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  1. We'd like to add a few client side mod keys to the 2nd Arma 3 server (Insurgency) and I tried a few times but failed.  I have no idea what I was doing wrong, literally trying to drop key files in the key folder from TeamViewer File Manager, RDP, or even FTP.  Kinda frustrating - I must be doing something wrong.

    Contact me when you can, maybe you know how.  They want st_hud, st_movement (if available), JSRS, and something called badbensonEM.


    (also, Nvram said something in chat "PITN Check your steam"  - whatever that means. maybe he sent u a message.


  2. #2 Arma 2 Server - Domination? Hey, PITN....

    I was looking for the old Domi files but I didn't see them on the server. But I may be blind. I may have to dig deeper to find a copy of the mission. We could also do Invade and Annex on the A3 server. But running these types of missions requires heavy admin presence due to trolls.
  3. APEX server has been restarted. Seems to be okay now. Thanks for letting us know.
  4. Insurgency A3

    I played some with the new parameters. I can get he AI to go above the cap so I'm not sure what is going on there. And the AI only attack if they see you. I think those guys need to put back the "ai always knows player location" stuff they removed. As for server pop you can post an "event" either here or on Steam say about a week in advance. Or make a weekly event. That way we can get some of the old gang back together and put some stress on the server. Sadly I work weekends though so someone else needs to take lead on this.
  5. Insurgency A3

    For giggles can we set up spawn/despawn parameters for AI/Player to 200 meters and max 1 per grid and see how that works? Maybe have the parameters from spawn/despawn start at 100/100 instead of the current lowest setting of 200/300. Look at description.ext
  6. Insurgency A3

    I'm guilty. Guilty of placing emphasis on features and not playability. I think we need to focus on stress testing a full server and finding AI spawn/despawn parameters that don't bring the server FPS to it's knees. If you're an A3 admin then please set up the server on Altis with debug on and lets see if we can get some of the old gang together and test the hell out of it. We need to know the player count, the parameters you used that gave the best performance. When you are logged in as admin use the command in chat '#monitor 10' (10 is time in seconds for each report, pick a number but faster is not better) to get server fps and memory usage. Use "reveal resistance" adddaction to see how the Ai are spawning/despawning. You must have DEBUG enabled in the parameters. Take all your players into the biggest city and walk/drive (not fly/teleport) and see what kind of performance we get. Use Zeus to give yourself ground vehicles set to allow player spawns and "this allowDamage false;" in their init for testing purposes. @Sav Can we get the parameter for DEBUG set to enabled by default. Altis ver. Need to edit the onPlayerRespawn.sqf. on the Altis version, too. No added stuff like we did on the Stratis Mission. -Remove (rem out) the teleport feature. if (InsurgencyEnableDebug == 1) then {<br />    onMapSingleClick "if (_alt) then {vehicle player setPosATL _pos}";<br />    player addAction [("<t color=""#FF4444"">" + "Open Virtual Arsenal" + "</t>"), {["Open", true] call BIS_fnc_arsenal}, "", 0, false, false];<br />//Rem out teleport for mass player test<br /> /*   player addAction [("<t color=""#00AA00"">" + "Teleport to cursor position" + "</t>"), { player setPosATL screenToWorld [0.5, 0.5]; }, "", 0, false, false];<br />    player addAction [("<t color=""#CC8000"">" + "Toggle reveal resistance" + "</t>"), {call ing_fnc_reveal_resistance}, "", 0, false, false]; */<br />    player addAction [("<t color=""#0000AA"">" + "Make player immortal" + "</t>"), { player allowDamage false; player setDamage 0; }, "", 0, false, false];<br />    player addAction [("<t color=""#AAAAAA"">" + "Debug" + "</t>"), "debug.sqf", "", 0, false, false]; Edit: p.s I work weekends and probably some OT to boot so I can't join in on stress testing until my days off. Wed/Thur. Good luck and have fun. Happy 4th!
  7. Insurgency A3

    Try this for a trigger to save a players loadout. Detecting when the player closes the arsenal dialog. waitUntil { isnull ( uinamespace getvariable "RSCDisplayArsenal" ) }; http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?184259-Detecting-player-exiting-Arsenal
  8. Insurgency A3

    Maybe a way to remember loadouts? http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?180487-How-to-use-Virtual-Arsenal-like-the-Virtual-Ammobox-System&p=2749903&viewfull=1#post2749903 [player, [missionnamespace, "Current"]] call bis_fnc_saveInventory;<br /><br />[player, [missionnamespace, "Current"]] call bis_fnc_loadInventory; This worked in the debug console just need to integrate it with respawn. Notes: Field repair is too long. Need to shorten that timer and remove limit restrictions. Change SL from Sergeant to Lieutenant. Zeus no longer working? or operator error... Ah, I see now that you removed that extra slot including the Zeus module. Disable random explosions. Some AI classnames are not needed. i.e. "I_G_Soldier_SL_F", "I_G_medic_F", "I_G_engineer_F" Add "I_G_Sharpshooter_F" These three need to be replaced with Guer units but with AA/AT added to them when they spawn. "I_Soldier_LAT_F", "I_Soldier_AA_F", "I_Soldier_AA_F". Maybe by using "I_G_Soldier_universal_F". Support module only init on Start. Does not work on reconnect. Needs JIP compatablity. AI classname - my recommendation. InsurgencyUnitTypes = ["I_G_Soldier_TL_F", "I_G_Soldier_F", "I_G_Soldier_AR_F", "I_G_Soldier_GL_F", "I_G_Soldier_Sharpshooter_F", "I_G_Soldier_LAT_F", "I_Soldier_AA_F"];
  9. Insurgency A3

    I would leave Zeus in. Just set to admin only. Zues can be a very powerful tool when used properly.
  10. Insurgency A3

    Parameter How far need blufor units to be to allow insurgents to spawn Try setting this to 50 or 100. This is min safe distance for AI to spawn from the player. Right now it is set at 2 meters and they just keep respawning.
  11. [poll] New Website

    A donation has been sent. Holy moly! Has it been five years?! !beach
  12. Okay. I need to remove the processInit cmds from inurgency and I'm trying to wrap my head around BIS_fnc_MP. I'll post a section of code and if someone can explain to me how _process is a switch that would be a start. Ignore my crappy attempts. ATM the AI spawn repeatedly and are not being counted properly and could be a naming issue as well. This portion spawns the enemy AI, sets enemy count, adds IEDS/NVGs (not needed atm), and sets the Intel briefcase on death. I need to remove the process init section and use MP_fnc_mp or similar. fillHouseEast = { <br />    private ["_x","_process","_arr","_inc","_pID","_pos","_bool","_unit","_name","_class","_ai","_nPos","_house","_cCount","_hID","_wCount","_i","_group","_skill"];<br />    scopeName "fillHouseEastMain";<br />    <br />    _house     = _this select 0;<br />    _wCount  = _this select 1;<br />    _inc     = _this select 2;<br />    <br />    // when this is true, setVehicleInit is processed (i.e. AI is created)<br />    _process    = false;<br />    // number of spawn positions in a house<br />    _nPos        = nPos(_house);<br />    // 0 based count of OPFOR infantry class members<br />    _cCount        = count eastInfClasses - 1;<br />    // random spawn position<br />    _x            = round random (_nPos-1);     <br />    // checks if the house is a valid house for AI spawns (if not it's -1)<br />    _hID        = CACHEHOUSEPOSITIONS find (typeOf _house);<br />    _arr        = [];<br />    if (_hID != -1 && _wCount > 0) then {<br />        _arr = CACHEHOUSEPOSITIONS select (_hID + 1);        <br />    };<br />    <br />    for [{ _i=_x},{ _i<((_nPos-1)+_x)},{ _i=_i+_inc}] do {  <br />        if (count _arr == 0 && _wCount > 0 && _hID != -1) exitWith {};    <br />        _pos   = _house buildingPos (_i % _nPos); <br />        if (count _arr > 0) then {<br />            _pID = (_arr select 0);<br />            _pos = _house buildingPos _pID;<br />            _arr = _arr - [(_arr select 1)] - [_pID];<br />        };<br />        // create an AI at _pos if no other "Man" in radus of 3 meters of _pos<br />        if (count nearestObjects[_pos, ["Man"], 3] == 0) then {<br />            _name  = findSquadAIName(player);<br />            if (_name == "") exitWith { breakTo "fillHouseEastMain"; };<br />            _bool  = !isNil _name;<br />            if _bool then { _bool = alive (call compile _name); };<br />            // when the AI unit (found by name) is alive, make sure it's healthy and, make it <br />            // "look-alive" by issuing a move command<br />            if _bool exitWith {<br />                _unit = call compile _name;<br />                _unit setPosATL _pos; <br />                _unit setDamage 0;<br />                [_unit,{<br />                    _this doMove getPosATL _this;<br />                    sleep 1;<br />                    doStop _this;<br />                },server,true] spawn BIS_fnc_MP;<br />                if DEBUG then { server globalChat format["moving %1", _name]; };<br />            };<br />            // if there are no appropriate AI units around,  prepare for spawning them<br />            if DEBUG then { server globalChat format["spawning %1", _name]; };<br />            _class = eastInfClasses select (random _cCount);<br />            _group  = [player, "EastAIGrp", "", "east"] call getGroup; // create an AI group<br />            _ai    = _group createUnit [_class, spawnPos, [], 0, "NONE"];<br />            _ai setPosATL _pos;<br />            _skill = aiSkill / 10;<br />// SPAWN AI, SET VEHICLE INIT, NEEDS REWRITE ---------------------------------------------------            <br />/*            fnc_SpawnInsAI =            //my crappy attempt<br />            {<br />                %1 = _ai;<br />                    this setVehicleVarName ''''%1'''';<br />                    %1 = this;<br />                    doStop this;<br />            };<br />            [(_process, true, "fnc_SpawnInsAI"],_process,false] spawn BIS_fnc_MP;<br />*/            <br />            call compile format['  ///original<br />                %1 = _ai;            <br />                    _ai setVehicleInit ''<br />                    this setVehicleVarName ''''%1'''';<br />                    %1 = this;<br />                    doStop this;<br />                    this addMagazine (%2 select (random (count %2 - 1)));<br />                    this addMagazine (%2 select (random (count %2 - 1)));<br />                    // Chance AI will have a nightvision device - Disabled in coop only!!!<br />                    if (random 100 > 75 && eastRatio > 0) then {<br />                        if !(this hasWeapon ''''NVGoggles'''') then { this addWeapon ''''NVGoggles''''; if DEBUG then { diag_log format [''''Adding NVG to %1'''', this]; }; };<br />                    };<br />                    this setSkill %3;<br />                    this addEventHandler [''''killed'''', { <br />                        missionNamespace setVariable [''''%1var'''', time];<br />                        if (random 100 > 90 || DEBUG) then {<br />                            _case = createVehicle [''''Land_Suitcase_F'''', %4, [], 0, ''''None''''];    <br />                            _case setPosATL getPosATL (_this select 0);<br />                        };<br />                    }];<br />                '';<br />            ', _name, IEDList, _skill, spawnPos];<br />            _process = true; // switch to spawn ai<br /><br />            };<br />        sleep 0.1;<br />    };<br />    // spawns the AI prepared with 'setVehicleInit'<br />    if _process then { processInitCommands; };  //PROB DONT NEED THIS ANYMORE---CALL COMPLILE INSTEAD? NEED _PROCESS TRUE TO SPAWN AI<br />    <br />};  How the hell does if _process then { processInitCommands; }; become a trigger? and why are they using ' so much instead of " .
  13. [poll] E3 2014

    I'd like the option of "No.".
  14. ARMA III Public servers

    Server seems to be running version 1.14 and I think we are on 1.16 now.
  15. ARMA III Public servers

    Zeus FTW