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  1. Volod.41

    Well. You see the reason why we don't report tk that much because we either said that "meh it just a game" or "meh it just accident I think" or "meh he is a good guy he just fool around". To be fair I have been tk alot and sometimes I just ignore it. Sure it a bad thing but like we don't think much about it. But sometimes honestly it kind off reasonable, not to say it good or smt but it just..... Moral kick in I guess
  2. Considering building a new PC around my new RTX 2070 Super...

    Hmm can't upload pic. Weird
  3. Considering building a new PC around my new RTX 2070 Super...

    Meanwhile I have this
  4. Merch?

    VG edition spyderco paramilitary 2 ? I would love to buy that.
  5. Well 64bit Win10 is not "unstable" or smt unless you run special app that need to be 32bit it run and if soo 64bit can run most of normal everyday use 32bit app just finee. Honestly for normal causal user everything work just fine. Your laptop is old but doesn't mean it bad or anything, it actually quite good compare to Big_Papa 's "everyfastgaminglaptop" and it also run Win10 64. Beside you can just download win 10 on Microsoft website and try it for free. I like Linux too especially kubutu, lubuntu is also an light os but I recommend you try win 10 cause it faster than all the laptop I ever own or even use. So yeah your laptop has and gt720m right? Also you might can upgrade your cpu too but it didn't necessarily at all. You just need lilbit more ram, an SSD and everything will be quite snappy
  6. I know PR is going to DIE!! Whats next?

    7 days to die seem fun
  7. Well your spec is ok for win 10 but I highly recommend you upgrade your ram and put an SSD in it. Having dual channel ram will help alot too. Win 10 is... Well let's just say that can be tune better. You can disable lots of services you don't need to make it smoother. Also what is your laptop and also make sure you run Win10 64bit if you want a ram upgrade
  8. SERVER DOWN 8/13/2019

    Whattttttt againnnnn?
  9. Soo. do you find anything ?
  10. Well there are not many people on ther server at all soo yeah they agrue about some stuff and then yeahh you know they type
  11. Now they are stole the cas and apc to kill each others
  12. Around 00:55 central time we are at Iron Ridge and we have RizlaQC int tk with cas in the main base, asset waste. Then Hopless_loser666 start tk at main with stolen cas, captain_cunt9000 start tk at main with a rifle, WAYS WAYS also start tking at base. PLEASE SEND HELP THEY ARE TOUCHING ME IN THE BAD PLACE I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE xD <3
  13. Frame drops on kashan (not khamisiyah)

    Yepp some crash right out on khasan some with ok pc will have around 15fps