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  1. from now on, I will record all the games, so that when any ban problem arises, the video will be attached to the appeal.

    a partir de ahora, grabaré todas las partidas, para cuando así salga cualquier problema de baneo, se adjuntara el video junto a la apelación.

    I hope you do not take it personally but if you take us for fools for speaking Spanish, you have it clear because we do not have to always speak in English, if we have enough players in the patrol! rules of your own community.


  2. você é muito bom na pontuação, mas seu trabalho como administrador não é ;)

  3. HI guys.

    I have a big problem, with the new Patch from PR.

    i can not download the new Version of PR, they give me the Error 1201, and can't download the patch.

    How can i fix it? 

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