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NOTICE: Our Project Reality Demo / Tracker files are not getting uploaded here to the website.  We are working on the issue and expect it to be resolved within a few weeks.  The files are still being recorded, and will be provided to anyone including public players via direct request.  Send a message to (in order of availability) SemlerPDX, STARK, or m823us, with the date/time and map name, and we will provide you with the corresponding file.  Thank you all for your patience!

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  1. Pre-built PC, should I buy this?

    I just got a huge deal on a new graphics card through an offer from Chase Credit Card (spend $500 in 3 months, get $200 cash back delivered in 3-5 months) -- and they just sent me a referral (passes offer along to anyone in US with good credit, and doesn't already have the Chase Freedom card) - figured I'd pass the link along to you @ZZANG1847 since you're one state up from me: https://www.referyourchasecard.com/18a/99KLH2U3SP
  2. Pre-built PC, should I buy this?

    If the goal is to add another 2x8GB for a total 32GB of RAM for an entry level gaming PC, that would be overkill (even looking to the future), IMHO - also 3200MHz is a bit overkill and likely not achievable for this system regardless of overclocking... not that it isn't a great price, but for additional savings, you could go for a lower rated oc speed. Remember that the OS / BIOS isn't going to run that RAM faster than 1600-1866MHz unless you tell it to through BIOS overclocking, which would require testing, and when it comes to overclocking, doing it to the RAM vs focusing on the CPU OC is preferred with current tech. That being said, this MoBo would likely not be able to get that RAM to 3200 in my opinion ( I wouldn't bet on it, that's all I'm saying). You have 2x8GB listed for this 16GB setup (which is more than sufficient for any game this system will eat) but this should be 4x4GB for maximum utilization of the 16GB of dual channel RAM on any motherboard with 4 RAM slots.
  3. Pre-built PC, should I buy this?

    Looks like 1x8GB RAM... can't imagine Cyberpower would sell that, maybe it's just the image.... Should be 2x4GB, of course...
  4. Pre-built PC, should I buy this?

    To first get into a gaming PC, it helps to make that first purchase (that hopefully contains a roomy case). Later down the road, you can upgrade parts as you can afford them, like adding more RAM if needed, adding more storage space, etc. Can even overhaul the core by pulling the motherboard/RAM/CPU and CPU cooler, and buying something new in 5-7 years, without needing to replace the case/PSU/etc. Same with the GFX card. So, I'd say that the case in the Cyberpower one looks more in line with modern case designs, the PSU is in a covered trough below everything, and the front has a three fan intake looks like it could handle a 240-280mm liquid cooling radiator (someday). Looks like it could survive a few future upgrades, and comes with some good parts inside to begin with. Also, RGB like that should add at least 200 FPS in any game, of course. RGB FTW! (j/k) The case on the other one you linked looks like a cheap POS and cramps a lot of hot stuff too close for comfort IMHO - fine for a starter gaming PC, but not really good for future upgrades due to it's size. No filters, no top fan space, and of course, no RGB so how can you possibly hope to shoot straight in a game? Get into the game, worry about fancy things later. Also, plan to migrate your current HDD/SSD's for added storage and easy import of old files, etc. A case with plenty of space for SSD's or HDD's will make that possible. My 500GB SSD filled up SOOO fast with games. 4TB Seagate's are on sale for $80 right now, lots of sales through x-mas in storage. Go Seagate or Samsung, for the pro gear, price per performance, unless budget is most important. Good luck!
  5. Campaign Challenge Level

    I have restarted the Campaign to Day 1. The difficulty is set as follows:
  6. Who all is playing the new cod.need peps to play with

    In Facebook, you asked if you'd need a PC to play these games, and for the record, this includes laptops that are able to play a game (had internal graphics card or something capable). Project Reality is based off Battlefield 2 from 2004, and runs well even on old machines, even before turning down in-game graphics settings, etc. It's an excellent entry level computer game, massive focus on teamwork and communication. It's a very social experience vs. the normal run-and-gun alone with lots of other online people who never talk to each other that is the norm in Battlefield or COD online games. Best wishes and good luck! Have fun!
  7. Support your Community! Fundraiser Goal Active

    No worries, Binary! Thank you all so very much for your support!! In less than a week, we have reached our goal of $150 and it makes me proud to be part of such a helpful community! Special thanks to HaterOneActual and CptHawk for the particularly large donations!! Here's looking forward to a great new year!! Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends!
  8. Support your community! Due: November 30th 2019 Goal: $150 USD (Click Here to Donate) Hello everyone! Huge thanks to everyone for making VG such a fun place to hang out for so many people! We have an annual bill coming up for $150.00 (USD) and we are looking to the community to help us out! Normally, we do not push hard for donations, and along with BLuDKLoT, and SolarFlame, we are happy to help pay the various bills and I am personally happy to be in a position to afford the day-to-day (~$120/month). But we do need help from time to time with things such as this and other renewal bills that come up each year, and if anyone is able to help us out, please make a small donation if you can. Recently, we've been able to increase the stability of our Project Reality COOP Server with help from the community and R-Dev's, and thanks to SolarFlame, we now have a completely secure website, as well. Also, thanks to the return of our good friend Ciro, a former member of our Tech Team here at VG, we have enjoyed much help on the back end fixing, improving, cleaning, and repairing many items on our ongoing to-do list and we are extremely grateful to have so many helpful people on the team. Moving forward to 2020, we plan to add a Forgotten Hope 2 COOP Server for community events as well as daily gameplay and we'll be looking for volunteers to help Admin that server when able. Additionally, we are going to be happy to celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary in February, including a series of community events across many games a lot of us play - for those who don't we will share videos and live streams after and during the events. It is thanks to the longstanding support and patronage of all our regulars and friends that we have continued to thrive after all these years. I'm proud to help run a place that has led me to so many real life friends over the years. I hope others enjoy VG for the same reasons!
  9. New Robot Makes Soldiers Obsolete (Corridor Digital)

    Haha! Glad they are making more of these Boston Dynamics spoofs!! I love the real videos where they kick the robots to knock them off balance, but these are just great -- he opens a box of bees!! hahaha! Here's their first one, more like the real BD vids:
  10. Support your Community! Fundraiser Goal Active

    I appreciate the kind words and help! Jersans, I know you bro, and I gotta say, please take care of yourself - your patronage is honorable, but if you are not exactly where you want to be at this time, your help in the server and your friendship is more than enough right now! I know there are some of us who are in a better position that others to help towards this goal, and for anyone else, just know that being here and being a friendly, helpful member of the community is plenty! Not everyone can help out monetarily, and that is okay, because there are more ways to help out that just this. We appreciate everything you guys do! Thanks! *To test the system, I just now donated $1 successfully - it is a PayPal system, requiring that anyone already has a PayPal account set up, and therefore will not be available to all regions as a result. It is a goal to add the ability for standard payments with credit cards, and we did achieve this goal on the last website, but things have changed, and this IPS system is a bit more complicated (if one doesn't want to throw money at some module with a monthly/yearly renewal fee). It's a goal, but for now, we are only able to work through PayPal. We appreciate your understanding, and your patience!
  11. Project Reality VIP Rescue Event

    I was also out on medical issues. I really wish I could have made it, I love these events! But my body said late Wednesday, "You know what would be more fun? Going to bed and waking up with the same neck pain and headache issues for four days straight!" So glad you got the technical issues sorted, and glad Ciro was there to help (thanks bro!!!). I've had a plan to get a bunch of you set up as Admins in Mumble, and had hoped to get it set up prior to the event at TEDF's request, but was unable to do so in time. Will have that working long before the next event, top of the list when I get feisty and frisky again. Huge thanks to TEDF for creating this event, and to the volunteers for helping out, and to all the players, too! Cheers!
  12. Time to brag

    Yea, with a ping like that, I wonder if she's some kind of emergent sentient a.i. like Binary or something... Are you, Alaura? Are you a bot? Is this why you asked me all those questions about my personal preferences and asked me to choose an update schedule? (j/k) haha
  13. Project Reality VIP Rescue Event

    Server has been setup for you @=VG= TEDF - GS9 Port 16587 -- didn't copy over the complete VG coop python, just the key parts like death time, etc. You will need to adjust kits and loadouts if needed, these are default COOP settings. If you need me to change these to match COOP, I can, but you'll likely want to edit them for your custom missions so I left them default for now. Let me know. Any issues, contact me. Cheers! *current banlist, admins list, and the Fly South Crash bug fix have been put in place, as well.
  14. Project Reality VIP Rescue Event

    VIP Rescue 23.11.2019 1800 PRT Server PW : XXXXXX (Hostage takers (2) : If you are interested in playing as hostage taker, send me a PM on the VG site.) If anyone is interested in commanding BLUEFOR, then feel free to apply as well. It's been a while, but but it's time for a new round of COOP events. With the 1.6 just around the corner, it's logistically not practical to do any huge events due to the sheer amount of changes the update brings, but we can still do some of the smaller scale ones, so here we go. VIP Rescue event : PLEASE READ COMPLETE DETAILS HERE -
  15. Time to brag

    Personally, I prefer https://testmy.net/ because I can set parameters, have a better choice of servers, etc. etc. Also tests Up and Down separately. If you need to troubleshoot your Twitch live stream, you don't use Ookla Speed Test, you use testmy.net
  16. I got a Ban

    UNBANNED *(afaik will take effect next time the server changes map or restarts) /locked
  17. I got a Ban

    You were banned by FastJack for massive teamkilling. I can see why he perceived this as end of round teamkilling, an apology was not apparent, and it was swiftly followed by yet another teamkill. RULES: [16:15:18 T2 SQUAD 1] =VG= deathdealer203: !setnext kaz coop std [16:15:21 TEAMKILL] TF47OR-6Hausmann [usrgl_m4ugl] WARDOG WARHAMMER101 [16:15:21 TEAMKILL] TF47OR-6Hausmann [usrgl_m4ugl] Arthya [16:15:23 GLOBAL] =VG= Kavelenko: !setnext Kol coop std [16:15:24 TEAMKILL] wellleeee [c4_smallexplosives] Colt1001011 [16:15:25 T2 SQUAD 1] =VG= deathdealer203: l [16:15:25 TEAMKILL] TF47OR-6Hausmann [killed] WingnutDX9 [16:15:37 TEAM 2] =VG= Fastj@ck: !b hausmann tking massive [16:15:37 DISCONNECT] ' TF47OR-6Hausmann' disconnected [16:15:39 TEAMKILL] wellleeee [ushgr_m67] bao-y0000u [16:15:39 TEAMKILL] wellleeee [ushgr_m67] Cel_Coronel-Everton [16:15:39 TEAMKILL] wellleeee [ushgr_m67] WARDOG WARHAMMER101 [16:15:40 T2 SQUAD 1] =VG= deathdealer203: !setnext koz coop std [16:15:42 GLOBAL] =VG= Kavelenko: !setnext koz coop std [16:16:22 GLOBAL] =VG= Kavelenko: you ok with that one FastJack? [16:16:27 T2 SQUAD 2] =VG= Fastj@ck: stop that fucking teamkilling [16:16:41 TEAM 2] =VG= Fastj@ck: stop tking or get banned [16:16:47 TEAM 2] =VG= Fastj@ck: no [16:16:55 TEAM 2] =VG= Fastj@ck: i'm not ok with that tking Please be patient as we wait for the banning admin to post up. You have no history of bad behavior on our server that I saw, and if you can follow the rules, and be careful to make sure people know when a mistake has happened (text chat helps), you may be allowed back on the server. Again, we will wait for the recommendation of the banning admin, FastJack.
  18. The hardest Vietnam ever that can be

    Consider yourself warned. /locked
  19. Campaign Challenge Level

    Yes, it had crashed. Thanks for the report - I've restarted to the last auto-save, it's running now. P.S. I've not had time yet to work on the campaign file yet, but it's on the list and I've got plenty of free time coming up starting as early as this weekend or next week. I expect it to be that way through New Years, so looking forward to get some more regular flights in as well. See you around!
  20. Hacks or bug/feature

    omg - it's still a secret even if the person doesn't confide it in anyone lol
  21. Profile for VoiceAttack by =VG= SemlerPDX Description: These commands use VoiceAttack to translate the in-game on-screen radio menus from AWACS through Tanker into natural and intelligent voice command phrases that will fire keypress macros to help keep hands on the throttle and stick, and maintain immersion. As an additional option, these commands can be locked behind a push-to-talk mode bound to your UHF/VHF transmit buttons in-game, allowing any other VoiceAttack command unrestricted access if needed, while still restricting these BMS radio command macros. Finally, this single advanced control profile is extremely easy to edit or integrate into other profiles. At VETERANS-GAMING, we fly with friends or AI Pilots, or a mix of both on our 24/7 Public Korean Campaign in Falcon BMS. We may go out with an AI wingman only to have a friend take their place mid-flight. For this reason and others, I created this VoiceAttack profile based around restricting when the computer can execute keypress macros that match voice phrases, having to first check if that pilot was set to a human pilot and therefore disregard commands for that pilot. Thanks to user requests during the beta, there is now an optional mode to reverse the Human Pilots system, to assume all pilots are humans unless told otherwise, and also a system to choose a different keyboard layout than QWERTY. I have also added an optional Audio Feedback Mode to play a short radio cue sound when a command is successfully recognized. Included is a single profile that handles every callsign and radio command variation in Falcon BMS, with instructions on how to add any custom callsigns to the single profile. The focus of this profile is only on the in-game Radio Menus, and creating an immersive interaction layer through VoiceAttack that is easy to manage and update, or integrate into other Voice Control systems for Falcon BMS. My goal was an intuitive system, so there is no user manual - only a few infographics and quick reference pic of all the radio commands. I personally keep that final pic on my tablet for reference when flying, to find radio commands I seldom used in the past when they were more difficult to access while busy with HOTAS in the pit. Say goodbye to the keyboard, and enjoy the immersion! Cheers! Features: *Push-To-Talk mode disabled by default. Say, "Turn On Push To Talk Mode" to enable **Follow Instructions inside profile to set Push-To-Talk buttons to match BMS UHF/VHF keys Download: (Click Here) Tips for this profile: *On first import, you should say, "Initialize Profile" - after first time, this is automatic. Any attempt to use commands before this will trigger auto-initialization. If you get errors from my profile, Launch VoiceAttack and open Options (wrench icon in lower right): -Under last tab on top, System/Advance, check box next to "Use Nested Tokens" as in image 1 below -Unless absolutely required, during testing it's recommended to uncheck "Allow command segment info for composite commands" Open the profile - if not already done, group commands by category and consolidate multi-part commands as in image 2 & 3 below Click on the Description tab at the top to help sort commands further (see image 4) Read a semicolon ";" as the word "or" and look at long commands as having many options like saying "2;Two;Too;To;Wingman" (read as "2 -or- Two -or- Too -or- To -or- Wingman") Commands Reference: *Replace the word "Human" with "Computer" when All-Humans Mode is ON Normally, this profile assumes all pilots are Computers, use All-Humans Mode to invert this
  22. v1.1 Patch has been released A bug has been identified and removed. This issue prevented the entire Human Pilots Registry system to function and should have been caught before the final release version. All apologies to everyone who has been trying to use this new voice program. In addition to this, I've decided to not use a wildcard to catch the name of the BMS program to send keypresses to, and have gone for the "Falcon BMS.exe" method. Still, this will not catch every user, and players will need to test to be sure commands go through initially, and refer to VoiceAttack troubleshooting (and those tips we've highlighted already) to get commands to fire in the correct window. I'm happy to help new users, and the community has been helpful as well. Any questions, feel free to ask! Patch Release v1.1 Changelog Nov2019 Fixes/Improvements: -Changed common Send To default from *Falcon BMS* to "Falcon BMS.exe" to avoid conflict with open PDF's, etc. with Falcon BMS in name -Fixed Human/Computer Pilots Registry system - last minute addition of a mode check was to blame, has been removed for now Download: (Click Here)
  23. Time to brag

    I live in a major city and I pay around $90 a month, it was over $100, but I added Cable TV and the price went down... Yep. Down.
  24. Hacks or bug/feature

    I asked, it is a bug. A very rare bug. Seems to be known, asked but did not get recommendation to report it off the bat so like they can't jump at every little thing, just the things that break things, those that come up often, etc. If you can actually reproduce it, like Fastjack said, consistently, it would not be in the very rare category, and attention might be devoted to fixing it, and so reporting it and the method to reproduce would help. But if it's just another one of those things we see a few screenshots of and laugh, and never see again, no problem letting the Dev's relax and/or work on more important things. Thanks for the report, nevertheless!!
  25. Re-introduction (and a call for help, I guess?)

    Hello and welcome (back)!! I'm not sure about the mouse cursor thing.. if one of the guys doesn't post up with a tip or fix, consider posting up on the PR Forums website, the Dev's are helpful and of course, know tons of fixes from issues over the years. Best wishes and see you around!