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  1. Version 1.0


    Profile for VoiceAttack by =VG= SemlerPDX Currently Supported Operations: 'Squared' - 'Cubed' - Exponents - Square Root Addition - Subtraction - Division - Multiplication Percentages - Pi (word substituted for Pi to 14 decimal places) Currently Supported Conversions (to and from): Velocity === Feet per Second - Meters Per Second - Knots - Miles Per Hour - Kilometers Per Hour - Mach Length === Inches - Centimeters - Feet - Meters - Yards - Miles - Kilometers Temperature === Fahrenheit - Celsius/Centigrade - Kelvin --To use the Calculator, say, "Turn On Calculator" (or many natural variations of this, like "Start Calculating") --To stop using the Calculator, say, "Turn Off Calculator" (or, again, many variations, like "Stop Calculations") NOTE: When Calculator is OFF, even when a potential calculation command IS recognized, the command will immediately exit. Learn more about VoiceAttack here: https://voiceattack.com/ DESCRIPTION: Calculate up to two operations with up to three values, or a single conversion. So far, I have added some simple conversions for velocity, length, and temperature. Wildcard voice recognition uses asterisks "*" around the functional operator words to catch any spoken phrase which contains any of these words. As a result, it is meant to be turned ON when needed, and OFF when not, by use of the commands "Turn On/Off Calculator" (or many included variations, like "Start Calculating" or "Stop Calculations"). Currently, this calculator requires the user to be aware of their own order of operations, but will try to catch many known issues and correct them, such as "What is four subtracted from twelve?", where "12" is actually the first number. The operation (as interpreted) is always printed out in the VoiceAttack Event Log and the result spoken, if successful. It is also stored to memory by the name "Value" followed the number shown in the log. This allows use of that number or recalling that number at any time. The last result of any valid equation is stored in the word "that", and can immediately be used in the next calculation, and any previous value can be recalled to become the word "that". Previous results can all be referred to by their "Value" number from the results log, in natural speech, for a new equation such as, "Divide that by Value 14". The full calculation history can be requested at any time, listed in the VoiceAttack Event Log, or cleared - this is also cleared anytime the VoiceAttack program is restarted. Up to 99 previous equations and their results are stored before rolling over and over-writing starting back at Value 1. Decimal Places can be set (default 3) from 0 to 16, and will be saved and recalled between VoiceAttack sessions (saved to profile). A small Profile Update Check is performed once per session, when Calculator Mode is first turned on, and this checks a single decimal number on a blank htm page here on this secure website. Users can delete this action as noted in the Main calculations command, if undesired, but this will make a small note in the VoiceAttack Event Log if the profile is updated, just to let you know of any improvements, bug fixes, or changes. I plan to add on more conversions and maybe even special operations in the future, but for now, everything is working so well, I figured I'd release this first version for the public right away. FINAL NOTE: This profile makes use of VoiceAttack "Wildcard" commands, and here they are used to catch ANY speech which contains one of the Maths or Conversions operator keywords, and so it is possible for these commands to fire at undesired times. Always use the command to Turn OFF the Calculator when not in use. There are 4 options for how to make use of this profile. You can just switch to this profile when needed, and say, "Start Calculating", or you can include or import commands into other profiles. =============== OPTIONAL WAYS TO USE THIS PROFILE =============== OPTION 1: Switch to the AVCS Calculator Profile and say, "Start Calculations" to use OPTION 2: Open Profile Options for any of your Profiles, select Include Commands from other profile: "AVCS Voice Calculator (latest version)" -or- OPTION 2b: Open VoiceAttack Options and select Global profiles, then Include Profile Commands from the profile: "AVCS Voice Calculator (latest version)" OPTION 3: Switch to any of your other Profiles, and edit that profile - select "Import Commands" and find/select the AVCS CALC profile (ending in ".vap"), and import ALL Commands -or- OPTION 3b: Open the AVCS CALC profile, and select each command, right click and "Copy To" any profile. OPTION 4: Same as 3/3b above, BUT you ONLY Import the "Turn ON/OFF Calculator Master Mode" command* *Using OPTION 4, using "Turn On Calculations" (or any variation) will switch to and from this Calculator Profile as needed. This is the most strict way to deny calculation commands getting infrequently recognized (but exiting anyway) when Calculator Mode is OFF ========================================================= The main calculation command is almost entirely an Inline Function in VB.net - feel free to review this script here: AVCS Voice Calculator & Unit Conversions Inline Function in VB.net for VoiceAttack edited: typos, options
  2. Version 1.0


    ====================================================== X52 Pro - Falconeer v1 HOTAS Joystick Profile -- for Falcon BMS 4.35 (keyfiles for X52 Pro and/or Thrustmaster MFDs & Razer Keypad as ICP ) by SemlerPDX Jan2021 VETERANS-GAMING.COM ====================================================== KEY FEATURES: Shift-States will not interfere with certain important HOTAS buttons, such as Weapon Release/Pickle, Comms HAT, Slap Switch, and TRIM Reset. Easy autopilot override with "right-hand clutch" -- holding pinky then holding trigger (full, both trigger buttons) will disengage autopilot until released Throttle "Mouse" Wheel allows easy 3D pan-cockpit alternate 'lookdown' views via subsequent rolling, and easily back to normal via one-back roll and forward again. Speed Brake is variable, and stops movement when Throttle Slider is in center deadzone, and the MODE Roller makes a great DGFT/Clear/MRM mode selector. Most dangerous actions are on Toggles & Throttle Shifted state (holding down pinky), including "Landing Gear Down" actions -- "Gear Up" as an unshifted button. OPTIONAL FEATURES: Blank Layout Graphic and .psd for editing Alternate keyfiles included for use with Thrustmaster Cougar MFDs, or a Razer Tartarus gaming keypad as an ICP, or all three together with the X52 Pro. INSTRUCTIONS: -- STEP 1 -- Copy the .key file from the download for the setup you are using into the Falcon BMS 4.35 User Config folder alongside the other keyfiles as shown. While here, we can edit the DeviceSorting.txt file to save the order of devices so these keyfiles always work correctly. -- STEP 2 -- Edit your own "DeviceSorting.txt" file found under your BMS Programs folder, inside the Config folder next to the Falconeer .key file you placed there. For the "X52 Pro - Falconeer v1 HOTAS.key" standard version, you only need to ensure that the top device in this list is your X52 Pro and save. If you are using one of the optional keyfiles included in the 'extras' folder, follow the example included with each keyfile, your X52 Pro may have a different name than the one in the example. Re-arrange your DeviceSorting file to match the example, and then save. -- STEP 3 -- Right-Click the "DeviceSorting.txt" file and select 'Properties', and then check the box for 'Read only', and hit OK. This will ensure your devices remain in the proper order even if unplugged. Follow this procedure in reverse to allow recognition of new controllers, just remember to manually reset the order as shown here, and then reset it to 'Read only' again. -- STEP 4 -- Open Windows Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printer, find your X52 Pro and Right Click the Icon, select 'Game controller settings', then select your X52 Pro and click Properties. Next, click on the MFD tab and UNCHECK the box next to 'Enable Clutch Mode' - then click Apply. -- STEP 5 -- Under the Deadzones tab, set large (approx. 60%) deadzones for the "Slider", the "Mouse X", and the "Mouse Y" axes. This is a good time to wiggle other controls and set deadzones for any axes that are beyond any latent 'wiggle' when you are not touching anything, if you haven't already. -- STEP 6 -- Place the "BMS X52 Pro Falconeer.pr0" file in your Saitek (or Logitech) profiles folder. You may need to refer to the user manual for your version of X52 Pro, or search for existing profiles by name to locate this folder. -- STEP 7 -- Set this as the Active Profile via the Taskbar Icon (right click it) to enable the Throttle "Mouse" Mini-stick as Bands for the Radar Cursor, and for the Analog Slider as the variable SPD Brake controls. !! FINAL NOTE: The mini-stick actuates the arrow keys (up/down/left/right) and the slider actuates the "B" key and "PageUp" keys, when not in the middle deadzone area. Because the slider can be 'left' in a forward or backwards position, it can be 'holding' down a keyboard key which can interfere with standard Windows operations when not in Falcon BMS. Always disable this Active Profile when not using the X52 Pro for BMS, and always return the slider to center when not in use for speed brake control in BMS! --------------------------------------------------- --- OPTIONAL --- Razer Tartarus as F-16 ICP Open Razer Synapse and click on the "..." button - select "Import" and point to the .RazerSynapse profile included in the the "X52 Pro + Razer" folder. -- FINAL STEPS -- Choose 'Falconeer_Razer_ICP' from the list. This is essentially a completely disabled profile, each button is empty so that BMS can use them as DirectX buttons only. Be sure to load the correct X52 Pro + ICP keyfile in Falcon BMS Setup, and set the Razer as the second device in the list in your DeviceSorting.txt file (see included readme). --------------------------------------------------- ========================================================== X52 Pro - Falconeer v1 Layout Graphic Editor for Photoshop download .psd file: https://veterans-gaming.com/index.php?/forums/forum/317-x52_pro_photoshop_falconeer_template_editor_psdzip/ Complete notes and comments in keyfiles for user editing, as well as a Custom Falconeer Profile template graphic editor for Photoshop (.psd) - plus a blank X52 Pro template in .png below X52 Pro - Falconeer v1 Blank Layout Graphic Template for user Editing ========================================================== X52 Pro - Button Layout Graphic Editor for Photoshop download .psd file: https://veterans-gaming.com/index.php?/forums/forum/317-x52_pro_photoshop_falconeer_template_editor_psdzip/ Template builder for Photoshop (.psd) with all text box layers labeled for easy editing - just double-click the [T] next to the button layer name. A blank X52 Pro template in .png below for anyone who can't make use of the .psd:
  3. Hello and welcome!
  4. Introduction - Back in the seat

    Welcome back! Finally getting more free time myself, getting all my controls set up again, and hoping to be on the server more regularly in 2021. See you at Angels 20!
  5. We all use different gear, but a few things remain the same: Team Blue vs. Team Red --- and Team Green vs. Team Red. So, what gear do you got? --Poll Closed Jan. 4th 2021--
  6. Your Favorite Song?

    California - by Led Zepplin (followed very closely by Classical Gas -- Tommy Emmanuel version) ...oh crap, that's against the rules isn't it?
  7. Kicking

    Gee, I don't know silent... it's really hard to say why on Earth you could be getting kicked every time you try to join our server in PR CO-OP Obviously, my first guess is that it has something to do with this:
  8. Can't reach Air Condition panel

    Hold middle-mouse button (or mousewheel button) and move the mouse
  9. Hello Fellow Gamers

    Hello and welcome!!
  10. Airlift & AirToAir Rearm/Repair, Your Thoughts?

    First idea seems neat (though not the part about typing out a console command), but as for air-to-air reloading of CAS, I gotta agree with TEDF on that one. CAS is way too OP already (and talking COOP here, not Deployment) where adding this extremely unrealistic and rather arcade video-gamey air-to-air rearm/repair would drastically change the balance of combined arms operations gameplay is it currently exists in PR (INF/ARMOR/TRANS/CAS) IMHO. But above all, if any of these sorts of ideas are on the table for integration, they should at all costs be key commands and not involve typing - even if using something like AutoHotKey was required. Just my opinion here, but the concept of typing out game actions makes me think of the days before 'graphics' - talking IBM x86 era. Just sayin. An event with special functions would certainly be the best place to try out something like this, and we're always down to host an event if someone puts in the time and effort to be it's 'show runner' as TEDF and others have done in the past. That's how it works around here - but it's gotta be playable, and testing should be done prior to any event for stability and playability. You got some creative ideas, and some that are odd to some of us, but thank you for taking our constructive criticism with tact and grace, and understanding.
  11. Squad Event - Operation Dusty Sabre

    If it's only gonna be like 5 or 10 of us, we can just do something specific - like a Tank v. Tank minigame, or whatever we want -- we don't necessarily need a full server to hop on and have some fun... who knows, maybe we'll get some public people joining and actually end up playing proper. If not, we can just think up some small game and a designated section of the AO to play in... King of the Hill using a building, or a little vehicle warfare, etc. I'm down for whatever - if we don't do it today, there's always next weekend.

    All VG PR COOP Servers have been updated to
  13. Community Growth and Development

    *every forum that has a bbcode conversion, which we do. Thanks! Thought it was something different you were doing.
  14. Community Growth and Development

    Wait - @=VG= 0100011000101 - how are you able to access the IPS Spoiler function at all?! I have failed many times to get this button onto the editor bar... Can you use the code function to post the text you entered that created that block which says "Reveal hidden contents"? Would really help me get this as a permanent thing for all users... Thanks!!
  15. Zeee for Admin

    High praise. Like Melon said, we're always keeping our eyes out for the good ones. Thanks for the heads up!

    Server is back online and running fine. Cheers!

    Updating the server now. -Sem
  18. Small patch update for AVCS4 BMS -- ATC Command was not matching the in-game menu item or command reference. No need to download new profile version, just apply the patch next time you start up VoiceAttack and the AVCS4 BMS Radios profile BETA Release AVCS4 BMS v1.3.92.2 Changelog Dec-12-2020 This is a simple Live Update patch fix, no new profile download is required - the following fix applies to this update: Fixes/Improvements: -Fixed ATC Command for "Request Taxi Back to Ramp" -- was missing "Back"; did not remove "Request Taxi to Ramp" so both variants will work (thank you to Mylonite470 for finding this typo - and thanks to everyone for your patience and support through these betas!)
  19. Profile for VoiceAttack by =VG= SemlerPDX I will be running a Public Beta Test for AVCS CORE and AVCS4 Falcon BMS Radios (1.3.90b), and users are encouraged to try out both, or just AVCS CORE and its included Template Profile, if desired. Please use the voice command "Open Help and Support Menu" to communicate any bug reports. These help menus can be expanded without new profile versions, so suggestions are welcome. Thank you for checking out AVCS CORE for VoiceAttack! -Sem (Aug2020) v1.3.90b Full Overhaul & AVCS CORE Integration Update (beta) I'm very proud to finally offer the next version of AVCS4 BMS because it includes an entire set of profile control and support from my new AVCS CORE Framework Profile for VoiceAttack. While AVCS4 BMS has not functionally changed much from what users have come to expect, AVCS CORE adds entirely new features that remove any previous need to manually edit any commands in the traditional sense to modify any configuration settings or otherwise. The only significant new command added directly to AVCS4 BMS is "Edit the Callsigns List" (and phrase variations of it). This opens a simple Get Choice menu to offer options to add/change/edit/remove any callsigns recognized by the profile. After that, most everything comes from the required AVCS CORE Profile Framework that will load before AVCS4 BMS, adding commands and features, as well as allowing auto-profile switching by setting AVCS4 BMS as a "Preferred Profile" in the CORE Options Menu (say, "Open Core Options", poke around, have fun!) Features: see full details in post ↓ Please be sure to download the AVCS CORE 0.90b Profile from this download section as well, it is now a requirement for any AVCS4 game profile I release, such as the upcoming Elite Dangerous profile, and more... BETA Release AVCS4 BMS v1.3.92 Changelog Dec-6-2020 This is a Major Profile Update, and requires downloading and importing the latest AVCS4 BMS Radios (v1.3.92b) and AVCS CORE (v0.92b) profiles: Fixes/Improvements: -Improved AVCS_CORE and AVCS4 BMS profile initialization optimized again for decreased load time - most noticeable on first use -(AVCS4 BMS profile initialization should be even much faster now!) -Fixed infinite loop on Minor Version Rollback toggle and version display errors following toggle -Fixed International Decimals - All Decimal Variables now compatible for international users via cultural invariant token "DECINV" -Fixed All Wildcard Commands fixed to allow both Wildcard and non-Wildcard recognition ("anything that ends with" or "just the raw command") -Fixed Audio Feedback Mode not playing sound when commands recognized -Fixed Audio Feedback Mode on/off text entry in VA Event Log 'not set' BETA Release v1.3.90 Changelog Aug2020 New Commands: -AVCS CORE Commands Included into AVCS4 BMS Profile to lessen profile switching to CORE when it was needed -"Create a new Voice Authorization Phrase" and other included commands from Voice Authorization System -VAS can allow QCC commands to be locked behind a required authorization phrase as set by users, in up to 10 weighted levels -Integerated Bug Reporting and debugging options from AVCS CORE for easy troubleshooting -Versioning allows for Mutiple prior versions (reinitialization required) for easy profile version rollback if desired -Included UPDATE command to allow users to import previous saved user settings and saved Quick Commands from previous version of profile -Full profile control through command, "Open CORE Options Menu" -Better user support through command, "Open Help and Support Menu" (will expand in time) -User settings save file control through command, "Open Save File Menu" (includes save file backup and restore system) -...and much more (see posts at avcs homepage) Fixes/Improvements: -Set First Use to present user with Get Choice box for Default Keyboard Layout (QWERTY/AZERTY/etc..) -Setting 'CurrentBackupIndex' and 'SaveFileBackupCount' to 'Not Set' inside F_SFS_LOAD_ALL (was getting corrupted in save file) -Separated 'new_profiles.txt' file from AVCS4 profiles and AVCS CORE profiles to handle two imports before first time run/initialization of either -Added Duplicate Profile check from AVCS CORE, informs user of non-functional AVCS profiles (if ending in 'dash number' such as '-1') -Edited Preferred Profile command to allow for any user profile to be set to be auto-switched to after AVCS CORE finishes initializing ___ BETA Release v1.3.80 Changelog Mar2020 New Commands: -"Add/Edit Callsigns List" commands to add or remove callsigns recognized -"Add a new Voice Command" and others included from Quick Command Creator system - QCC can be used to create additional phrasings, just set action to execute another command (by name) -"Edit Keypress Timings" to open options menu to set custom timings Fixes/Improvements: -AVCS CORE Profile and Updates Management integeration (see AVCS CORE changelog) -Full Profile Update Control added with user choice, only downloads if allowed by user (only checks 8 bytes of a version number before that) -Profile Updates set to allow choice for majority of fixes/changes to occur without new VoiceAttack Profile download/import *called "LIVE UPDATES" -Physical Profile Updates set to allow previous versions to remain installed without conflict, and also import/uninstall previous version files *called "MAJOR UPDATES" -Fixed typo in command "Raygun" -- corrected from "Ragun" (first fix via new live updates system) -Created 'Add New Callsigns' system using Get-Choice boxes -Set most profile variables to config files in VA Apps Folder (edit with "Open Advanced Core Options" command) -Set most commands to Text Variables, read from config files
  20. Mug Shots - 2020

    not from 2020, but close enough...
  21. VG Server Maintenance - Hotfix Downtime

    The entire VG Dedicated Server will be going down for an urgent update to apply a hotfix which corrects a memory leak. This will affect PR COOP, all Arma 3 Servers, SQUAD, and TeamSpeak3. The Falcon BMS Server, this website, and our Discord (of course) will remain online. Downtime is expected to be less than one hour. Thank you all for your patience and understanding!
  22. fucking steam... seriously...

    1. =VG= l3RY4N

      =VG= l3RY4N

      Just a little FYI. If you didnt know it already, some games have to "unzip" their files to patch and then "re-zip" it just to keep a low footprint on your hard drive. And that process can take a while. Steam doesnt really have a way to accurately predict how long that will take.

      If you have a look at your drives while it patches like that you'll notice that the drive with the game on it will have bloated quite a bit.

    2. =VG= Inch

      =VG= Inch

      The fact that it says 'more than 1 year', really amuses me.


      - Says the guy who had potato PC :P

  23. Squad Event - Operation Dusty Sabre

    Yea, just lay off the booze and don't shoot your Squad Leader in the face and we'll all get along just fine. Hoping I'll be there, nothing else on the books, but I never know when I'm gonna get ambushed by my shitty body. Looking forward to this! Thanks Sausag3!
  24. ScarecrowDX

    Hello and welcome!
  25. Welcome back! Hope life is treating you a little better!  I know it's a shit time for everyone, but you know what I mean. :hi: 

    1. Jersans


      Aye I do. Thanks for being a friend. 

    2. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      FYI -- as I stated in your post, once  you've been around for awhile again, and management here is sure you are ready for a PR Admin role again, you will be restored to that group here on the website and in game, so again, don't feel bad about this little detail.  Thank you for understanding!!