BMS Server will remain online for the next few weeks while we try to get this notice to everyone. Find connection instructions here. New VG BMS Server IP Address:
  4. I'm happy to announce that the VG BMS Server is getting a hardware upgrade! I've been working this week to install and configure Windows and Falcon BMS on the new hardware and can report that it is very, very fast! It should be at it's final home NOC after a few days more. Huge thanks goes out to our friend Belgriffen for his help and support of the VG BMS Server! Next week, we are moving our BMS Server over to a Quad-Core Xeon CPU, 12GB of ECC RAM (6x2GB), a Samsung EVO SSD, and a new dedicated 1Gbps internet connection. We will not be able to keep our old IP Address for the new server, so our current server will remain online for a few weeks or so to help smooth the transition and get the word around that the VG BMS IP Address has changed. We are expecting the new server to be available to the public starting next week if all goes well. This is a major upgrade for us, we've been a bit hobbled as BMS continued to grow over the years and our hardware did not keep up with that pace. Our current server is an aged Intel Core 2 6400 CPU with 4GB RAM and a 30Mbps connection (shared net AFAIK). We've had some in-game issues lately with frequent "gear-up crashes" after successful landings and subsequent taxi, and we suffer from an occasional blue flashing "pause" message at times. These problems are rare, but we are unsure if they occur due to the 24/7 nature of our aging server and random bugs, or in-game engine issues we can't control. Desync between multiplayer flights is luckily not an issue, and many of us fly in rather close formations despite our many thousands of miles of real world separation, with the server being in Kansas USA. I will post further updates as we get the new server finalized. Once again, the old VG BMS Server will remain online after the new server launches and we'll try to get the word out to everyone we can. Here's hoping our server issues will minimize after this massive upgrade! Thanks to all our regulars for flying with us, and we hope you will help spread the word about our new IP Address! New IP (not yet active!): Updates coming soon!
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