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  1. Alecskell (hello)

    Heyyy you are the one in the tank that ran away form 2 enemy tank that got hit from atgm from the bradley. Rudeeeeeeee xD
  2. !unflip [revised]

    Did you guys know that m35 is like REALLLYY hard to flip ? Some of the logi is very easy to flip like the Star for Poland. But the m35 is react like there are balloon around it . I personally jump down from Jabal's bridge many times as a shortcut to rtb and over few dozen if not hundred time that i try i just flip 4-5 times. But yeah unflip can be helpful in some situlation .
  3. Project Reality Event Week III

    Can I sign up as a logi ? WAIT I realize that there is no logi truck. Nvm
  4. No blitzkrieg?

    That makes sense maybe with the crew man cap remove it good enough for a challenge, force for inf and team work
  5. No blitzkrieg?

    Hmm how about making them spawn faster, for the "enemy keep coming " feel
  6. No blitzkrieg?

    We can make the bots harder and make they spawn faster ? Slow down the cap will work too
  7. Hmmm which topic I should put it in ?
  8. Well that why i make this. They step in the game thinking they are the center of the world or smt.
  9. Thanks Semler and sorry for the hassle
  10. Really ? Hmm since this involves players and PR I dont know where to put. How to move it ?
  11. Yep just like yesterday in Kami, we drive past a group of inf in the last capture point, they decided to run away and yell "enemy tank, enemy tank" we was driving a mk19 stryker
  12. Yeah it "C" but it usually in inside the truck or 1 side (man, daf, star) and they always stand on the opposite side or very close to the truck soo it blind spot which is very annoying.
  13. I believe that you have to donate 69.99 to vg for sniper dlc
  14. God damn it I accidentally put "the" before pr in the title