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  1. Is this the main BMS Server 'Crash Report' posting ? It crashed around 2200 EST with 5 online in flight. Others reported lag before it crashed. It was the blue "Pause" message. Unable to reconnect. Derk
  2. The BMS Manual lists two different 'server' type settings: g_bServer This option when set to 1 (enable) puts Falcon BMS into Multiplayer Server mode. A server mode session can't enter the 3D world. Available options: 0/1. Default = 0. g_bServerHostAll This option should always be set to 1 (Enabled). When enabled the MP host technically owns ALL units. When set to 0 the client requesting a unit to deaggreate will own it, making it responsible for distributing it over the network. Previous experience showed that this can minimize bandwidth demand on the host, but that it will create many more problems and sync issues. Options: 0/1. *************** I've read various BMS postings about server and config settings enough to basically understand that trial and error may be the best method to solve a problem. I'm up for whatever you want to try. (Are we keeping a change log? lol) Also on a side note, for the past couple weeks the campaign has been void of Migs except for occasional pop-ups here and there. Blue force seems to knock them down soon as they get up from the few bases left. It is good for buddy lasing without interruption, but leaves missions a bit bland. The overall campaign seems pretty stable now (except for the performance issues noted), but supplies seem to run low once it gets close to the end of week 2. The human tanker squadrons have been fun - Thanks for the that addition. Derk.
  3. Server is behaving well lately, and we had a good 5 ship human flight tonight, but the campaign is at Day 25. While air and ground targets do exist, they are few and mostly trucks or infantry units. There is also a supply issue at the bases I flew from (994th at Soesan and 14th at Taegu?) and most AA and AG weapons are 'OUT'. I noticed this started last week around Day 17. Tonight we ran a 4 ship strike about 100 miles in, to the big airbase near Pyongyang, and only had a couple Migs show up. That fight back, and the next shorter flight was quiet in the air even though it was mid-day on the campaign and we circled for over 15 minutes making smoke columns out of the little red boxes that 'were' on the 2d map. At this point, I'm ready for a restart to Day 1. (Brain second that). Thanks PS - your tip about setting the IP to the DMZ was the ticket to get 'AXE' (Dave) connected. He thanks you and had two good flights with us, and was looking forward to more.
  4. DMS Down = switch from MFD to MFD DMS Right = Cycles RT MFD from page to page DMS Left = Cycles LT MFD from page to page DMS and TMS are the two for sure to map to something on the HOTAS.
  5. Derk

    Tanking Up

  6. Hi Blud, I don't have the X52, but know its popular in BMS based on the forums posts about it. Not sure how current you are with 4.33, but they completely re-worked the key commands to different keys to organize the layout. So older profiles would not work. There is a .pr0 file for the 4.33.1 version in the BMS folder "C:\Falcon BMS 4.33 U1\Docs\Key Files & Input\Device Setup Guides & Profiles\Saitek X52" that would be compatible with the new key layout. There's also a Guide pdf with information on setting it up in the same folder. You should be able to set most of the X52 buttons in the Setup inside BMS directly without setting a Saitek profile, including setting the mini-nipple as axis settings. If you still have trouble, you may have to do as I, and many others have, and figure out the .key file and how to enter your own key commands manually. I had issues with Saitek's profile software with my X55 so I don't use it at all and have mapped everything in the .key file manually from an Excel spreadsheet. Looking forward to seeing you back in the air and helping to create some smoke plums. If you need any pointers to get you back up to speed I'll offer my assistance when able. Good luck with the setup - Derk
  7. BMS server down. 2030 EST. "Failed to connect to server" error.
  8. BMS Server crashed around 1500 EST - "Server reply timed out". (confirmed by one other) Was up and running around 1400
  9. Derk


    Hey man......quit playin around here and get in BMS and practice those AGM65's. ?We've got serious work this weekend clearing out red boxes! ??(just messin with ya Static - see you in BMS this weekend I hope) Derk
  10. SERVER ERROR (Crash?) Flew from 1900 to 2300 just fine in the campaign, but then in the middle of the flight my human wingman and I went into an uncontrolled death spin to the ground. After that all attempts at fragging a flight gave 'Bad Timing' error. We hi-jacked an HQ flight, but on take off, neither of us had control stick inputs to our acft. The ATO looked like a ghost town, and weapons stores were extremely low. Not sure this will sort out by itself, but I'd recommend a restart to day 1. Thanks.
  11. I?ve been enjoying the ongoing edits to the campaign over the past months and want to thank those that are active with supplying their inputs, suggestions, and recommending changes. The campaign may still show oddities, but with the variety and availability of human flights available, and the fact that as of last night I still found AG and AA action at Day 24 should be a testament to the ongoing edits beyond my technical level. That being said, I do want to point out a few oddities I?ve seen in the past week. I realize these are issues with BMS which we need to work around, but I?ve not seen these before. So I wonder if they are an indication that a campaign restart may need to be considered soon. If not, at least others will be aware. 1. Last weekend and last night I noticed 3 to 4 different flights from different bases all using the Cowboy9 callsign when checking from the 2D map. Other names were also used like ?Avenger? or ?Serpent?, but all had a ?9? at the end. On one flight, I was assigned Cowboy9, which made for confusion when taxiing out when I heard Cowboy9 cleared to land. Last night, a human flight out of Kunsan had the same ?9? callsign as I did flying out of Seosan. I wonder if the campaign has run out of numbers and not reset due to being at Day 24. For humans in different packages, you can see the confusion this could cause. 2. Just after takeoff out of Seosan, AWACs called a Bandit with a bearing and distance. Turning to look I see the AD at Seosan launching into the bay to the south, right in the general area of the AWAC call. I saw nothing on the FCR or visually. I pressed on with my mission and on return, the Patriot and Hawk sites there were lit up red on the HAD. I assume they were still trying to launch on the phantom bandit, but they kept spiking me which made for a very noisy approach until I turned RWR off. 3. After launching HARMs on SA targets in the NW area with no FCR air targets or AWACs activity, I detect a Mig 29 symbol on my HAD just as you would see on the RWR, but in a dim grey color. It stayed in the same area on the HAD as I ran in burner to exit the area. Nothing ever showed on the RWR or identified by AWACs. After about a 50 mile run out it finally dropped off the HAD. Perhaps it was a false indication from a bug, but again, I?ve never seen that anywhere before and caused me to have to react. Everything else has been running fine from what I can tell over the past few months. I do not experience AI oddity at other times. My only observation is the reoccurrence of bad weather, which may be par for the area realism, but is a downer when you want to see AI targets or big fire balls from splashes. I would be happy if the ?Poor? and ?Fair? weather percentages were reduced. Thanks again for all your server support and providing for us an arena to enjoy BMS.
  12. Thanks for offering for feedback on the recent changes. I?ve found them positive, though I only flew shortly Fri and Sun. morning and not enough time to really evaluate all of your questions. I enjoyed being able to frag an F18 early on from the carrier, though it seemed like a long flight until I got over land and found some Mig 29?s to tangle with. (They lost btw ? maybe since I had 10 AIM120?s loaded and was not sparing them?) I did mention to Sinu that the tower comms were not working from the 667th at the carrier. We were not sure why, but I was able to make the ?Remove chocks? call and get launched. So it didn?t interfere with the overall mission. On other flights I found the ground was highly immersive, with an element of surprise from lacking of Recon targets being detected on the 2D map. So a planned high alt JDAM run was met with unplanned AAA to give an interesting element to the flight. Not much activity with SAM?s at that time, but the 4.33.1 updates to smaller AD units seems more challenging now. The air to air activity was seemed a bit quiet on those flights, but the Sunday flight was at night and typically quiet. I?ve not seen anything one-sided enough to call to your attention, so the changes seemed well for the weekend flights when I was in. Thanks for keeping it interesting and for your support.
  13. Kevin Pending message here too. I've never had it....ever.
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