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  1. No blitzkrieg?

    That makes sense maybe with the crew man cap remove it good enough for a challenge, force for inf and team work
  2. No blitzkrieg?

    Hmm how about making them spawn faster, for the "enemy keep coming " feel
  3. No blitzkrieg?

    We can make the bots harder and make they spawn faster ? Slow down the cap will work too
  4. Hmmm which topic I should put it in ?
  5. Well that why i make this. They step in the game thinking they are the center of the world or smt.
  6. Thanks Semler and sorry for the hassle
  7. Really ? Hmm since this involves players and PR I dont know where to put. How to move it ?
  8. Yep just like yesterday in Kami, we drive past a group of inf in the last capture point, they decided to run away and yell "enemy tank, enemy tank" we was driving a mk19 stryker
  9. Yeah it "C" but it usually in inside the truck or 1 side (man, daf, star) and they always stand on the opposite side or very close to the truck soo it blind spot which is very annoying.
  10. I believe that you have to donate 69.99 to vg for sniper dlc
  11. God damn it I accidentally put "the" before pr in the title
  12. Recently, I have seen lots of newer players join the server and they are kinda clueless on surrounding awareness. Please notice that Logistics truck is NOT troops (trans) truck and they will NOT stop to pick you or your squad up. These truck have limited viewing angle and those NOT have 360 camera. If you are literally next to the truck especially in the back and the driver will not see you when you try to spam E to get in. This lead in to lots of accidental TKs for the driver and it gonna look very bad in logs and it also not fun to get ran over by a truck. Please if you see a logi truck (friendly) getting chase by 5 RPG and a tank plz don't try to run in front of it to stop it because it will not stop (we don't have Brembos 6 pistons with racing pad). Also plzz check your surroundings and stop running WITH enemy especially in desert map or try to block APC or tank shot that want to kill the enemy, especially when the enemy is carry an rpg . It also crucial that you don't run though a firing machine gun or GMG because some player have higher ping than you and might or might not stop firing fast enough to avoid tks. And please, learn that some vehicle are actually friendlys not enemy. Thank you. Update 1-incident 1: Please note that some if not all heavy assets required actual name squad to name accordingly to server rule in order to use (PLEASE READ SERVER RULE). Also please learn the actual assets name and use before claiming (AT vehicle, AA vehicle, APC....) Make sure if you actually don't do anything wrong before judging any Admins for doing their job.
  13. Markers not sticking

    I think that gonna be great the cas lase marker always disappear fast
  14. =VG= Social Meeting

    Can non members join too plzzzzzz